Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ascension and akashik Records - Part - 2

The definition of the word ascension is that when you go out of the clutches of karma and you drop out of the circle of birth and death, then you are ascended. It means that as long as you are under the effect of karma and as long as you are in the wheel of birth and death ascension is not possible. What is the hindrance to ascension? The hindrance to ascension is your karmic load. Unless you know how to finish off your karmic load, your kitty of sanchita which is full, ascension cannot happen. That is why we give so much of importance to karmakshalan vidhi. I have seen the effect of karmakshalan on many. Before karmakshalan they are not able to understand. After karmakshalan they are able to understand. This is so because there was some heavy karmic load, you can say a karmic stone, on their intellect, which was not allowing them to understand. Once that karmic load is gone the same person is now able to understand. That is the magic of karmakshalan.

Akashik records are in the causal body, karana deha. Causal body is around your physical body somewhere around 8 feet (and it can be bigger or smaller, developed or underdeveloped depending on how evolved you are). How does a clairvoyant know whether the person is evolved or not? The clairvoyant sees the causal body. If the causal body is well developed in the sense that it is well illuminated, there are no black patches, then that person is evolved. If it is fully illuminated, there are no black patches in his causal body then that person is considered to be enlightened, Ascended Master. That illuminated body in Indian context is Divya deha. Divya deha means the causal body is fully illuminated. That is ascension. How to create Divya deha, the light body? The light body is poor translation of Divya deha. Divya means much more than light, it is not only light, it is radiating, it is not only radiating, it is spiritual aura with all its qualities. This is the meaning of the word Divya.

When your causal body is fully illuminated you have got into Divya deha. Many people say that this Divya deha is also Vajra Kaya. Vajra means strong, that which cannot be destroyed. Naturally that Divya deha, light body cannot be destroyed. It means you are immortal, that body becomes immortal, you are into Vajra kaya, immortality and that is true. The path to that is the cleansing of the causal body and the debris in the causal body are your karmas. That is why so much importance is given to karmakshalan. The whole world, the entire humanity is caught up into the karmic effect of birth and death. That is why the soul comes back so many times. It is because our karmas guide us. All intelligent people try their best but still they suffer because they have no control over their prarabdha. We suffer or we enjoy because of our karmas. Good karmas give good results and you enjoy. Bad karmas give bad results and you suffer but you are very much under the grip of karmas. Ascension means to go out of the grip of karmas. So you have to learn karma delete exercise, understand and do, so that you can come out of the effect of karmas. When you come out of the effect of karma fully you have got Divya deha and that Divya deha is nothing but ascension, when you are no more under the effect of karma. Why is it a big deal? The reason for that is very simple.

Let is understand in short the seven body concept. First body is the physical body, anamaya kosha, second is aura about two inches that is called pranamaya kosha, third is the emotional body, the colored aura, (BHavanamay Kosha) it is also called astral body. Fourth is the mental body (Manomaya Kosha) the thought body where your thoughts are seen. Fifth is the causal body, karana deha. Sixth is the cosmic body from where comes ‘Aham Brahmasmi, tattwam asi’, this comes from the experience of the causal body and the seventh one is the nirvanic body, the total dissolution from where you don’t have to come back. Nirvana – no desire. It means there is no coming back. You don’t need the physical body, there is total dissolution and that is ascension.

Let us understand where the trouble in ascension is. Our three bodies, the emotional, mental, and causal bodies are highly polluted. They are polluted not only because of our actions. They are polluted because there is lot of thought pollution, emotional pollution in the environment. For eg when you are traveling by train you are feeling absolutely fresh but the thought pollution and emotional pollution is there in the train, you will pick up that and by the time you reach your office you are polluted, you are irritated. You are picking up this negativity and you remain under the effect of karma. So your causal, mental and emotional body needs to be cleaned by removing all the negativity, the karmic debris, the thought emotional energy debris from these three bodies. That is a big job and there is lot of work to be done.

How do we do it? It is very simple. Do lot of Nirmal Kriya. So your Prana Shakti will get awakened, do it with gratitude so that you are ready to awaken your Anahata. If you don’t practice gratitude your energy will not move from Manipura to Anahata. That is why gratitude is absolutely a must. With that do meditation and you settle in a state of non thinking. You must get into pure silence with total awareness. That is meditation. Your mind should not chatter. There should be no thoughts and you must keep the mind absolutely quiet. That is meditation. In that meditation you are cleaning your emotional and mental body. Thoughts and emotions become quiet which means your third body and the fourth body cleansing will happen. If you do it for sufficiently longer period as daily sadhana practice on a regular basis increasing your time then you will not be unnecessarily excited emotionally in your day to day life. Your mind will not chatter unnecessarily. If you keep quiet, you sit silently. If you have to talk you have to use your mind and that is perfectly fine. That is called total mind control. You become the Master of your mind. If you want to use the mind, use the mind properly or tell your mind to shut up. Your mind should not chatter. That is called mastery of the mind. Then your mental body gets cleansed.

So your emotional body gets cleaned first, no hatred, and no jealously, no competition. You see Shiva in everyone. Your emotional body becomes quiet. You are meditating so your mind becomes quiet. Now you are ready for karmakshalan. Karmic debris are still there. Your causal body is not illuminated. Then you do karmakshalan. It is a proper methodology and you all have gone through it and you understand it. People who have not undergone this karmakshalan vidhi will not even understand these things. World at large does not know how to come out of karmic effects. They don’t understand what karmakshalan vidhi is. No Master is giving this. Nobody knows about it. It is just the grace of Babaji that we got this methodology. Not many people know about it. When you do karmakshalan your causal body becomes clean and fully illuminated. That is the way to build your Divya deha.

Your causal body starts getting illuminated. If there is karmic debris there is a black patch. If that karma is deleted it becomes illuminated. When your full causal body gets illuminated you are into Divya deha. It means your ascension has happened. Emotional, mental and causal body is clean. So you are fully illuminated. That illuminated person has already ascended because there are no karmas and you are not in the effect of karmic cycle of birth and death. You have gone out of that and you have ascended. Ascended person will not necessarily disappear. That is a rare kind of ascension. Ascended person will do his job and live life like a Jeevan Mukta. Keep doing your job, help humanity, have healthy relationship everywhere, no hatred, no jealousy, no competition. Even if people misunderstand have compassion, explain the same thing many times, and remove their misunderstandings because they are under the effect of karma. Their pragya (intelligence) is not developed so from that level they will definitely misunderstand, it is expected. Buddhas are compassionate, repeatedly going back, making people understand and slowly lifting them. That is the job of a Buddha, making people understand that only meditation is not enough, understanding, awareness development is wanted. Ascension will happen. We need to do these things because from December 2012 onwards as earth moves towards the photon belt, vibrancy of the planet earth will go up and you have no choice. Ascension is mandatory, don’t think that you may or may not. This whole thing may continue up to 2028 and beyond. Whole humanity will have chance to ascend enmass because the entire planet earth, including our solar system is coming to the fifth dimensional space. The movement of our solar system in the space is not just circular but spiral that opens up as it moves upwards and we are coming to a level where the whole solar system will enter the fifth dimension.

Let us understand what this fifth dimension is. Right now we are in third dimension where time and space are fundamental and even though they are relative we consider it as real. The time is real for us. Space is three dimensional. Movement in space takes time that is the fundamental of third dimension. That is the Einstein’s theory of relativity. From the “Kriya-Kundalini Yoga” point of view, if the Muladhara, Swadisthan and Manipura chakras are open you are in third dimension. When your energy moves from Manipura to Anahata and Vishuddhi you are in the fourth dimension. When you move to Agnya you are in the fifth dimension. Before you can ascend your Anahata has to be opened. It means that the Babaji’s teachings of “Unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness” are the most important aspects and great lessons to be learnt. Only then your energy moves to Anahata. You have to learn to operate from Anahata only then ascension is possible, not otherwise.

When the entire humanity starts working from Anahata the negativity will go. All the negativity is in the below three chakras. Insecurity of basic needs is in Mooladhara. Hatred, Jealousy etc. is in Swadisthan. Ego, competition, ambition are in Manipura. Whole humanity is stuck with basic three chakras. If everybody starts operating from Anahata there will be only love, forgiveness, no competition, only harmony which means negativity can go away from the planet earth. So your emotional body will become clean naturally. If there is no hatred, competition, jealousy, anger, fear what will happen? What if it is not there in the environment also? Your emotional and mental body will become clean and with your wish to let go of your karmic cycle of birth and death, with understanding… you are out! So the ascension will become that easy. As we go beyond 2020 by 2028 almost everybody will ascend. Many ascended Masters will be able to go to the fifth dimension and those who are fully aware will also have the capacity to come back to the third dimension, work and help others and take them to fifth dimension. They will become the guides for third dimension. Our job at TAO is to create thousands of such guides who will go to fifth dimension and are capable of coming back to third dimension, helping others and taking them to the fifth dimension. You need Masters. But before we can do that our emotional and mental and causal body cleansing has to be done.

We have to develop understanding and awareness and settle into that state. As the earth moves into the photon belt and the vibrancy rises you have to remain conscious. You should not become unconscious because of the high energy photon belt. If you remain conscious then the ascension has already happened. Your physical body may or may not remain; it may get transcended in a new Divya deha. But you will have that capacity that with awareness you come back to the third dimension and manifest your physical body as you want. You can work and again disappear. Mahavatar Babaji comes, manifests the physical body, gives the knowledge and disappears. I did not create this Nirmal kriya; he came and gave me in Divya deha. The first time he appeared to me he was in Nirman kaya (body fabricated with yogashakti, for temporary purpose). He can come, appear, talk, give knowledge, give message and disappear.

So it is possible to go from one dimension to other dimension. That is ascension. There are many Ascended Masters and there is huge cosmic game plan and the great Masters are helping us to ascend. There is tremendous movement there. Lots of preparations are happening. As we are moving towards 2012, as we are moving towards the fifth dimensional star called Sirius, we will have a new system which we cannot even imagine. It will be two or more suns system. We are only one sun system now. As we move, we may have two suns or more and we can’t imagine because we are too much accustomed to this. But when the entire solar system is getting into new dimension those who are aware will go out of the clutches of karma with the right understanding, instantly. But you must be willing to understand. But if your understanding is not developed, the one who is not willing to understand, who is not willing to learn… these people will remain and even if the planet earth does not exist in the three dimensions as it is, we can’t imagine what will be there, these people will still remain in the karmic circle. They may be on this earth or they may be on some other three dimensional earth.

The Masters have mentioned that everybody will not understand. There are some people who are simply not willing to understand, attitude of learning is missing, and are not willing to put any effort for higher learning. Those people will remain under the karmic effect. Those who are clean, whose astral body, mental body, causal body are relatively clean with simple understanding and awareness development they will suddenly get into the illuminated body with simple practices like karmakshalan vidhi. It is the grace of our Masters, what we call Mahavatar energy. Mahavatar energy is functioning in a very big way on the planet earth now. It is guiding humanity for ascension. There are many energies like we call Krishna as the energy of Purna avatar. We say Purna avatar when we speak of Krishna as a person, but when we speak of Krishna as a consciousness or Christ as a consciousness we call it as Krishna consciousness or Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness, They are Purna avatars. Complete perfected enlightened beings. They have done their job on the planet earth.

Now one step higher than that is the energy of Mahavatar energy. What has happened so far is the work of Purna avatar. What is happening now is the work of Mahavatar. What is Mahavatar? When the source level energy comes down and starts guiding humanity and that guidance is not necessarily in the human form. The guidance may come in the form of intuition to you for your personal growth. The guidance may come as astral travel, out of body experience, the guidance may come to you as the channeled message or the guidance may come to you from an enlightened Master. Enlightened Masters can pick up the Mahavatar energy directly and it is available to thousands of people. I have met people who have discussed with me that they have received messages from Mahavatar Babaji. There are lots of people who have learnt different kriyas from Mahavatar Babaji. It is the energy which is working and guiding thousands of people on the planet earth. If you are keen, if you are honest, if you are available, if your intentions of helping humanity is genuine you can become part of that energy instantly. It is so much available. Your emotional, mental and causal body has to be clean so that you can attract the grace of the Masters, you can connect to that Mahavatar energy directly and that Mahavatar energy is guiding all of us.

There is one more subtle aspect to this. Yukteshwar Giri, Master of Swami Yogananda is an ascended Master and he is working from Hiranya loka. Loka is a particular frequency locale in scientific terminology. We are in Bhuloka, it is also known as mrityu loka because whosoever is born will die. Bhuloka is not the loka of immortality. Fifth dimension is immortal. So those who transcend and go to fifth dimension they become immortal. Hanumanji, Markendaya Rishi, Aswathama, Kripacharya are all ascended Masters. They were in third dimension but with their capacity they went to fifth dimension and they have become immortal. So immortality is not in the third dimension, it is in the fifth dimension. Those who transcend and go to fifth dimension they become immortal. They can appear, do the job and disappear. This is mrityu loka, the body is bound to die. But they manifest their body like Hanumanji can manifest the original body, do the job, appear and disappear. There are people who have met Hanumanji, Aswathama, kripacharya and Mahavatar Babaji in different bodies as he manifests different bodies. He can come in any body, give you the message, guide you and disappear. That is the quality of fifth dimension. If your consciousness has gone to fifth dimension you get that quality.

So this is Bhuloka. Bhuloka is the earth dimension. Bhuvarloka is the lower astral. Higher astral is called swargaloka. Higher than that is called Hiranya loka which is fifth dimension. There the karmic effect is completely gone. In swarga you enjoy the fruits of your karma, but this upper astral is part of the karmic cycle, when you complete that you go to Hiranya loka. The word hiran is used because Hiran means golden, there the light is golden and eternal and there is no day and night and it is eternally lit, immortal beings are there. That is the fifth dimension. There you have to complete your astral karmic work and from there you go to the causal loka, Mahar loka. Mahar loka is more like Hiranya loka. If you do more penance you start going to higher lokas that is jana, tapo and satya loka. Beyond that is the akshar loka, nirakshar and mahashunya or mahasurya or paramdham loka. Paramdham means from where you cannot come back. This is how the process of ascension happens. You go into subtler worlds and then completely disappear, merge into the existence. That is the process of ascension.

Then what about the Akashik records? They are there in all the akashas. All the akashas need to be cleaned so that the records get deleted. When your files are deleted completely it is called ascension. This is the right understanding of ascension and Akashik records. For a common man it boils down to coming out of competitiveness, hatred, jealousy and negative emotions. It means coming out of negativity. That is the first fundamental. Emotional negativity, mental negativity, causal negativity, one has to come out of all these and move into unconditional love, purity of mind, moral character, right behavior, right talking, right thinking and then non thinking, complete silence. There should be no chattering mind. That is the way to prepare your self. Simultaneously you have to do lot of meditation so that you can understand. Develop your understanding and awareness and ascension will happen. That is the entire science of ascension and Akashik records.

Thank You!