Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ten Points to prepare you for 2012

Ten points to prepare you for 2012

1. Acceptance: Accept things, beings, and situations as they are! No need to resist anything…Just flow with life and whatever it brings, have total acceptance of everything that life brings with its flow. You will save lot of your energy that otherwise goes in resisting! With this you will see that suddenly things start changing! Your unconditional acceptance of everything as it is; brings about the magical transformation!

2. Attitude of Learning: Cultivate attitude of learning and learn from every possible situation! Our soul has chosen to come to planet earth to learn lessons. If you do not understand what lesson you have to learn in present situation, sit down and meditate! You will get the spiritual insight into current situation and the lesson needed to be learnt. Learn from everybody, including children! Sometimes, children teach us the biggest lessons of our life! Learning is growing!

3. Unconditional Love – Unconditional Forgiveness: If you have faced insults, ridicule and are harboring any guilt or revengeful attitude, unconditionally forgive yourself and also forgive the person who has done harm to you. Offering unconditional forgiveness to everyone around including oneself is the best way to purify our heart. Only pure heart can love unconditionally. Love yourself; love everyone in your life. Love everything that is there in existence! With unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love, one understands that existence is whole, complete and perfect the way it is!

4. Be focused in your life: The wavering and wondering mind which is more like monkey may not allow us to focus on the right thing at right time and hence we land up in troubles. We need to learn to keep our focus on the job at hand, keeping our value system intact and alive. Every time your mind wavers, take a deep breath and come back to your point of focus!

5. Understand “Panch Pakoda” Principle well and implement it:
• Karma Yoga: Do your duty diligently, earn money and help family in right way.
• Kriya Yoga: Do kriya regularly to increase your cellular vibrancy and Prana Shakti.
• Dhyan Yoga: Kriya throws you into meditation. Dive deeper and deeper into meditation, so deep that you disappear completely!
• Gyan Yoga: With meditation your mind becomes subtle to understand that “EGO” exists not!
• Bhakti Yoga: Name of GOD is the best way to sustain enlightenment!

6. Practice Prosperity consciousness in all seven dimensions of life:
• Physical: Health is wealth
• Mental: Peace of Mind is Prosperity
• Emotional: Positive Emotions for Inner well-being
• Social: Enjoy better Relationships…
• Spiritual: Be happy for no reason!
• Financial: Enjoy safety and security but understand the difference between NEED & GREED.
• Time: Do you have time to learn and grow and enjoy life?

7. Be in the company of wise ones as much as possible: The essence of first few chapters of “Tripura Rahasya” (The most loved scripture by Sri Ramana
Maharshi) is this. By being in the company of wise one, you start seeing your “Blind Spots” and with the help of wise one you learn to come out of those blind spots. Company of wise one is the blessings of life!

8. Practice Kriya & Meditation regularly: This is the best thing to do and simplest of all. Make it a part of your life on day to day basis. Never miss it for a single day! Walk the path of purity and avoid outside dependency in your spiritual practices. Remember, dependency can invite exploitation.

9. Strengthen your wings of Awareness and Understanding: Practice ADP methodology you have learnt. Practice “Sandhikal Jagrukta” more and more through practice of “Ajapa Gayatri” Meditation. Practice it with every breath! This will continuously increase your awareness. Read scriptures and attend the Satsang with spiritual masters’ whenever possible. Go on increasing your understanding as much as possible and go on internalizing it.

10. Do your best and leave the rest to God: Do all that is possible for you, see that there is no lethargy in your system but when you hit the pillow, surrender to Lord! Do not carry your worries and anxieties to your sleep. Relax well and tackle each day as it comes, with great joy and enthusiasm!

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

A wave on the ocean develops the notion that I am different from the ocean! The fact is that they had never been separate! So what does a wave need to do to become ocean? Nothing! Wave is ocean, all the time! Only the misunderstanding has to go. That’s all. “Ego” is the biggest misunderstanding. Right understanding is realization. ~ Prem Nirmal

The thought of oneness is the real thought, which is sure to purify the inner self and put one on the royal road to Divine worship and lead him to the destination of self-realization. A seeker of truth, who wishes to reach the high altitude of communion with God and break the fetters of worldly woes, should develop the intellect of equanimity and banish the habit of controversial discussions from his mind. ~ Mahatama Mangatram


  1. Awareness and understanding are very vital for growth and coping with 2012. All the 10 points cover all that is needed to cope with.Learning is eternal, thank you for being there and blessing us with your teachings.

  2. We are very lucky that we have been with Guruji. Thanks to all the Masters who are working for the well-being of planet Earth.

    I have met so many people who are still unaware of what is happening in the outside world. These ten points, if practice properly, will really help us to remain in peace in difficult situation.

    Thank You Guruji and please bless us so that we keep on moving towards our goal.