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"Technology of Total Transformation" is now available in FREE downloadable videos from youtube. Around 40 Video clippings. Here are the links... I encourage you to see it in sequence, so that you understand the context of communication better.

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21 Points Teachings: Videos Links

1. Householder's Spirituality - part 1, 2, 3.

2 Live Life Purposefully Find Your Life Mission

3. Attitude of learning - Enlightened billionaire: Part – 1, 2, 3.

4. Practice Friendliness, Assertiveness and Courage

5. Spiritual Practices Part – 1,2.

6 Be Vegetarian

7 Getting rid of emotional luggage

Teaching 8. Cellular vibrancy - Kriya and Meditation: Part-1, 2, 3.
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9 Heal Your Relationships!

10. Awareness of Childhood Conditionings

11. LAW OF KARMA: As you sow, so you reap. Part-1, 2.

12. Be With Nature In silence as much as possible! Enjoy satsang and full moon meditation

13. Balancing Material and spiritual... Part – 1, 2, 3.

14. Spiritual Slavery Part – 1, 2.

15. Live life moment to moment Part – 1, 2.

16 How To Get Wisdom

17. Witnessing Thoughts...

18. "Understanding" and "Awareness" Part – 1, 2, 3.

19. Path to Enlightenment

20 .Appreciate All Criticize None

21. Love, Appreciation, Surrender and Gratitude!

Secrets of Enlightenment - Part 1

In Meditation, why does one get stuck?

Enlightened Billionaire
3. Attitude of learning - Enlightened billionaire: Part – 1, 2, 3.
13. Balancing Material and spiritual... Part – 1, 2, 3.

Prem Salutes the Buddha within every one!!!!


“Enlightened Billionaire” It is translation of Original Hindi word "Aishvaryavan Muktatma".

In the eastern countries in past few thousand years tremendously significant experiments have been done by Yogies, Sufies, Rishis, Lamas… All these experiments were within oneself, to awaken the consciousness, to enrich oneself in the inner world, the spiritual world. These experiments are immensely significant and we need to appreciate the richness of the inner world.

In the western countries, in past few hundred years lots of scientific experiments have happened leading to modern technological development, industrial revolution and so on. We must appreciate the usefulness of the modern technology (because of which you are able to read this!) but we must also understand that Industrial revolution, nuclear energy and modern technology have its own side effects in the form of destruction, if not used properly.

The decisive factor is the human values which are directly connected to the evolution of consciousness. There is very thin line between need and greed. It is the greed of the human mind that has created trouble with the modern technology and not the technology itself.

In the east, few people could scale great heights in consciousness…Examples: Patanjali, Astavakra, Krishna, King Janak, Buddha, Mahavira… (The percentage of this is very small) but the eastern masses remain more or less poor materially. Even today in most eastern developing countries the poverty levels are very high in villages and many suffer the lack of basic amenities.

In the west, because of technological development, the material affluence could add to comforts of living but most people are hungry and thirsty of inner happiness in the midst of plenty in the material world!

In a way east and west both are half and unhappy. The time has come to create a “Total Human Being” on this planet who is materially happy and spiritually happy too! My word for material affluence is “Billionaire”. It does not mean having Billions as bank balance but it represents material comforts for masses… It means availability of basic necessities of life without struggle, for everyone without any discrimination. And I choose “Enlightenment” as my word representing the peak of spiritual evolution. So, I use “Enlightened Billionaire” as a phrase for “Total Human Being” who is happy in material world and also happy in spiritual world. This is the ultimate potential of every human being on the planet earth.

“Enlightened Billionaire” phenomena is happening on planet earth since more than five thousand years. King Janak was the first enlightened billionaire in the recorded history. He was king who got enlightened while discussing with sage Astavakra. Lord Krishna was “Enlightened Billionaire”. Absolutely kingly, rich, affluent materially at the same time his consciousness was awakened. He was “Enlightened Master” who was absolutely life positive who said yes to every aspect of life including material comforts, love and romance, peace and war and all types of yoga and everything. That is why we say Krishna, a purnavatar! He said yes to everything, that is enlightened billionaire. He is truly “Purna Purushottam” (Complete Human being and best amongst all). He convinced Arjuna do his duty of fighting for his rights, for establishing dharma.

Siddhartha was a prince with all the material comforts but wanted to know the ultimate truth. He left his palace in search of truth… He got awakened and became Buddha! He understood the importance of walking the middle path and he promoted the same.

When the consciousness is developed, the affluence is used for establishing Dharma. Riches are used for well-being of humanity. This is a wonderful attitude of “Enlightened Billionaire” which is most wanted on planet earth today. India has seen many industrialists with this approach. JRD Tata was one such industrialist who had human well-being as his core value. In modern India, Narayan Murthy and KC Shroff belong to this category. And there are many such enlightened billionaire, known and unknown… all over the world.

In traditional oriental culture, sadhus, swamis, renunciates, lamas, saints… say no to material world and this aspect of renunciation (tyag, Vairagya, udaseenta) has been overly glorified. “Brahma satya, jagat mithya” (Consciousness is truth, world is illusion) is wrongly interpreted. The eastern cultural conditioning promoted by sadhus and swamis is you get enlightened only if you renounce the world. This is the general perception that masses have. Hence all those interested in spiritual evolution, even today, opt for dropping out from householder’s responsibilities and become sanyasi / monks. Because they do not earn their bread, they remain dependent on either their organization or some senior Swami who has resources to feed these monks. Sanyasi beggars’ days are gone. Modern spirituality is affluent -enlightened, and that is the concept we are starting. In the modern days even sanyasis need to work and earn their bread.

We will understand through a story from Panchatantra (Andhe langade ki kahani....) (The story of Blind and lame); why people are not happy in this world…

Once upon a time, there were two beggars. One beggar was blind and the other was lame. Both used to beg in daytime in town and at night time they would go in to the forest to rest. Once it so happened that the forest caught fire and all the villagers were worried that both the beggars will die as one was not able to see and the other was not able to walk. The blind beggar was feeling the heat of the fire, the lame beggar could see the fire but because he could not walk he was not able to run away. Suddenly both the beggars got the idea! The blind was not able to see but he could walk and his legs were strong. The lame person could see but could not walk, so they struck a deal. The blind person should carry the lame person on his shoulders. The lame person could see so he will guide the way, the blind person cannot see but could walk so he can run on the guided path. In this way both escaped from the fire of the jungle and had the blessings of life!

Indian stories are not ordinary stories. They have tremendous spiritual insights in them. A materially affluent person who says “yes” to the material world is more like a blind person. He can walk because the resources are available but he can’t see because he doesn’t have the eyes to see. A sanyasi who says “yes” to spirituality develops the eyes, the vision to see, so he is able to see but to walk he needs the support of the resourceful person. That is why all the sanyasis are supported by the king or affluent person. A blind man cannot see and the lame cannot walk, so they have to associate. Always the humanity remained half and never became full, complete and that is the evolution that is required right now on the planet earth. Each person has to become integrated whole, total human being. A materially affluent person is blind; a spiritually rich person is lame. Both are half but when both of them come together, within you that is “Enlightened Billionaire”, only then you become complete. Monks and nuns are avoiding the material world; material world people are avoiding spirituality. Both are half and they both have to become total. Say “yes” to material world and say “yes” to spiritual world and be an Enlightened Billionaire and that is the ultimate that is possible. You will actualize your potential to the fullest!

The time has come now for eastern countries to come out of this cultural conditioning and change the mind set. We have to re-arrange our life and change the mindset which says yes to affluence, which says yes to enlightenment - both. That is the real, total, complete human being. And, it is possible… for enlightenment one need not say no to material affluence. On the contrary the time has now come where material affluence and enlightenment has to go hand-in-hand to have that completeness in human aspect. Now the time has come when more & more people will have to lead by example – that affluence & enlightenment go hand-in-hand, and that’s the only way to live life in the modern era.

Enlightened Billionaire is a one who will say yes to enlightenment and yes to affluence, richness, and resourcefulness. So we need to work on this aspect, change our attitudes, and change our mindsets. Don’t get carried away by the Enlightened Beggars (begging for material wealth) or Billionaire Beggars (begging for spiritual wealth) – both are beggars – understand this. We don’t want to be beggars; we want to be like King Janak, Enlightened Billionaire! Tremendous affluence outside, tremendous richness inside. That is the way to live life. We need to change our mindset. We have to come out of old mental patterns / engrams / conditioning / samskaras / psychic impressions… whichever word you understand! We have to create the new mindset where spirituality & affluence go hand–in–hand.

To create enlightened billionaires on planet earth is a very big challenge. They have to work and be materially comfortable on their own and also simultaneously do spiritual practices for enlightenment. The right use of scientific technology we have, can make us materially affluent and the right use of spiritual technology that we have will make us rich spiritually form inside, at the level of consciousness. That is the way, more and more people can become enlightened billionaires!

“Enlightened Billionaire” is a “REVOLUTION” of tremendous significance. Because we will be creating the new path on which millions more people will be walking in the future. We have to be the living example of this. We have to become what we are foreseeing. We have to be the change we want to see in the world! And we have to lead by example – We have to first create this possibility for us and we have to live life that will inspire thousand others! Our LIFE has to create the confidence and feeling in others, that yes, it is possible!

If you see what is happening today, in general, most people are saying yes to material affluence, but they are not saying yes to enlightenment! They are not growing in consciousness. So, it is still poverty consciousness - they are not into the enlightened consciousness. Only the enlightened consciousness can be the prosperous consciousness.

A major shift has to happen from “poverty consciousness” to “prosperity consciousness”. That is the main point! We have to work on our understanding through the spiritual technology and parallelly we have to work on our material affluence with right use of modern technology. This combination has the potential to create disease-free, healthy, wealthy human being. Selecting any one at the cost of other will mean that you are diseased & you cannot be happy. You will see all over people are not happy because either the consciousness is not developed or basic material needs are not met.

So, we take a stand in favor of “Enlightened Billionaire”. We stand out. We take courageous step of saying “yes” to material well-being and “yes” to enlightened consciousness. This is the fundamental on which we will be working in “Enlightened Billionaire” workshop. “Enlightened Billionaire” is a 13 point program created by Prem Nirmal and promoted worldwide.

We all are one in spirit. Divinity is represented in many forms and that makes this world beautiful. I love you all. Om Prem.

Ascension and DNA Activation

Ascension means to go beyond the karmic effects, to drop out from the law of karma, to drop out from the wheel of birth and death. That is the meaning of the word ascension. All the enlightened Masters have talked about the biological effects of the process of enlightenment without fail. Almost every Master has talked about it. The reason is even though they have not used the word DNA activation something of that sort happened to them. If you read Mary Lutyens’ book “The Open Door” the process of Awakening of J. Krishnamurty, you will see that there are lots of paragraphs were these biological effects or the effects on the brain, effect on the physiology, all these things have been described. U. G. Krishnamurty also talked about the same thing, all the effects which were biological in nature and it’s a fact. My Master Dada Gavand also explained what happened to physiology, he has mentioned that even the face cut changes; physiology changes to that extent. And it is my experience also. My face also changed a lot after the process of awakening.

So there is an aspect of DNA activation. It happens as a bye-product of enlightenment. We need to understand from the scientific angle. If we consider the human body it has various organs, various systems and various subsystems. We go little deeper and come to the end of it which is a cell. It is a cellular thing. Inside the cell there is nucleus. If you enlarge with an electronic microscope the nucleus of the cell to a very large extent that is to the extent of the football ground then you see chromosomes. The chromosomes are the cashew shaped particles inside the nucleus. If you further enlarge, inside the chromosomes you see the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) normally represented in the biology books as two strand double helix structure. That is what is known as DNA. In the simplest language you can consider DNA as the basic blueprint of life. All the development that happens at every level including the physical, mental, emotional and causal… the blueprint of the entire thing is in the DNA. It means that all the coding is available inside the DNA and it is the DNA that decides how your life will go. Because each individual is programmed in a certain manner and that programming code are in the DNA that is why each one is so very unique.

You see millions of people but you never see look alike because the DNA programming is different. Even if there are twins they are not 100% look alike even if they look alike, if you see the psychological attributes, their emotional attributes they are very much different. It means that our DNA coding makes us absolutely unique and that uniqueness has to be respected. We are all unique people and it is said that God does not like carbon copies. Who programmed the DNA? You can say that God programmed the DNA. But if you don’t want to use the word God you can say nature programmed it, a still better word is a source programmed it. In software language you can say that it is a source code because the source has programmed it and this programming has got your entire past and entire future as well and it has near infinite data. You can say almost infinite data because we don’t know how much, that is why we use the word almost infinite but it has to be limited but we do not know how much, that much information is there and modern science still has not been able to penetrate through all the secrets of DNA.

Genetic scientists and other scientist are still working on it but still it is just a beginning compared to the information which is there inside the DNA. What modern scientists understand is a small part of the whole thing. A noble prize winner scientist has been working on it and when he went on expanding to see what is there inside, what was found was there were certain elements inside were active. But what they found was that there was a much bigger chunk and portion of DNA which was not active. They did not give any other name but the scientist talked that there is something called junk there. That is how the “Junk” word was used for the first time in DNA research. They used the word junk because that was non active portion of DNA but they saw that it does transfer and what is that is still unknown. Because it is not active that is why the word junk was used.

As the research progressed the scientist made a statement that only 3% of the DNA is active and 97% is junk DNA. They started giving percentage also but still this is old stuff. As the research progressed they understood that the entire humanity has two strand double helix DNA and that makes us three dimensional creatures. But if you see 100 years back great spiritual scientist in theosophical society like Madame Blavatsky, P W Lead beater, Annie Besant, they were fantastic clairvoyants the world has ever seen. Amazing quality of clairvoyant ability they had. They had the ability to see the molecules with naked eyes. Scientist never believed and chemistry developed much later. But the molecular structure was seen by them with naked eyes and they had put it on to the paper. As chemistry developed after 20/30/40 years the scientists proved that whatever they had talked was right and they were having good idea of DNA activation as well even though the scientific terminology was not used by them but there were lots of indication that they knew this aspect without labeling it as DNA. What they have understood, the scientists will also understand or it would be right to make a statement that the scientists are now in the process of understanding what spiritual Masters were talking about 100 years back. Scientists are finding out these things.

Because our DNA decides how capable we are, how evolved we are, as more and more percentage of DNA is activated a person goes higher and higher up in the evolutionary ladder, that is the fundamental understanding of evolution and DNA and there is a direct connection. How this DNA activation happens that is the basic secret which is not known to the world but it has been always been known to the Enlightened Masters and it is not a new thing. J. Krishnamurty had fantastic understanding of these things even though he did not know the language of DNA, whatever he talked was indicative of these things.

All the theosophical Masters and Enlightened masters talked about strengthening the auric field around the physical body for well being and vitality. That is the first subtle body around the physical body. So the first level is if you have stronger aura your physical well being is maintained, and that is the basic requirement for a healthy body. The second subtle body is the astral body, what we call as colored aura. All the Masters have mentioned that your astral body should quieten down. It means that one should not get carried away by emotions. When we get carried away by the emotions, the scientific proof is it reflects as various colors in astral aura. If you see the aura of the Enlightened Master you see more of white, they don’t get carried away by their emotions. So the astral body has to quieten down. The next subtle body is the mental body. Average person’s mind keeps chattering which means that the mental body is active all the time. As you go deeper into meditation your mind will stop chattering. Beyond enlightenment it becomes difficult to make the mind chatter. Disassociation happens so much that sometimes the person needs to put efforts to associate with the mind and talk. It is for this reason that most of the Enlightened Masters after enlightenment keep quiet. Even talking requires too much of effort and they find it difficult to relate to people. That is why most of the people become quiet. 95% of the Enlightened Masters on the planet earth today are not talking the reason for this is that it becomes difficult to manage. Over a period of time when the enlightenment becomes stronger and you get rooted into that state it gains the capacity to manage the mind, to manage the memory then you manage to talk but it is difficult. That is why Masters keep quiet.

So, strengthen the aura, quieten the astral body, quieten the mental body and there is one more aspect, the major chunk is the causal body. You have to remove the karmic debris from your causal body which is known as causal body cleansing (Karmakshalan). All our karmic entanglement is also related to our DNA that is how you meet people of certain kind, you enter into relationship entanglement of a certain kind, and these are all karmic. The karmic entanglement unfolds because of DNA. When these three bodies (Astral, mental and Causal) are cleaned and your understanding of seven body system happens which is experiential in nature, and you develop the awareness of the seven bodies. That is the way to activate the DNA. DNA is the guiding blueprint that tells you what to do. That is how development happens in the outer world.

So the biggest chunk is in the form of causal body and the causal body cleansing is a major aspect of DNA activation. As you clean the causal body it activates your DNA. When your causal body is cleaned, further aspect of DNA opens up. It is not that it opens up all at a time. Now the scientist have started understanding that even though we have physically two strand double helix structure but all the Masters have understood is that basically what we have is a twelve strand double helix structure. Then why is there the difference of 10 strands? The difference is there in the understanding of scientist for a very fundamental reason that those ten strands are not physical. If it is physical then it can be seen by the electronic microscope but they are not in the physical. They are etheric. It means that they are in the subtle dimension and not in the physical dimension. But all the clairvoyants who are able to see the aura, see the astral body, see the mental body, see the causal body, they understand that these subtle bodies are influencing it. Same is the case with DNA.

All the spiritual Masters understand how the ten strands are activated and as the DNA activation is more the person evolves faster. It is done by the cleansing of the sukshmadeha… The astral body, mental body and causal body. These are the fundamental things. Now that we have the basic understanding of DNA activation how do we do it? It is very simple. Many questions have come on the group also and people ask me how does Nirmal Kriya work and how does it lead to enlightenment?

Let us understand the process as to how Nirmal kriya leads to enlightenment and also DNA activation so that ascension happens. Total technology of Nirmal Kriya we will discuss today. The first aspect is if you see that in Nirmal kriya all breaths are not equal. There are short breaths, there is a medium breath and there are deep-long breaths. These different types of breaths are to match the different types of frequencies of the chakras. So in the seven breaths you are pumping in the Prana into the chakras and it helps the chakras to open up. That is the fundamental thing. Theosophist Masters understood more than 100 years back that the humanity is stuck with the two strand double helix structure which is parallel to operating from Muladhara, Swadisthana and Manipura. Even as on today most of the people who are not meditators, if you see they operate from the basic three chakras only. When your energy moves from Manipura to Anahata you start loving people unconditionally and that is the most beautiful aspect. You don’t see a major percentage of population into that. Major percentage of population is competitive in nature, they will kill each other. There is no unconditional love. This quality is missing for the major percentage of the population. Very few people have managed to come to that level of understanding where they share unconditional love for the entire humanity. There are thousands of such people but if you see the overall percentage of population of humanity it is very small.

When we do Nirmal kriya, the seven breaths are such that all the chakras open up and this is scientific in nature. We have 45 people data where we have captured this opening of the chakras on the camera and the process of Prana kundalini awakening can be now captured in the camera which I keep showing in every seminar and scientific congress and it has become popular and it has become accepted methodology by scientist, so scientific community understands. Kriya at the first level is strengthening your aura and opening your chakras. As you do more kriyas and the upper chakras open up, the color of your aura changes. All the photographs definitely show that the color of the aura changes after you do the kriya. It means that guaranteedly Nirmal Kriya cleanses your astral body and it quietens. So you gain control over your emotions and you don’t react to the situation.

A common man reacts to the situation. An evolved person does not react to the situation. He will watch and have understanding and will respond in the right manner and that is maturity that is evolution. This will happen when the astral body becomes quiet. The normal stimulus will not arouse your emotions and you will not get carried away by the normal situation. You will stop reacting and you will start responding. As you do kriya and meditation, more kriya literally throws you into the state of meditation where your chattering mind stops. Let me share some deeper secrets of Nirmal kriya. How does it happen? In Babaji’s kriya yoga as it was given to Lahiri Mahasaya, there are two words which are very important. One is that the kumbhak is never to be performed, there is no kumbhak anywhere in the kriya but it is been said that if you do kriya properly “Kevali Kumbhak” will happen naturally as a bye-product of kriya. When you do so much of oxygenation by breathing process you come to a point where your body no more needs it. So suddenly your breathing stops and it happens automatically. That is why it is known as kevali kumbhak which means holding of the breath or arresting the breath and that happens naturally. That is the meaning of the word kevali kumbhak. Automatically it happens. One more important word used by Lahiri Mahasaya is sthiratva. Sthiratva means the steadiness or the poise that you get after the kriya. That is meditative awareness. Sthiratva means steadiness and the only steady thing is the consciousness, mind can never be steady. Immediately you become conscious of consciousness. That is the process of enlightenment and the mind stops, the breath stops and emotions stop and in that you remain aware because when you do so much of kriya you awareness increases. You can’t immediately sleep after the kriya. Many people who practice kriya at night they started complaining that they were not able to sleep. When you are in so much of high energy and in that state of high energy when you try to go to sleep, you will not get sleep. It means that guaranteedly after the kriya you are not sleepy, you are not breathing, you are not thinking and that is the state of kevali kumbhak which brings about sthiratva.

In that sthiratva DNA activation happens naturally. This is because your aura is strengthened, your astral body is quietened, your mental body is quietened and the very process of kriya is Karmakshalan, it reduces your karmic burden. As you do more and more of kriya your causal body becomes clean. When these bodies become clean, proportionately the DNA activation increases. So few more etheric strands are activated.

If you do kriya properly you start seeing the aura suddenly and it has happened to thousands of people world over. Even those who have not learnt the aura reading technique they have also told me that just by doing kriya and meditation they started seeing aura and hundreds of people have reported this. So if you do kriya properly your aura becomes stronger and with etheric strands activation you get clairvoyant abilities and you start seeing aura, astral body and it has happened to thousands of people world over. It is a natural bye-product. You are doing the DNA activation by doing the kriya. You go deeper and you develop the understanding of the entire process and let me tell you that at present it is the biggest missing link in our current evolutionary ladder.

The missing link is that our vigyanmaya kosha has not developed enough. It means that our understanding has not developed enough. That is the reason why we are not able to sustain those magical qualities which are the bye-product of our DNA activation. The magical qualities that we are talking about are the clairvoyant abilities, telepathic abilities, ESP, mind reading, psychogenesis all these mystical things that you consider magical, are the natural bye-products of your DNA activation. As you do more and more of kriya, you go on strengthening your etheric body, you go on cleaning and quietening your astral body, your chattering mind stops and your causal body cleansing happens through the process of Karmakshalan. This very process does DNA activation. As more of etheric DNAs are activated which the scientist consider as junk, as that activation happens you start gaining the clairvoyant ability, telepathic abilities, seeing aura and chakras, mind reading ability, psycho kinesis ability and tremendous amount of healing ability. Magical healing from chronic diseases happens with DNA activation. Remission from cancer happens by DNA activation. A blind man can start seeing with the DNA activation. All these words though they sound magical are nothing but the natural bye-product of DNA activation. So if all the 12 strands of double helix structure are activated that is all the 10 etheric strands of DNA are activated what will happen, that is the meaning of the word ascension.

When all these are activated you go to the higher bodies known as Divya Deha. What is the meaning of the word Divya Deha? Divya Deha is strengthening of the aura, astral body becomes white and there is no color, mental body also has no color and the causal body becomes clean. It means that the causal body is fully illuminated that is what is Divya Deha and that is ascension. That Divya Deha has the quality of immortality and if all the 12 strands of the DNA are activated, that is the process of ascension and that is the process of immortality. Then in the five dimensional structure you do not need the physical body. You go there with the Divya Deha and that is ascension and beyond 2012 to 2028 different people will ascend in different manner depending on how much DNA activation has happened.

Minimum requirement is that your Anahata should be open. With the lower three chakras you cannot ascend. If your energy has moved from Manipura to Anahata and you become loving and you start sharing your unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness for all those who have done harm to you; that is the quality of Anahata. You drop out of competitiveness; there is no enmity with anybody; that is the minimum quality. When the mass ascension happens such people will be easily absorbed by that light beam that will lift the people from three dimensional world to put them in five dimensional world and it will further activate the DNA in half an hour time which will take you to the fifth dimension. This is the first type of ascension. The second type of ascension is of those whose Vishuddhi chakra is fully activated, they are the Masters of space element and they can go in meditation faster, they can quieten the chatter of the mind faster, they will be able to ascend on their own. It means anybody who can stay in the state of non thinking for about 45 minutes will ascend on their own. Nothing is to be done. Those whose third eye has opened perfectly well and whose Sahasrara is also activated, it means that their pineal and pituitary gland are perfectly activated those people will be absolutely comfortable in the fifth dimensional world and no process is required to be done by the ascended Master.

They are the ascended Masters and they can go there but there is a magical quality in that. They can come back to the third dimensional world manifest their physical body, do what the need be and disappear in the fifth dimension and come back and appear. It means that these people can travel between the third dimension and fifth dimension. These are not imaginary things and Mahavatar Babaji is doing this thing even today and he has been doing it for many years and there is a total history to that. Many people do not understand that Mahavatar Babaji is the name of the consciousness; it is not the name of any specific body. When such a great consciousness which cannot be bound by the physical body, when it takes the human body, that very human form is a limitation and that is why we call it Ansh avatar. Ansh means small portion of that consciousness is available in that human form. The total consciousness cannot come in the human form because that very human body is a limitation. But Mahavatar Babaji can appear in any body. he has the capacity to create any human body at will, that created body is called Nirman Kaya, you can call it as fabricated body but it is not fabricated in a factory but one which is fabricated with their yogic power, they create the body and with that body they do work in the third dimension, the moment the job is done the third dimension body disappears.

All the ascended Masters are working like this and thousands of people on the planet earth have seen this magical quality which we call Mahavatar energy. What is working now is called Mahavatar energy, which can come in the vision as Mahavatar Babaji or it can come in any particular body. My first encounter with Mahavatar Babaji happened in 1996. He was in physical form in a beggar’s body but the communication was happening at telepathic level. My wife was standing next to me. I was seeing that physical body but my wife could not see. It was Nirman kaya and the three dimension proof of it is… after giving me the message and the blessings he asked for money. He said that give me something I want to enjoy Chinese food. I put my hands in the pocket and whatever note came in hand I gave to him and it all disappeared in the air that is what my wife saw. I saw him taking it. That was the physical proof. There are people who have received something from Babaji and they have kept it. One person got a locket from Babaji. The Masters do this to remove doubts from your conscious mind. Your conscious mind does not have the capacity to understand this and so a doubt arises. To remove this doubt the masters do some magic in the physical reality, in the three dimensional reality so that you have no doubt about it.

But all the ascended Masters have the magical quality of coming down to the three dimensional reality, the physical world, helping the humanity to ascend and disappear. Thousands of people today on planet earth have been guided by Mahavatar Babaji to the extent that many people don’t even know that they are been guided by Mahavatar Babaji. They say that some yogi came and taught us this. They don’t know who that yogi is because Babaji is working through many yogis and there are many Masters and thousands of people are been guided and they are all helping us to activate our DNA.

Nirmal Kriya it is not a breathing exercise. The breathing exercise is a very small portion of kriya. But as you do meditation you understand kevali kumbhak, you understand sthiratva, you understand the quietening of the astral body and mental body and you understand the cleansing of causal body. This entire process is the process of DNA activation that leads to ascension. In short enlightenment process, ascension process and DNA activation they are all similar process which is the process of evolution to go higher up on the ladder. That is how the secrets are. Humanity has got a fantastic chance to activate all the DNAs and ascend because as we are approaching 2012 our solar system is approaching the Sirius star which is the fifth dimensional star, it’s a scientific reality and we are not talking of some mumbo jumbo hotchpotch spirituality. The vibratory levels of the earth are going up. Earth also has its DNA activation. Earth is a living, throbbing planet and it is alive. It has its entity also. Earth is not a dead planet. We have a relationship with the Mother earth and we are the children of mother earth. How to understand this in simple language?

If a child is inside the mother’s womb all the emotions of the mother are experienced by the child, the child gets influenced by mother’s emotions during pregnancy. Whatever the mother thinks influences the child. It means the mother’s etheric body and stronger aura makes the child healthy. Mother’s emotional body will create the emotional body of the child. Mother’s mental body will create the mental body of the child which means whatever vibrations are there on to the mother will definitely reflect on to the child. It is a known fact. Take this as an analogy. Now what happens to the mother earth at the DNA activation level, at the vibratory level, because we are connected whatever is happening to the consciousness of the mother earth, as far as the DNA activation of the planet itself is concerned we are sharing everything. So as our planetary system - solar system - including the mother earth is moving to the high vibratory Sirius star, five dimensional star, whatever changes are happening to the mother earth are happening to us directly because we are sharing the bond and because our solar system is physically moving towards that state this is a time where ascension is not voluntary. This is the time where ascension is mandatory which means compulsory. You have no option because the entire solar system is physically moving towards the fifth dimension. It is kind of spiral which opens up and becomes bigger and bigger and comes to a certain level of evolutionary ladder. Everybody on the planet earth will have to learn to increase their vibratory levels.

So far we have learnt the methodology at the mental body level. Visualization, imagination was useful processes few years back. Those processes prepared us and we could anticipate. Now those processes are no ore useful. In fact all the mental constructs are obstructions to your ascension. Mental constructs is the garbage in the mental body and that garbage needs to be cleaned. So the old methodologies are no more useful.

You have to understand the entire process of enlightenment that is Nirmal Kriya. The word ‘Nirmal” means no impurity. “Nir” means negation and ‘Mal’ mean impurities. Where are the impurities? The impurities are in astral body, mental body and causal body. These are the three bodies where the impurities are there. As you do Nirmal kriya all the three bodies are cleaned up so you become nirmal, pure, impurities are gone and when the impurities are gone it is called “Nirmal Syhiti” where the DNA activation happens and if the DNA activation happens the higher qualities of the fifth dimension comes to you naturally. That means the Nirmal kriya leads ultimately to DNA activation and this is a simple scientific fact. All those who are doing it regularly they are experiencing that lot of cleansing is happening, karma cleansing happens, miraculous cure from fears and phobia have happened in hundreds of recorded cases and miraculous recovery from cancer has also happened. Scientists are now analyzing this data as to how it happens. DNA activation will lead to this kind of miraculous recovery. Scientists, now know about it and only thing that was missing was simpler process to do that.

Nirmal Kriya is the simplest process for DNA activation. It is so simple to do, practical and does not take much time. You can do alone or you can do in a group there is no compulsion of any kind. You don’t need any gadget. Once you have learnt it properly, you can do it on your own. Then when you do it the cleansing will happen. The more the cleansing happen the DNA activation happens. So this is a very simple practical down to earth methodology of DNA activation. But what is more important is that Nirmal Kriya should not be treated as a breathing exercise. Some people are making this grave mistake. Nirmal kriya is not a breathing exercise, my dear friends. You start as breathing exercise but it is the process of enlightenment which cleanses the three bodies, strengthens your aura, cleanses astral, mental and causal bodies, and leads to DNA activation which leads to ascension. So in a way Nirmal Kriya is a process of enlightenment. If you do the breathing mechanically, it will not work. There are many people who have talked to me. Even today I got an email from Hyderabad saying that I was enjoying kriya and suddenly today morning I did not enjoy the kriya. Did I do something wrong? If you are using Nirmal kriya as a mechanical device of breathing, it does not work.

The missing links are two. One is the ‘Understanding’ that I am giving which is a part of the kriya. Many people do not understand. They think that breathing is the kriya. Breathing is not the kriya. This “understanding” is the major chunk of kriya which develops the vigyanmaya kosha. If your vigyanmaya kosha is not developed ascension cannot happen. It means that understanding is compulsory. You cannot side track understanding in ascension. You have to come to this level of understanding and this simpler aspect was communicated through Panch Pakoda concept. The first Pakoda is karma yoga and everybody does that. Second is kriya yoga and you are doing it. Third is dhyana yoga and that also you are doing. Most of the people today on the planet earth are doing Dhyana yoga. But the fourth Pakoda is Gyan Yoga but that is not happening because there are not many Masters who are giving this understanding. That understanding is the necessary aspect of Nirmal Kriya. That is what is developing the vigyanmaya kosha. Without that ascension is impossible so that is the first missing link.

And the second missing link is awareness development. Unfortunately nobody is teaching these things. How to develop awareness which leads to ascension? But before you can develop your awareness this basic understanding has to be there. Just by doing breathing exercise nothing much can happen. You can strengthen your aura. So physical well being is there for even those who are doing it mechanically but rightly. They will have physical advantage but they will not ascend. Breathing exercise cannot lead to ascension. So don’t treat Nirmal kriya as breathing exercise. That is a grave mistake some people are making. It is the process of enlightenment, ascension and DNA activation. It happens by strengthening your aura and cleansing your astral body, mental body and causal body through the process of understanding and awareness development. Without this ascension is not possible. We are trying our best to promote the understanding and awareness aspect. But because the people in general on the planet earth are still not ready for this. People fail to understand developing of the vigyanmaya kosha. That is the understanding aspect. Not many Masters know how to clean the casual body. It is only the grace of Babaji that we got Karmakshalan vidhi. So you can clean the causal body and the moment the causal body is clean, it is fully illuminated, if it is fully illuminated it means that you have ascended. Ascension means going out of the clutches of karma. So your causal body has to be cleaned. All our troubles are karmic and once those troubles are gone the fears and phobias are gone, remission from cancer happens as it is all karmic. That is why this methodology is so very important.

I meet many scientists. Last time I was there in the scientific congress where the scientist from world over came. They are keen on understanding how it happens. Today’s talk tells you in a very simple language how DNA activation happens. What is Nirmal kriya? It is not breathing exercise. It is much more and those who are avoiding the understanding and awareness development will not get the benefit of Nirmal Kriya at all because that is part and parcel of kriya. So teachings are important and along with the teachings Gyan yoga has to be there, that is what will open your understanding. Your vigyanmaya kosha will start strengthening and that will help you to sustain your awareness. Without this understanding neither the awareness development can happen nor can it be sustained. These are the basic secrets of DNA activation.


Prem Nirmal

Ascension and akashik Records - Part - 2

The definition of the word ascension is that when you go out of the clutches of karma and you drop out of the circle of birth and death, then you are ascended. It means that as long as you are under the effect of karma and as long as you are in the wheel of birth and death ascension is not possible. What is the hindrance to ascension? The hindrance to ascension is your karmic load. Unless you know how to finish off your karmic load, your kitty of sanchita which is full, ascension cannot happen. That is why we give so much of importance to karmakshalan vidhi. I have seen the effect of karmakshalan on many. Before karmakshalan they are not able to understand. After karmakshalan they are able to understand. This is so because there was some heavy karmic load, you can say a karmic stone, on their intellect, which was not allowing them to understand. Once that karmic load is gone the same person is now able to understand. That is the magic of karmakshalan.

Akashik records are in the causal body, karana deha. Causal body is around your physical body somewhere around 8 feet (and it can be bigger or smaller, developed or underdeveloped depending on how evolved you are). How does a clairvoyant know whether the person is evolved or not? The clairvoyant sees the causal body. If the causal body is well developed in the sense that it is well illuminated, there are no black patches, then that person is evolved. If it is fully illuminated, there are no black patches in his causal body then that person is considered to be enlightened, Ascended Master. That illuminated body in Indian context is Divya deha. Divya deha means the causal body is fully illuminated. That is ascension. How to create Divya deha, the light body? The light body is poor translation of Divya deha. Divya means much more than light, it is not only light, it is radiating, it is not only radiating, it is spiritual aura with all its qualities. This is the meaning of the word Divya.

When your causal body is fully illuminated you have got into Divya deha. Many people say that this Divya deha is also Vajra Kaya. Vajra means strong, that which cannot be destroyed. Naturally that Divya deha, light body cannot be destroyed. It means you are immortal, that body becomes immortal, you are into Vajra kaya, immortality and that is true. The path to that is the cleansing of the causal body and the debris in the causal body are your karmas. That is why so much importance is given to karmakshalan. The whole world, the entire humanity is caught up into the karmic effect of birth and death. That is why the soul comes back so many times. It is because our karmas guide us. All intelligent people try their best but still they suffer because they have no control over their prarabdha. We suffer or we enjoy because of our karmas. Good karmas give good results and you enjoy. Bad karmas give bad results and you suffer but you are very much under the grip of karmas. Ascension means to go out of the grip of karmas. So you have to learn karma delete exercise, understand and do, so that you can come out of the effect of karmas. When you come out of the effect of karma fully you have got Divya deha and that Divya deha is nothing but ascension, when you are no more under the effect of karma. Why is it a big deal? The reason for that is very simple.

Let is understand in short the seven body concept. First body is the physical body, anamaya kosha, second is aura about two inches that is called pranamaya kosha, third is the emotional body, the colored aura, (BHavanamay Kosha) it is also called astral body. Fourth is the mental body (Manomaya Kosha) the thought body where your thoughts are seen. Fifth is the causal body, karana deha. Sixth is the cosmic body from where comes ‘Aham Brahmasmi, tattwam asi’, this comes from the experience of the causal body and the seventh one is the nirvanic body, the total dissolution from where you don’t have to come back. Nirvana – no desire. It means there is no coming back. You don’t need the physical body, there is total dissolution and that is ascension.

Let us understand where the trouble in ascension is. Our three bodies, the emotional, mental, and causal bodies are highly polluted. They are polluted not only because of our actions. They are polluted because there is lot of thought pollution, emotional pollution in the environment. For eg when you are traveling by train you are feeling absolutely fresh but the thought pollution and emotional pollution is there in the train, you will pick up that and by the time you reach your office you are polluted, you are irritated. You are picking up this negativity and you remain under the effect of karma. So your causal, mental and emotional body needs to be cleaned by removing all the negativity, the karmic debris, the thought emotional energy debris from these three bodies. That is a big job and there is lot of work to be done.

How do we do it? It is very simple. Do lot of Nirmal Kriya. So your Prana Shakti will get awakened, do it with gratitude so that you are ready to awaken your Anahata. If you don’t practice gratitude your energy will not move from Manipura to Anahata. That is why gratitude is absolutely a must. With that do meditation and you settle in a state of non thinking. You must get into pure silence with total awareness. That is meditation. Your mind should not chatter. There should be no thoughts and you must keep the mind absolutely quiet. That is meditation. In that meditation you are cleaning your emotional and mental body. Thoughts and emotions become quiet which means your third body and the fourth body cleansing will happen. If you do it for sufficiently longer period as daily sadhana practice on a regular basis increasing your time then you will not be unnecessarily excited emotionally in your day to day life. Your mind will not chatter unnecessarily. If you keep quiet, you sit silently. If you have to talk you have to use your mind and that is perfectly fine. That is called total mind control. You become the Master of your mind. If you want to use the mind, use the mind properly or tell your mind to shut up. Your mind should not chatter. That is called mastery of the mind. Then your mental body gets cleansed.

So your emotional body gets cleaned first, no hatred, and no jealously, no competition. You see Shiva in everyone. Your emotional body becomes quiet. You are meditating so your mind becomes quiet. Now you are ready for karmakshalan. Karmic debris are still there. Your causal body is not illuminated. Then you do karmakshalan. It is a proper methodology and you all have gone through it and you understand it. People who have not undergone this karmakshalan vidhi will not even understand these things. World at large does not know how to come out of karmic effects. They don’t understand what karmakshalan vidhi is. No Master is giving this. Nobody knows about it. It is just the grace of Babaji that we got this methodology. Not many people know about it. When you do karmakshalan your causal body becomes clean and fully illuminated. That is the way to build your Divya deha.

Your causal body starts getting illuminated. If there is karmic debris there is a black patch. If that karma is deleted it becomes illuminated. When your full causal body gets illuminated you are into Divya deha. It means your ascension has happened. Emotional, mental and causal body is clean. So you are fully illuminated. That illuminated person has already ascended because there are no karmas and you are not in the effect of karmic cycle of birth and death. You have gone out of that and you have ascended. Ascended person will not necessarily disappear. That is a rare kind of ascension. Ascended person will do his job and live life like a Jeevan Mukta. Keep doing your job, help humanity, have healthy relationship everywhere, no hatred, no jealousy, no competition. Even if people misunderstand have compassion, explain the same thing many times, and remove their misunderstandings because they are under the effect of karma. Their pragya (intelligence) is not developed so from that level they will definitely misunderstand, it is expected. Buddhas are compassionate, repeatedly going back, making people understand and slowly lifting them. That is the job of a Buddha, making people understand that only meditation is not enough, understanding, awareness development is wanted. Ascension will happen. We need to do these things because from December 2012 onwards as earth moves towards the photon belt, vibrancy of the planet earth will go up and you have no choice. Ascension is mandatory, don’t think that you may or may not. This whole thing may continue up to 2028 and beyond. Whole humanity will have chance to ascend enmass because the entire planet earth, including our solar system is coming to the fifth dimensional space. The movement of our solar system in the space is not just circular but spiral that opens up as it moves upwards and we are coming to a level where the whole solar system will enter the fifth dimension.

Let us understand what this fifth dimension is. Right now we are in third dimension where time and space are fundamental and even though they are relative we consider it as real. The time is real for us. Space is three dimensional. Movement in space takes time that is the fundamental of third dimension. That is the Einstein’s theory of relativity. From the “Kriya-Kundalini Yoga” point of view, if the Muladhara, Swadisthan and Manipura chakras are open you are in third dimension. When your energy moves from Manipura to Anahata and Vishuddhi you are in the fourth dimension. When you move to Agnya you are in the fifth dimension. Before you can ascend your Anahata has to be opened. It means that the Babaji’s teachings of “Unconditional love, unconditional forgiveness” are the most important aspects and great lessons to be learnt. Only then your energy moves to Anahata. You have to learn to operate from Anahata only then ascension is possible, not otherwise.

When the entire humanity starts working from Anahata the negativity will go. All the negativity is in the below three chakras. Insecurity of basic needs is in Mooladhara. Hatred, Jealousy etc. is in Swadisthan. Ego, competition, ambition are in Manipura. Whole humanity is stuck with basic three chakras. If everybody starts operating from Anahata there will be only love, forgiveness, no competition, only harmony which means negativity can go away from the planet earth. So your emotional body will become clean naturally. If there is no hatred, competition, jealousy, anger, fear what will happen? What if it is not there in the environment also? Your emotional and mental body will become clean and with your wish to let go of your karmic cycle of birth and death, with understanding… you are out! So the ascension will become that easy. As we go beyond 2020 by 2028 almost everybody will ascend. Many ascended Masters will be able to go to the fifth dimension and those who are fully aware will also have the capacity to come back to the third dimension, work and help others and take them to fifth dimension. They will become the guides for third dimension. Our job at TAO is to create thousands of such guides who will go to fifth dimension and are capable of coming back to third dimension, helping others and taking them to the fifth dimension. You need Masters. But before we can do that our emotional and mental and causal body cleansing has to be done.

We have to develop understanding and awareness and settle into that state. As the earth moves into the photon belt and the vibrancy rises you have to remain conscious. You should not become unconscious because of the high energy photon belt. If you remain conscious then the ascension has already happened. Your physical body may or may not remain; it may get transcended in a new Divya deha. But you will have that capacity that with awareness you come back to the third dimension and manifest your physical body as you want. You can work and again disappear. Mahavatar Babaji comes, manifests the physical body, gives the knowledge and disappears. I did not create this Nirmal kriya; he came and gave me in Divya deha. The first time he appeared to me he was in Nirman kaya (body fabricated with yogashakti, for temporary purpose). He can come, appear, talk, give knowledge, give message and disappear.

So it is possible to go from one dimension to other dimension. That is ascension. There are many Ascended Masters and there is huge cosmic game plan and the great Masters are helping us to ascend. There is tremendous movement there. Lots of preparations are happening. As we are moving towards 2012, as we are moving towards the fifth dimensional star called Sirius, we will have a new system which we cannot even imagine. It will be two or more suns system. We are only one sun system now. As we move, we may have two suns or more and we can’t imagine because we are too much accustomed to this. But when the entire solar system is getting into new dimension those who are aware will go out of the clutches of karma with the right understanding, instantly. But you must be willing to understand. But if your understanding is not developed, the one who is not willing to understand, who is not willing to learn… these people will remain and even if the planet earth does not exist in the three dimensions as it is, we can’t imagine what will be there, these people will still remain in the karmic circle. They may be on this earth or they may be on some other three dimensional earth.

The Masters have mentioned that everybody will not understand. There are some people who are simply not willing to understand, attitude of learning is missing, and are not willing to put any effort for higher learning. Those people will remain under the karmic effect. Those who are clean, whose astral body, mental body, causal body are relatively clean with simple understanding and awareness development they will suddenly get into the illuminated body with simple practices like karmakshalan vidhi. It is the grace of our Masters, what we call Mahavatar energy. Mahavatar energy is functioning in a very big way on the planet earth now. It is guiding humanity for ascension. There are many energies like we call Krishna as the energy of Purna avatar. We say Purna avatar when we speak of Krishna as a person, but when we speak of Krishna as a consciousness or Christ as a consciousness we call it as Krishna consciousness or Christ consciousness or Buddha consciousness, They are Purna avatars. Complete perfected enlightened beings. They have done their job on the planet earth.

Now one step higher than that is the energy of Mahavatar energy. What has happened so far is the work of Purna avatar. What is happening now is the work of Mahavatar. What is Mahavatar? When the source level energy comes down and starts guiding humanity and that guidance is not necessarily in the human form. The guidance may come in the form of intuition to you for your personal growth. The guidance may come as astral travel, out of body experience, the guidance may come to you as the channeled message or the guidance may come to you from an enlightened Master. Enlightened Masters can pick up the Mahavatar energy directly and it is available to thousands of people. I have met people who have discussed with me that they have received messages from Mahavatar Babaji. There are lots of people who have learnt different kriyas from Mahavatar Babaji. It is the energy which is working and guiding thousands of people on the planet earth. If you are keen, if you are honest, if you are available, if your intentions of helping humanity is genuine you can become part of that energy instantly. It is so much available. Your emotional, mental and causal body has to be clean so that you can attract the grace of the Masters, you can connect to that Mahavatar energy directly and that Mahavatar energy is guiding all of us.

There is one more subtle aspect to this. Yukteshwar Giri, Master of Swami Yogananda is an ascended Master and he is working from Hiranya loka. Loka is a particular frequency locale in scientific terminology. We are in Bhuloka, it is also known as mrityu loka because whosoever is born will die. Bhuloka is not the loka of immortality. Fifth dimension is immortal. So those who transcend and go to fifth dimension they become immortal. Hanumanji, Markendaya Rishi, Aswathama, Kripacharya are all ascended Masters. They were in third dimension but with their capacity they went to fifth dimension and they have become immortal. So immortality is not in the third dimension, it is in the fifth dimension. Those who transcend and go to fifth dimension they become immortal. They can appear, do the job and disappear. This is mrityu loka, the body is bound to die. But they manifest their body like Hanumanji can manifest the original body, do the job, appear and disappear. There are people who have met Hanumanji, Aswathama, kripacharya and Mahavatar Babaji in different bodies as he manifests different bodies. He can come in any body, give you the message, guide you and disappear. That is the quality of fifth dimension. If your consciousness has gone to fifth dimension you get that quality.

So this is Bhuloka. Bhuloka is the earth dimension. Bhuvarloka is the lower astral. Higher astral is called swargaloka. Higher than that is called Hiranya loka which is fifth dimension. There the karmic effect is completely gone. In swarga you enjoy the fruits of your karma, but this upper astral is part of the karmic cycle, when you complete that you go to Hiranya loka. The word hiran is used because Hiran means golden, there the light is golden and eternal and there is no day and night and it is eternally lit, immortal beings are there. That is the fifth dimension. There you have to complete your astral karmic work and from there you go to the causal loka, Mahar loka. Mahar loka is more like Hiranya loka. If you do more penance you start going to higher lokas that is jana, tapo and satya loka. Beyond that is the akshar loka, nirakshar and mahashunya or mahasurya or paramdham loka. Paramdham means from where you cannot come back. This is how the process of ascension happens. You go into subtler worlds and then completely disappear, merge into the existence. That is the process of ascension.

Then what about the Akashik records? They are there in all the akashas. All the akashas need to be cleaned so that the records get deleted. When your files are deleted completely it is called ascension. This is the right understanding of ascension and Akashik records. For a common man it boils down to coming out of competitiveness, hatred, jealousy and negative emotions. It means coming out of negativity. That is the first fundamental. Emotional negativity, mental negativity, causal negativity, one has to come out of all these and move into unconditional love, purity of mind, moral character, right behavior, right talking, right thinking and then non thinking, complete silence. There should be no chattering mind. That is the way to prepare your self. Simultaneously you have to do lot of meditation so that you can understand. Develop your understanding and awareness and ascension will happen. That is the entire science of ascension and Akashik records.

Thank You!


First Let us understand what ascension is. Ascension means to go to
high frequency realms where you are not affected by your karma. In
those high frequency realms you are not part of the cause and effect law of
nature. Those who drop out from the wheel of birth and death, those who drop out
from the karmic effect of the natural law of cause and effect, such people are
known as Ascended Masters.

Ascension means to go beyond the circle of birth and death. There are two types
of ascensions. One is the etheric ascension, the person physically disappears
into the high frequency realms and the best example is Tukaram. The second type
of ascension is called spiritual ascension where in the physical body you live
like a Jeevan Mukta and lot of work can be done on the planet earth. This is a
far more important aspect of ascension. All Jeevan Muktas are Ascended Masters.
They are in physical body but they are ascended. They are no more part of the
karmic effect. What we are discussing in this series is total technology of
ascension. How everybody can come to a level where you can drop out from the
circle of birth and death. If you can come out of the karmic effect you can come
out of the karmic bondage. This is what we are discussing.

In this context we have to understand akashik records. Clairvoyants are able to
see various subtle bodies around the physical body. More than 100 years back a
great team of spiritual Masters came together under the banner of theosophical
society. Madame Blavatsky, C W Leadbeater, Annie Besant, they were all great
clairvoyants and all of them were capable of seeing the subtle bodies. Around
the physical body there is etheric body called aura that is the second body.
Around that there is colored aura called astral body. That is the third body
also known as emotional body. All our emotions reflect as particular color in
astral body, astral aura or colored aura. Around that there is fourth body
called mental body where all our thoughts are seen. The thoughts have form,
texture and color and they can be seen in the mental body. The fifth body is the
causal body, karana deha. Causal body has all your karmic files, all your karmic
records, not only of this birth but the karmic records of all your previous
births. All these things are there in the causal body and all the clairvoyants
are able to see your karmas in your causal body. Beyond that when you drop out
from these things there are two more bodies called cosmic body where the
expansions are felt. That is the body from where the yogi utters Aham Brahmasmi,
I am the Brahman, I am the cosmos. Tattvam asi, you are also that; that is
cosmic body. Where the total dissolution happens, there is no coming back that
is called nirvanic body. Nirvana means "no desire". When you are left with no
desire whatsoever, you are in the nirvanic body, where other bodies are totally
clean and there are no further desires. After the death that divine spark
because it has no desires, there is no body required and it is gone forever,
ascended. That is the meaning of ascension, there is no coming back on the
planet earth.

Clairvoyants had always been able to see these things and now that the
technology and science is developing with modern kirlan cameras, aura chakra
scanning, PIP photography they are able to see the second body, the pranamaya
kosha, the third body called astral body or emotional body where you see the
aura they are able to capture in the camera. They are able to see the chakras
also. They are not seen but are simulated in a way which is quite closer to how
the clairvoyants would see the chakras. So the technology has been developed to
this level already and it is becoming quite popular. In next level of technology
with cameras you will be able to see the mental body and causal body. The
scientist will very soon develop this technology where you will be able to see
the karmas and get the karmic records printed, you will get hard copy. Like the
horoscope you have aurosope, seeing your aura colors they give you the printouts
regarding various aspects of your life. Similarly you may have karmascope which
will give you details of karmic effects you are suffering from etc, if the
technology develops to that level. So the clairvoyants have always been able to
see and these people have helped the scientist to develop the technology. The
scientists are now developing new sensors where they are able to capture very
fine frequency vibrations. That is what these subtle bodies are. The higher up
you go, it becomes subtler. If you can capture that subtle, computers can
reproduce on the screen. That is what technology is all about. So technology is
becoming more and more subtle. So you are able to capture subtler things. That
is one aspect.

Where are these bodies? For this we need to understand a concept. In the
physical space there are lots of subtle spaces. Each body is in that particular
corresponding space. This space is not ordinary space. Time space dimension is
the physical space. In the physical space there are subtle spaces known as
sukshma akasha. So when you see the aura, in which layer of akasha do you see
the aura? Prana akasha. There is Prana but why everybody is not able to see? But
In this institute (TAO) there are more than 1200 clairvoyants. Probably this is
the world's biggest group of clairvoyant ever on the planet earth. So you can
see the pranamaya kosha. There is a special space in which you can see.
Everybody does not see. It is very easy to see. It is very close. It is almost
physical. In fact in Indian scriptures anamaya kosha and pranamaya kosha are
considered together. J. Krishnamurthy talked about aura as heat of the physical
body and it is very true.

In which space do you see colored aura? There is a space in the space. In side
the physical space there is subtle space that is astral space. In the astral
space you see colored aura. If you develop the subtlety to go to the astral
space then you can see the colored aura. In aura workshop everybody is not able
to see the colored aura immediately. It takes quite some time because your
ability to see has to increase. It has to become more subtle. Only when you come
to that level you capture the colored aura otherwise you will not be able to
capture. So there is a space inside the space, you have to capture that. Your
eyes have to develop the capacity to see the subtle and this is the
physiological process. With your two eyes you see.

There is one more space which is called mental space where your thoughts are
hovering right now. If you can detach yourself and be a witness, sakshi; you can
see your thoughts. Those thoughts are in your mental space, chitta akash and the
clairvoyants can see directly. Thoughts are seen around the physical body, in
the mental space. Every thought that you have has its own form, texture, color
and till the time it moves, the thought movements can also be seen by the
clairvoyants. That is why mind reading becomes possible. We have developed the
habit of manifesting in this world twice. First you manifest in your mental
space, then you work hard on that, put lot of efforts and you manifest that in
the physical space for example, architects visualize the building in the mental
space first. Then he starts working on it and puts in onto the paper, then the
builder starts building according to the plan and the building comes up in the
physical space. Everything in this world is created that way only. So, first you
create in your mental space, put lot of efforts, and then you create in the
physical space. This is a known phenomenon of manifestation. It is because of
this that the creative visualization became very popular in the new age because
that is the way you can manifest. So as a manifestation technique, creative
visualization became popular world over and even today it is a very popular
thing. Whatever you want you create in the mental space, then you put lot of
efforts and then it gets created into the physical space that is the process of
manifestation. It is called chitta akash, mental space.

Beyond that there is karana deha, causal body. In that space all the karmic
files are there, they are in the causal-aura. The causal body is much bigger
about 8 feet around your body and in that causal body you see the karmas, karmic
files, karmabij. All karmic records are there in that body. To understand this
causal body concept there is a beautiful story in our scriptures. It will make
lot of sense now where we are talking of different spaces. There is concept of
Chitragupt in our puranas. In the story format they say that when a person dies
he appears in front of God, after death. God has his accountant who keeps all
your records and that accountant's name is Chitragupt. A Chartered Accountant
will understand what trouble that guy must be having, how much stress and
tension he may be facing. There are millions of people and each and everything
that you do including what you do in the bathroom, the records are kept by
Chitragupt. Just think what staff he must be having, how big his office must be
and what must be his tension. So many people die and every time the file has to
be produced but it is said this process is going on for last thousands of year
in a very meticulous manner. Chitragupt has never failed even a single time.

All the records are maintained in a very proper manner and based on those
records you go to different realms called swarg (heaven) or narak (hell). But
there is nothing like that. They are all different frequency realms. If you have
done good karmas you go to higher realms called heaven, if you have done bad
karmas you go to lower realms called narak that is hell. There is nothing like
hell. It is a lower frequency realm. Who is this Chitragupt who keeps the

There is a scientific understanding of this story. Whatever we do is captured by
our own self that is consciousness and the memory of that remains in our
consciousness in the form of images. Let's make this simpler. In modern
scientific way you keep huge records like NASA maintains huge scientific records
in what is known as microfilming. So also our consciousness has small pictures,
there is a microfilm and those pictures remain in our consciousness that is
called chid akash and that memory is called chid akash memory. Mental space is
called chitta akash, consciousness space is called chid akash smruti which means
your consciousness has its own memory and that memory follows the law of
microfilming, so every time you do something your karmic file picture is been
taken and that picture remains in the consciousness. There is no hard copy,
there is soft copy only. Now a days even ordinary offices do not have hard

So all the soft copies are there in your chid akash, your consciousness and that
memory is there in the form of microfilm that is why this word Chitrgupt has
come, chitra means picture and gupt means hidden and it is hidden in your
consciousness. They are hidden pictures, hidden at the level of consciousness.
Chid akash smruti means your consciousness has its own memory. The hard memory
does not go to higher realms, it goes away when the body is burnt. Whatever
experiences are there, those files are zipped at the end moment when the person
dies and those zipped files get into the software bundle called sukshma deha,
the subtle body. The physical and pranic bodies are here only, the pranic body
dissipates in 13 days, goes back to the Sun. Astral, mental and causal, (the
upper two bodies you need not consider), the three bodies is your sukshma deha,
where all your zipped files are there. Depending on the frequency of this bundle
called sukshma deha you will go to the particular realm in the astral world.
This process has been described by the scriptures as the Jiva going to swarg or
narak. In the story format this technology has been explained by our puranas for
a common man to understand.

There is a proper technology if you understand how this bundle goes to the
subtle lokas and those lokas are the different frequency locales. What we call
lokas in scientific terminology it is known as different frequency locales and
that is how we have to understand. There are different realms or bands of
frequency. Depending on the vibrancy frequency of the bundle, sukshma deha, the
subtle body will go to that particular band that is the natural law. There is no
person called Chitragupt. It is just a natural law. Your own self has the memory
and your own self, based on the quality of that bundle will get attracted to a
particular band based on the principle of "like attracts like". There is no God
and there is no Chitragupt. It is only you, the consciousness who decide. Your
awareness is the God and your Chid akash smruti is the Chitragupt. Both are in
you only. There is no God and no Chitragupt sitting up there and there is no up
and down. It is only different frequency locales where you get into. That is the
technology which you have to understand in a proper manner. So there are various
akashas and in these subtle akashas, subtle frequency aspects of the
consciousness are there. This is the good background now to understand the word
akashic records.

Akashic records are the zipped files in the causal body. Your causal body is
eternal. Ever since the divine fragment separated from divinity and developed
ego is called Jivatma, from that point until you once again merge with the God,
everything of that is available in your causal body. Those records are known as
akashic records. Many people think that akashic records are somewhere up there
in the sky. That is myth created by the words. Akashic records are in the subtle
space, that particular frequency space which we call causal body. All the
records are there and clairvoyants can read them straight and then you wonder
how he knows about you. He is reading your akashic records. Let me explain this
in a simpler way. There is a big file. All your karmas and everything are there
so you can just go through the file and read. There is something called sanchita
karma which is like a bank balance of all that you have done so far. Out of that
something pops up and it starts bothering you or you enjoy if it is a good
karma. That karma which is presently bothering you or you are enjoying is called
prarabdha. That prarabdha is there because you have done something and
accordingly you get fruits of it.

Entire humanity has got caught up in this law of karma. Anybody who goes beyond
this law is called Ascended Master. That is what ascension is all about.
Ascension means to go beyond the effects of law of karma. Then the question that
arises is how we got into this law. The root cause of all the troubles, the
cause behind the cause is in the causal body. Ultimately everything can be
traced down to the karmas. Because you did certain karma, now it has become
prarabdha karma so you have to suffer and you can do nothing when you are
suffering. Life is going beautifully, everything is going very well and suddenly
one karma from the sanchita pops up in prarabdha, you feel little uneasy and you
go to the Doctor and the Doctor asks you to go to hospital for complete check up
and after doing all the checks cancer is detected. With that report the whole
life changes. It was there in the zipped format but now it started manifesting
in the physical body. The cancer was all along there in the causal body, only
when it comes into prarabdha it reflects into the physical body. Similarly all
the karmas are there and are carried by us and wherever we go all the subtle
bodies are there with us all the time. That is what clairvoyants are able to
see. Manifesting aspect happens because of the prarabdha and that is why Indian
astrology has become so precise. At what time which prarabdha will bother you
and in which way, this can be predicted because your stars will decide. Which
sanchita karma will become prarabdha and what kind of fruits you will get is
predictable because those fruits will be decided by the dashas and antar-dashas
of the planets and that is how prarabdha gives you the fruits. It is beautiful
technology available to those who understand.

It is a science of possibilities because there are probabilities. Nobody can say
that it is 100% true. This is so because your awareness has the capacity to
change that, as the time for ascension is fast approaching since the planet
earth is getting ready for ascension. We have high frequency vibrations on the
planet earth now, so if you put little more efforts from your side and if you
understand the technology of ascension, ascension has become very easy and mass
ascension has become possible. The vibratory frequency of the planet earth as it
is going closer to the photon belt is going higher and higher, all of us can go
out of the clutches of karma and all of us can ascend together. It means that we
can drop out of the clutches of karma.

For the Ascended Master all the karmabij - that is the seeds of the karmas - are
roasted. They are roasted in dhyanagni and gyanagni. Dhyanagni means fire of
meditation and gyanagni means the fire of awakening, the fire of awareness and
not informative knowledge. The roasted seeds when they are planted they will not
germinate. That is the way to ascend as all your sanchita karmas will be roasted
and nothing can germinate which means you go out of the clutches of karma. If
there is nothing in sanchita nothing can pop up and bother you. So with this
technology you can go out of the effect of law of karma. If you do so you are
called Ascended Master. All the ascended Masters have gone out of the effect of
law of karma.

So the akashic records are in the subtle akash. There are many layers and you
are a multi dimensional being. Your physical body exists in physical akasha,
your pranamaya kosha is existing in prana akash, emotional body exists in astral
akasha, mental body exists in mental akash, and causal body exists in karana
akash. So there is subtlety of the space, akashic sukshmata. The space becomes
subtler and subtler and we exist in all simultaneously. So we are not one
dimensional beings, we are multi dimensional being, every body is a multi
dimensional being. So when a person dies only the physical body is gone, other
bodies are there and that is the software which gets a new hardware. That is how
we are caught up into the karmic cycle of birth and death.

Ascension means to break away from this habit, to roast all the seeds of karma
which is there in the kitty of sanchita and come out clean so that nothing can
germinate. Then there is nothing left and when there is nothing left there are
no compulsions for you to come again which means your ascension has happened.
That is the technology of ascension and that is how it is connected to the
akashic records.

Monday, April 26, 2010

21 Points Teachings of Prem Nirmal

21 Points Teachings of Prem Nirmal:

1) Practice ‘Householder’s Spirituality’: (Grihasthion ka Adhyatma). Be wherever you are and lead a normal “Grihasthi” life. Do your normal duty with responsibility, as a family member, employee or Businessman...No renunciation! No escapism in name of Sanyas!! Only life positive approach!!!

2) Learn to live life purposefully! Consciously clean your life by removing the “clutter” and “conflicts” from every aspect of your life. Set your things right to spare some time for yourself. Know your Life Mission and work passionately through every action to fulfill your Life Mission.

3) Be simple, be humble and cultivate “Attitude of Learning”. Learn at every possible opportunity. Prepare “Things to do List” and prioritize daily morning. See how they are aligned to your Life Mission. Through out the day keep your awareness on your mission fulfillment so that at the end of the day you feel really happy.

4) Consciously imbibe and practice the qualities such as Friendliness, Assertiveness, Positive Attitudes, Courage and Unconditional Love and Forgiveness to all.

5) Be vegetarian. Eat only when hungry and as per the needs of body. Once in a while give rest to your digestive system! Come out of your addictions, if any, at once.

6) Become aware of your “Emotional Luggage”. Practice “Nirmal Kriya” followed by Meditation and be completely out of it.

7) Spare some time to look deeply into your “Childhood Conditionings”. Write down whatever flashes in your mind. Meditate to “SEE” if your behavior is governed by those “Childhood Conditionings” which do not exist today. Once in a while, enjoy solitude to look deep within. Watch every aspect of your thoughts and desires to understand your mind. Let your “Insights” guide you to change your “Behavior”. While in samsara, enjoy your normal routine with higher “Awareness” free of all past conditionings!

8) Look at your “Relationships” in an objective manner. If you still have any relationship that is bothering you, practice “Appreciation”, “Gratitude”, and “Unconditional Love and Forgiveness” and start enjoying life to the fullest! Learn to relate with people without any expectations, to live life conflicts free.

9) Reduce your dependency on allopathic medicines. Learn to heal your self with Kriya and Meditation, by increasing your cellular vibrancy.

10) Have thorough understanding of Law of karma. (As you sow, so you reap). Practice “Karma-kshalan Kriya” in water and by side of fire, as much as possible to come out of the clutches of past karmas completely.

11) Be regular in your sadhana of Holistic Health Exercises, Kriya & Meditation, to shade off your karmic load faster!

12) Be with nature, in silence, as much as possible. Enjoy Satsang and Group Full Moon Meditations in pure natural surroundings.

13) Strike the balance between material & Spiritual…Live in Abundance - consciousness with your being rooted in Meditative Awareness. Be an “Enlightened Billionaire” like King Janak!!

14) To enjoy your life to the fullest, learn to consciously bring about the changes in your life, the way you want, through contemplation and meditation. Have the spirit of enquiry. Listen to all concerned but take decisions of your life only as per your inner voice. Do not be a part of “Spiritual Slavery”. Walk the path of “Scientific Spirituality” and be a light unto yourself!

15) Live your life – Moment to Moment – with Joy, Enthusiasm, Love and Gratitude for Existence. Carry the Silence with you in whatever you do and let every act be in awareness, to be in the natural flow of cosmic rhythm.

16) Read good books / Scriptures, listen to the words of wise ones, attend satsang to be with living Masters and get wisdom.

17) Practice watching your breath and witnessing the flow of thoughts daily as much as possible. Become aware of number of thoughts per minute. Also become aware, how witnessing reduces number of thoughts per minute. Go deeper…and enjoy silence!

18) Walk the path to Enlightenment by witnessing your thoughts. Get rooted into the gap so intensely that you dive deep into silence to disappear completely! Fulfill the purpose of your life in this very lifetime!!!

19) With daily practice, strengthen your wings of “Awareness” and “Understanding” through Meditation, right reading and being with Spiritual Masters.

20) Appreciate all, criticize none. Walk your own path… be a Jivan Mukta!

21) Live your life with Love, Appreciation, Surrender and Gratitude and live in freedom, be a Jivan Mukta!

What is Awareness?


Awareness is a state which emanates from the divine part within us. It is the perception of the now, of the present moment in all of its reality. In a state of awareness, we are not necessarily thinking - we are just being there, doing what we are doing, walking, working, talking etc. Experiencing and perceiving everything with clarity and objectivity.

When we are aware we are simply in the moment, using all our senses, perceiving everything that is around us and within us. Time seems to stand still. We start to experience happiness and awaken our true intelligence because we feed our divine aspect, our consciousness, that which we generally completely neglect.


We may think we are aware, how could we not be...? What we do not realize is that our awareness is only a fraction of what it could be and, although a natural state, it takes will and effort to remain in awareness, in a state of perception.

Imagine a simple thing like walking home from work. Which would be the most typical scenario for us:

a) Walking, being aware of ourselves within our environment - that may encompass other people, trees, cars, buildings, sounds, smells etc. etc.


b) Walking home in a hurry, thinking about what we are going to cook for dinner or how unfair our boss or colleague was at work today, etc. Totally unaware of what is around us.

It is most likely for us to be in scenario ‘b'. This is the way we have learned to behave. We normally know little or nothing else. The majority of us are lost in thoughts and would not know what is happening around us, unless we suddenly heard a loud sound or came across a dangerous situation.

Our moments of awareness come and go randomly and, when we are aware, we are still only half so because we are not experiencing the full potential of Awareness.


Most people have at some time in their lives experienced briefly a measure of their potential. During a moment of peace and tranquility, perhaps while in the wilderness people can experience sensations of peace with the environment - with the world. Walking in the woods, enjoying the play of sun rays falling on the blades of grass dancing with the wind! And the Awareness is activated and you enjoy the bliss of the moment! But if your mind is active, these times, instead of “being”, the “exception” can become our normal state!

Athletes have exercised their bodies so that they are more developed than those who don't. So too we need to exercise our awareness to make it stronger. A muscle not used wastes away - it is the same with awareness. The more we use our awareness the greater our capacity to use it grows.

This is not all however. We also need to get rid of all the negative states we have within to truly open up our awareness. It is these negative emotions and thoughts that cloud our awareness and make us almost asleep during our waking moments. Observing within we can see all these states and can understand and gradually eliminate them. This increases the amount of consciousness that we have while at the same time decreases the subconscious. This brings about a lasting increase in our level of awareness.

A person with full awareness is a person who is leading a very spiritual life and has none of this anger, jealousy, fear, hate etc in their lives. They are not distracted by those random thoughts which just seem to come upon us without purpose; they have mental and emotional discipline.


We activate the divine part within us, our consciousness; this provides the basis for spiritual and psychic growth and development.

Latent faculties within such as clairvoyance, telepathy, intuition, ESP etc, have a chance to be activated.

True intelligence is awakened.

We conserve our energy.

Directing the awareness within at the same time as we perceive the external world, we can observe thoughts, emotions and feelings; this enables us to achieve self-knowledge and to change.

We can practice self-observation without being quickly re-absorbed into the mind.

We can be in the correct inner state for any event or situation that we go through.

Our sense of Awareness gives us a connection with other people - with the world. If we feel that connection with the environment then we would not pollute it.

If we all had that union with other people we would not start fights or wars. Anyone who is seeking a more spiritual life needs to become more aware.


Look at the place that you are in, use your five senses to perceive it, then at the same time look inside at thoughts, feelings or emotions, you will notice that these change the perception of reality which you perceive with your five senses, they color it or even make it disappear.

Now observing these within, come back to the observation of the place you are in. You need to do this with everything that appears within, again and again, so that you perceive where you are clearly, without that perception being altered by thoughts, emotions or feelings. Learn how to watch inwardly and outwardly at the same time.

You can do this with any activity during the day, try it when for example you are punching the keys on your computer, you will notice how it takes an effort to be aware of what you are doing and how little time is spent actually being aware in the normal course of a day.

To increase this properly and ultimately unite the consciousness with the Divine, producing bliss, you will need to do further practices which are explained during Awareness development Program.

Author of this article, Prem Nirmal regularly conducts “Awareness Development Program” for those who are interested in self growth and self mastery. Prem says, “Awareness is the ultimate key to unfold the secrets of your conscious Self, the deepest recesses of your being and let you know, who you are!” Awareness activation is the ultimate adventure you can take up to explore your Self. The process lets you understand your unconscious habit and behavioral patterns and relieves you from such patterns to know your real Self.

To know the author of this article, visit www.premnirmal.com
Are you interested in more such Articles and Inputs? Visit www.eesworld.org

For those of you who are interested in academic aspects and scientific research, here are the additional inputs.

Wikipedia definition of Awareness:

Awareness is the state or ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects or sensory patterns. In this level of consciousness, sense data can be confirmed by an observer without necessarily implying understanding. More broadly, it is the state or quality of being aware of something. In biological psychology, awareness is defined as a human's or an animal's perception and cognitive reaction to a condition or event.

Awareness is a relative concept. An animal may be partially aware, may be subconsciously aware, or may be acutely aware of an event. Awareness may be focused on an internal state, such as a visceral feeling, or on external events by way of sensory perception. Awareness provides the raw material from which animals develop qualia*, or subjective ideas about their experience.

Also used to distinguish sensory perception is the word "awarement." "Awarement" is the established form of awareness. Once one has accomplished their sense of awareness they have come to terms with awarement.

Popular ideas about consciousness suggest the phenomenon describes a condition of being aware of one's awareness or, self-awareness. Efforts to describe consciousness in neurological terms have focused on describing networks in the brain that develop awareness of the qualia* developed by other networks.

*Qualia mean subjective quality of conscious experience.

Meditate so deeply that you disappear completely!!!