Tuesday, April 27, 2010


First Let us understand what ascension is. Ascension means to go to
high frequency realms where you are not affected by your karma. In
those high frequency realms you are not part of the cause and effect law of
nature. Those who drop out from the wheel of birth and death, those who drop out
from the karmic effect of the natural law of cause and effect, such people are
known as Ascended Masters.

Ascension means to go beyond the circle of birth and death. There are two types
of ascensions. One is the etheric ascension, the person physically disappears
into the high frequency realms and the best example is Tukaram. The second type
of ascension is called spiritual ascension where in the physical body you live
like a Jeevan Mukta and lot of work can be done on the planet earth. This is a
far more important aspect of ascension. All Jeevan Muktas are Ascended Masters.
They are in physical body but they are ascended. They are no more part of the
karmic effect. What we are discussing in this series is total technology of
ascension. How everybody can come to a level where you can drop out from the
circle of birth and death. If you can come out of the karmic effect you can come
out of the karmic bondage. This is what we are discussing.

In this context we have to understand akashik records. Clairvoyants are able to
see various subtle bodies around the physical body. More than 100 years back a
great team of spiritual Masters came together under the banner of theosophical
society. Madame Blavatsky, C W Leadbeater, Annie Besant, they were all great
clairvoyants and all of them were capable of seeing the subtle bodies. Around
the physical body there is etheric body called aura that is the second body.
Around that there is colored aura called astral body. That is the third body
also known as emotional body. All our emotions reflect as particular color in
astral body, astral aura or colored aura. Around that there is fourth body
called mental body where all our thoughts are seen. The thoughts have form,
texture and color and they can be seen in the mental body. The fifth body is the
causal body, karana deha. Causal body has all your karmic files, all your karmic
records, not only of this birth but the karmic records of all your previous
births. All these things are there in the causal body and all the clairvoyants
are able to see your karmas in your causal body. Beyond that when you drop out
from these things there are two more bodies called cosmic body where the
expansions are felt. That is the body from where the yogi utters Aham Brahmasmi,
I am the Brahman, I am the cosmos. Tattvam asi, you are also that; that is
cosmic body. Where the total dissolution happens, there is no coming back that
is called nirvanic body. Nirvana means "no desire". When you are left with no
desire whatsoever, you are in the nirvanic body, where other bodies are totally
clean and there are no further desires. After the death that divine spark
because it has no desires, there is no body required and it is gone forever,
ascended. That is the meaning of ascension, there is no coming back on the
planet earth.

Clairvoyants had always been able to see these things and now that the
technology and science is developing with modern kirlan cameras, aura chakra
scanning, PIP photography they are able to see the second body, the pranamaya
kosha, the third body called astral body or emotional body where you see the
aura they are able to capture in the camera. They are able to see the chakras
also. They are not seen but are simulated in a way which is quite closer to how
the clairvoyants would see the chakras. So the technology has been developed to
this level already and it is becoming quite popular. In next level of technology
with cameras you will be able to see the mental body and causal body. The
scientist will very soon develop this technology where you will be able to see
the karmas and get the karmic records printed, you will get hard copy. Like the
horoscope you have aurosope, seeing your aura colors they give you the printouts
regarding various aspects of your life. Similarly you may have karmascope which
will give you details of karmic effects you are suffering from etc, if the
technology develops to that level. So the clairvoyants have always been able to
see and these people have helped the scientist to develop the technology. The
scientists are now developing new sensors where they are able to capture very
fine frequency vibrations. That is what these subtle bodies are. The higher up
you go, it becomes subtler. If you can capture that subtle, computers can
reproduce on the screen. That is what technology is all about. So technology is
becoming more and more subtle. So you are able to capture subtler things. That
is one aspect.

Where are these bodies? For this we need to understand a concept. In the
physical space there are lots of subtle spaces. Each body is in that particular
corresponding space. This space is not ordinary space. Time space dimension is
the physical space. In the physical space there are subtle spaces known as
sukshma akasha. So when you see the aura, in which layer of akasha do you see
the aura? Prana akasha. There is Prana but why everybody is not able to see? But
In this institute (TAO) there are more than 1200 clairvoyants. Probably this is
the world's biggest group of clairvoyant ever on the planet earth. So you can
see the pranamaya kosha. There is a special space in which you can see.
Everybody does not see. It is very easy to see. It is very close. It is almost
physical. In fact in Indian scriptures anamaya kosha and pranamaya kosha are
considered together. J. Krishnamurthy talked about aura as heat of the physical
body and it is very true.

In which space do you see colored aura? There is a space in the space. In side
the physical space there is subtle space that is astral space. In the astral
space you see colored aura. If you develop the subtlety to go to the astral
space then you can see the colored aura. In aura workshop everybody is not able
to see the colored aura immediately. It takes quite some time because your
ability to see has to increase. It has to become more subtle. Only when you come
to that level you capture the colored aura otherwise you will not be able to
capture. So there is a space inside the space, you have to capture that. Your
eyes have to develop the capacity to see the subtle and this is the
physiological process. With your two eyes you see.

There is one more space which is called mental space where your thoughts are
hovering right now. If you can detach yourself and be a witness, sakshi; you can
see your thoughts. Those thoughts are in your mental space, chitta akash and the
clairvoyants can see directly. Thoughts are seen around the physical body, in
the mental space. Every thought that you have has its own form, texture, color
and till the time it moves, the thought movements can also be seen by the
clairvoyants. That is why mind reading becomes possible. We have developed the
habit of manifesting in this world twice. First you manifest in your mental
space, then you work hard on that, put lot of efforts and you manifest that in
the physical space for example, architects visualize the building in the mental
space first. Then he starts working on it and puts in onto the paper, then the
builder starts building according to the plan and the building comes up in the
physical space. Everything in this world is created that way only. So, first you
create in your mental space, put lot of efforts, and then you create in the
physical space. This is a known phenomenon of manifestation. It is because of
this that the creative visualization became very popular in the new age because
that is the way you can manifest. So as a manifestation technique, creative
visualization became popular world over and even today it is a very popular
thing. Whatever you want you create in the mental space, then you put lot of
efforts and then it gets created into the physical space that is the process of
manifestation. It is called chitta akash, mental space.

Beyond that there is karana deha, causal body. In that space all the karmic
files are there, they are in the causal-aura. The causal body is much bigger
about 8 feet around your body and in that causal body you see the karmas, karmic
files, karmabij. All karmic records are there in that body. To understand this
causal body concept there is a beautiful story in our scriptures. It will make
lot of sense now where we are talking of different spaces. There is concept of
Chitragupt in our puranas. In the story format they say that when a person dies
he appears in front of God, after death. God has his accountant who keeps all
your records and that accountant's name is Chitragupt. A Chartered Accountant
will understand what trouble that guy must be having, how much stress and
tension he may be facing. There are millions of people and each and everything
that you do including what you do in the bathroom, the records are kept by
Chitragupt. Just think what staff he must be having, how big his office must be
and what must be his tension. So many people die and every time the file has to
be produced but it is said this process is going on for last thousands of year
in a very meticulous manner. Chitragupt has never failed even a single time.

All the records are maintained in a very proper manner and based on those
records you go to different realms called swarg (heaven) or narak (hell). But
there is nothing like that. They are all different frequency realms. If you have
done good karmas you go to higher realms called heaven, if you have done bad
karmas you go to lower realms called narak that is hell. There is nothing like
hell. It is a lower frequency realm. Who is this Chitragupt who keeps the

There is a scientific understanding of this story. Whatever we do is captured by
our own self that is consciousness and the memory of that remains in our
consciousness in the form of images. Let's make this simpler. In modern
scientific way you keep huge records like NASA maintains huge scientific records
in what is known as microfilming. So also our consciousness has small pictures,
there is a microfilm and those pictures remain in our consciousness that is
called chid akash and that memory is called chid akash memory. Mental space is
called chitta akash, consciousness space is called chid akash smruti which means
your consciousness has its own memory and that memory follows the law of
microfilming, so every time you do something your karmic file picture is been
taken and that picture remains in the consciousness. There is no hard copy,
there is soft copy only. Now a days even ordinary offices do not have hard

So all the soft copies are there in your chid akash, your consciousness and that
memory is there in the form of microfilm that is why this word Chitrgupt has
come, chitra means picture and gupt means hidden and it is hidden in your
consciousness. They are hidden pictures, hidden at the level of consciousness.
Chid akash smruti means your consciousness has its own memory. The hard memory
does not go to higher realms, it goes away when the body is burnt. Whatever
experiences are there, those files are zipped at the end moment when the person
dies and those zipped files get into the software bundle called sukshma deha,
the subtle body. The physical and pranic bodies are here only, the pranic body
dissipates in 13 days, goes back to the Sun. Astral, mental and causal, (the
upper two bodies you need not consider), the three bodies is your sukshma deha,
where all your zipped files are there. Depending on the frequency of this bundle
called sukshma deha you will go to the particular realm in the astral world.
This process has been described by the scriptures as the Jiva going to swarg or
narak. In the story format this technology has been explained by our puranas for
a common man to understand.

There is a proper technology if you understand how this bundle goes to the
subtle lokas and those lokas are the different frequency locales. What we call
lokas in scientific terminology it is known as different frequency locales and
that is how we have to understand. There are different realms or bands of
frequency. Depending on the vibrancy frequency of the bundle, sukshma deha, the
subtle body will go to that particular band that is the natural law. There is no
person called Chitragupt. It is just a natural law. Your own self has the memory
and your own self, based on the quality of that bundle will get attracted to a
particular band based on the principle of "like attracts like". There is no God
and there is no Chitragupt. It is only you, the consciousness who decide. Your
awareness is the God and your Chid akash smruti is the Chitragupt. Both are in
you only. There is no God and no Chitragupt sitting up there and there is no up
and down. It is only different frequency locales where you get into. That is the
technology which you have to understand in a proper manner. So there are various
akashas and in these subtle akashas, subtle frequency aspects of the
consciousness are there. This is the good background now to understand the word
akashic records.

Akashic records are the zipped files in the causal body. Your causal body is
eternal. Ever since the divine fragment separated from divinity and developed
ego is called Jivatma, from that point until you once again merge with the God,
everything of that is available in your causal body. Those records are known as
akashic records. Many people think that akashic records are somewhere up there
in the sky. That is myth created by the words. Akashic records are in the subtle
space, that particular frequency space which we call causal body. All the
records are there and clairvoyants can read them straight and then you wonder
how he knows about you. He is reading your akashic records. Let me explain this
in a simpler way. There is a big file. All your karmas and everything are there
so you can just go through the file and read. There is something called sanchita
karma which is like a bank balance of all that you have done so far. Out of that
something pops up and it starts bothering you or you enjoy if it is a good
karma. That karma which is presently bothering you or you are enjoying is called
prarabdha. That prarabdha is there because you have done something and
accordingly you get fruits of it.

Entire humanity has got caught up in this law of karma. Anybody who goes beyond
this law is called Ascended Master. That is what ascension is all about.
Ascension means to go beyond the effects of law of karma. Then the question that
arises is how we got into this law. The root cause of all the troubles, the
cause behind the cause is in the causal body. Ultimately everything can be
traced down to the karmas. Because you did certain karma, now it has become
prarabdha karma so you have to suffer and you can do nothing when you are
suffering. Life is going beautifully, everything is going very well and suddenly
one karma from the sanchita pops up in prarabdha, you feel little uneasy and you
go to the Doctor and the Doctor asks you to go to hospital for complete check up
and after doing all the checks cancer is detected. With that report the whole
life changes. It was there in the zipped format but now it started manifesting
in the physical body. The cancer was all along there in the causal body, only
when it comes into prarabdha it reflects into the physical body. Similarly all
the karmas are there and are carried by us and wherever we go all the subtle
bodies are there with us all the time. That is what clairvoyants are able to
see. Manifesting aspect happens because of the prarabdha and that is why Indian
astrology has become so precise. At what time which prarabdha will bother you
and in which way, this can be predicted because your stars will decide. Which
sanchita karma will become prarabdha and what kind of fruits you will get is
predictable because those fruits will be decided by the dashas and antar-dashas
of the planets and that is how prarabdha gives you the fruits. It is beautiful
technology available to those who understand.

It is a science of possibilities because there are probabilities. Nobody can say
that it is 100% true. This is so because your awareness has the capacity to
change that, as the time for ascension is fast approaching since the planet
earth is getting ready for ascension. We have high frequency vibrations on the
planet earth now, so if you put little more efforts from your side and if you
understand the technology of ascension, ascension has become very easy and mass
ascension has become possible. The vibratory frequency of the planet earth as it
is going closer to the photon belt is going higher and higher, all of us can go
out of the clutches of karma and all of us can ascend together. It means that we
can drop out of the clutches of karma.

For the Ascended Master all the karmabij - that is the seeds of the karmas - are
roasted. They are roasted in dhyanagni and gyanagni. Dhyanagni means fire of
meditation and gyanagni means the fire of awakening, the fire of awareness and
not informative knowledge. The roasted seeds when they are planted they will not
germinate. That is the way to ascend as all your sanchita karmas will be roasted
and nothing can germinate which means you go out of the clutches of karma. If
there is nothing in sanchita nothing can pop up and bother you. So with this
technology you can go out of the effect of law of karma. If you do so you are
called Ascended Master. All the ascended Masters have gone out of the effect of
law of karma.

So the akashic records are in the subtle akash. There are many layers and you
are a multi dimensional being. Your physical body exists in physical akasha,
your pranamaya kosha is existing in prana akash, emotional body exists in astral
akasha, mental body exists in mental akash, and causal body exists in karana
akash. So there is subtlety of the space, akashic sukshmata. The space becomes
subtler and subtler and we exist in all simultaneously. So we are not one
dimensional beings, we are multi dimensional being, every body is a multi
dimensional being. So when a person dies only the physical body is gone, other
bodies are there and that is the software which gets a new hardware. That is how
we are caught up into the karmic cycle of birth and death.

Ascension means to break away from this habit, to roast all the seeds of karma
which is there in the kitty of sanchita and come out clean so that nothing can
germinate. Then there is nothing left and when there is nothing left there are
no compulsions for you to come again which means your ascension has happened.
That is the technology of ascension and that is how it is connected to the
akashic records.


  1. Thank you Guruji, for this wonderful article ! I am highly obliged . I am sure that like me, many other souls will be liberated and will walk the path of Jeevan Mukta as guided by you.

    I bow down with deep gratitude,love and appreciation in heart for the Great Himalayan Master Babaji and my Master Guruji.


  2. thanks for such a nice explanation of holy science.

    namah shivay :)

  3. Earlier I had listened to Guruji's talk in TAO when I read it today could catch the exact essence of his explanation .Thanks Guruji for taking me to the way of ascension.