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Naadi Shashtra

Q / A with Guruji on Naadi Shashtra – Part: 1

RGBS: Guruji, would you please share your experience and research about Naadi shashtra…

Guruji: I came to know about palm leaf naadi reading from a great Advaita master – Ramesh Balsekar when I attended his talks at Sindhula, Mumbai. In three talks, he fully convinced me that everybody around is psychologically programmed biological robot! Everything is as per destiny – and that destiny is written on a palm leaf. It is a hard copy of your destiny, written in old Tamil language, even if you can’t read it; you have to believe it… It was a great challenge to my scientific temperament. I found a naadi reader in Pune at that time and gave my right thumb impression on a paper. He told me that he will find out the right leaf for me and read out my destiny. I was thrilled and followed up with him but he could not get my palm leaf patti for next five years.

We happened to roam around in Himalayas extensively in 2003 and stayed in many ashrams there. In 2004 we went for 1st Kailash Mansarover Yatra with a small group of people from Tao. After we returned back, I got message from him that he had found my palm leaf patti and he gave me a date for reading it.

After few formalities of checking and cross-checking, the first sentence he made that, “You had been to a great Yatra of a Shiva-sthali with your family” and that’s why this yog of reading your naadi has come to you at this time.” The opening sentence was absolutely right! We had just completed Kailash Yatra and Kailash is the Shiva-sthali he talked about. After that he read out many incidences, names of people, situations etc. and many such things about future. Everything was recorded and transcribed for future readings. Many things have come true while few things had not been as per the reading. It is 80-20. 80% true, 20% false.

Overall, my scientific mind got tremendously attracted to this Vidya. How did he find my palm leaf patti from my Thumb print? How he could tell so accurately about names of my father, mother, wife and child?

We decided to do research on this and found another person Mr Oak from Pune who had retired from Govt. service and doing full fledge research on naadi. We invited him to give talks at Tao and we also visited him at Pune. Purchased his books on such research and discussed a lot about various Naadies. After this I visited various naadi-shashtries and came to know about various naadies such as Bhrigu Naadi, Agastya Naadi, Vashishta Naadi, Kashyap Naadi, Kakbhusundi Naadi, Saptarshi Naadi, Shiva Naadi etc. I got my reading from many of these naadies and there was great variation in all readings. The range of truthfulness was varying from 30% to 80%. During these days, we came across a great man, Kantilal Pandya at Mumbai who was a shadow reader (Chhaya-Shashtri). It is also a kind of Naadi reading. He was far more accurate compared to all others and his solutions to real life issues were very effective. While doing my post graduate learning in Counselling, I also recognized that he was a great counsellor too! I was highly impressed by this Vidya and wanted to learn it. (Read more details of this incidence in my blog on Nirmal Naadi.)

I took about 200 people to various Naadi shashtries to understand this Vidya in detail and to find the science behind it. I started asking people about the efficiency of various Poojas suggested by various Naadi Shashtries and how it helped to improve their life. I started noting down the effects and major changes people talked about. Over all it had been an exciting research that has changed my understanding of life in a big way! All this understanding and further research through direct downloading of knowledge, we have got this new naadi … now popularly known as “Nirmal Naadi”.

Read more about Nirmal Naadi here…

Om svastir bhavatu…

Q / A with Guruji on Naadi Shashtra – Part: 2

RGBS: Guruji, is there any danger of knowing destiny in advance? Would you like to share any precautionary measures?

Guruji: Rishis were/are highly compassionate human beings. All the help available from Naadi is always auspicious and for betterment of human beings.

But human errors are unavoidable. e.g. Misinterpretation of naadi can happen because of naadi reader not having experience and expertize in decoding the old Tamil script or disability to connect to this knowledge to modern situations and the person concerned. A naadi reader also has to be a good counsellor. I have seen people taking naadi reading too seriously and have damaged themselves because of various reasons. Let us look into all such reasons, so that we can avoid any such danger in future…

1)     Negative strokes: Your naadi reading will have positive as well as negative aspects of your life, which is unavoidable. Some people are very sensitive to negative and focus on negative and take it so seriously that they program their mind with those negative sentences only and actually suffer with low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. I know a case, where a very intelligent boy got negatively programed because of naadi reading and actually stopped working for his betterment. To avoid such things, (A) Naadi reader should be mature enough not to give negative strokes while naadi reading and (B) the person concerned should not take it so seriously that one gets negatively programed by such sentences.

2)     Positive strokes: At times naadi reader may make some very good predictions about your future and as you understand that whatever has been predicted about past, has come true; so whatever is predicted about future will also come true! This understanding can lead to complacency. With all such things, belief in destiny becomes so strong that people stop learning and using their common sense. Read this case study: A very intelligent man went for naadi reading when he was not having any child and wanted child desperately. As per naadi prediction he was to get four children… and as predicted the first child arrived! Now there was a choice with couple to go ahead with it further or stop with one or two children. The gentleman believed too much in destiny and did not bother to listen to his wife and went ahead with further children… this kind of stubbornness about naadi reading can create rift in a relationship or trouble the health of lady.

3)     Immaturity and ego: There are many cases of damages when an immature person goes for naadi reading and not able to handle it. Here is a case study: A serious seeker went for naadi reading and there was a prediction that he will become a great master. He stopped doing Sadhana and meeting his master who was guiding him and actually went down because of his egoistic behaviour and misunderstanding of naadi reading. Actually because of his non-learning attitude and inaction he only stopped his progress on the path!

4)     Diagnosis and remedy are different: Naadi reading is a process that can tell you a lot about you, your future, your patterns and corrections you need to do in your thinking and behaviour. So, this is the diagnosis part. After this, comes the remedy which can be as simple as visit to a temple or it can be an elaborate pooja. Many people do not take these remedial measures seriously and blame naadi reading for not improving their life. It is like you go to a doctor. He sends you for few tests and interprets the report to tell you the disease. This is diagnosis which in itself cannot cure your disease. You need to take medicine prescribed by doctor to heal yourself! Similarly, you need to implement the remedial measure for proper benefits of naadi reading.

5)     Non learning attitude: The last but not the least is non-learning attitude after naadi reading. Many people I have seen are so happy after knowing their destiny that they feel there is no need to learn anything or to do anything. They believe everything is taken care by destiny! This attitude has troubled maximum people after naadi reading and they are only responsible for such foolish behaviour and suffer in their life when they see that naadi reading is no more coming true as predicted. It cannot! You still need to put efforts to make your life and relationships work! The interesting part is no naadi reader ever tells you “not to learn” or “not to put efforts to make your life and relationships work”, but even intelligent people misinterpret naadi readings and behave like a mudha (non-learner).

Om svastir bhavatu…

Friday, May 23, 2014


Q: What is “Nirmal Naadi”?

A: “Nirmal Naadi” is the latest addition in Naadi Shashtra. In past, there were many Rishis who knew this shashtra. Bhrigu, Agastya, Vashishta, Kashyap… and many more… all of them knew this secret. Rishis who reached certain level of spiritual evolution through meditation, such secrets were revealed to them! Once known, they wrote it on palm leaves, and those palm leaves are available even today! Also there are many other naadies such as Brahmarshi naadi, Jeeva naadi, Saptarshi naadi, Kakbhusundi naadi etc. All these naadies have slightly different concepts. Those enlightened Rishis created their own methods of knowing the “Soul Algorithm”. I had been doing “Akashic Records Reading” for many years and found this new method which is now known as “Nirmal Naadi”. The process helps us in knowing past-present-future of a person through knowing the “Soul Algorithm”. It is done by logging into “Causal Body” where all the records of the Soul are available. It takes some time, about 20 minutes, to login to causal body to “SEE” these records. So I prefer the method of counselling in quiet environment with plain white wall as background to see and understand the Causal energy field of the person in front of me. As the process progresses, “Soul’s Karmic Algorithm” is revealed and many births’ Karmic patterns are known. Which “Sanchit Karma” has come into “Prarabdha” is known and hence “Root Cause” of Karmic issues is revealed.

The real effectiveness of “Nirmal Naadi” is not in just knowing the “Root Cause” but the remedial measures which follow instantly. There are many issues which just disappear in the “Process of revelation”! Many simple and easy to use tips are given to come out of karmic issues, instantly! It’s like changing the software!!

Q: Most naadi shashtries recommend elaborate and costly poojas as remedial measures. Do you also recommend such costly poojas?

A: I do not recommend elaborate and costly poojas done by someone else, as this is the point where most educated people start doubting the Naddi Shastra, even though they are amazed at the accuracy of prediction by such methods. Apart from doubt, “Cost factor” is another stumbling block for those who find it difficult to perform such poojas. In “Nirmal Naadi Shashtra” remedial measures are through your own efforts through recognition of patterns and Re-patterning is done instantly through “Awareness” and “Understanding”. At times, I take help of Shaktipat and Shivapat methods for instant eradication of certain troublesome patterns of the soul. The long term approach is through awakening of “Inner Guru” of the counselee, through “Shivapat” that helps a person to become “Jivan Mukta” to come out of all karmic troubles over a period of time.

Q: Traditionally all naadi shashtries use “Thumb Impression” for finding the palm leaf, where records are written. Do you use the same method?

A: No. Palm leaf method was used by compassionate Rishis for the souls to be born in future needing this help! My method is different. It is similar to “Jeeva Naadi” where there are no written records but only “Live” records! Ours is a method that uses “Live Reading” and hence the beauty of live interactions! This way, through “Interactions” we are actually able to delete certain karmic effects and can do a kind of “Reprogramming of destiny”!

Q: Is your method proven scientifically?
A: As on today we do not have cameras which can photograph “Causal Body” hence direct proofs are not possible at this time. May be, in future, as Kirlian photography methods develop to photograph “Causal Body” we will be able to prove it instantly! But, as on now, we have used statistical method, which is very much scientific and accepted research tool by scientific community. More than scientific proof, the effects are seen instantly while being in the process, so most people do not care for scientific proof, as they are happy with solutions which start working for them instantly! In fact “Nirmal naadi” is a kind of “Karma Delete Therapy” that also works as “Re-patterning Tool” as it is done. The very process creates extraordinary clarity in counselee to tackle life as it comes!

Q: I have also heard that you know “Chhaya Shashtra” – The shadow reading?
A: Yes, I had been in touch with a great Chhaya Shashtri Master at Mumbai. I also told him my desire to learn Chhaya Shashtra (Shadow reading). He said, I can teach you this shashtra only if it is confirmed by your palm leaf. So, I told him to take out my palm leaf patti and he read out… This soul in front will have desire to learn Chhaya Shashtra because of his past birth Sadhana but it is not necessary to teach him as it will be revealed to him with his Guru’s Grace after three years. With this reading, I kept quiet for three years - and yes, as it was read, it did get revealed as a matter of Guru-Kripa while studying Shiva-swarodaya Shashtra and doing Chhayopasana.

Q: Can you teach us these methods?
A: Yes, I have taught Shiv-swarodaya Shashtra to many in four day residential retreats. Few of them have also learnt “Chhayopasana”. Those who learn chhayopasana and practice it regularly, such advanced Sadhakas can do shadow reading. Nirmal Naadi method of “Akashic Records Reading” is difficult to teach hence so far I have not taught it to anyone. But, I am doing research in this subject along with Astrology, and soon we will have a different method of “Nirmal Naadi” which I will be able to teach to those who understand astrology in detail along with Swara Shashtra. Also, to learn “Nirmal Naadi Reading” you must have few basic abilities such as clairvoyance capacity to SEE Aura, Chakras and Causal body, well developed sense of Intuition, capacity to know “Elements” in real-time, clairsentience ability to feel the energy, clairaudience capacity to listen to the whispers of the beyond, and awareness of the astral realms to receive the help from astral masters. Also, you need to do Havan (fire ceremony) on regular basis to clear your causal body of dark patches and for its illumination. All these things can be learnt by enlightened beings with systematic long term approach to learning. The “Blue Print” of such learning will be revealed in land of Sri Ramana Maharshi when we visit Virupaksha caves for meditation in June 2014 at Thiruvannamalai and Karmakshalan Retreat at Rameswaram and Courtallam in South India.

Om Swastir Bhavatu…

Nirmal Naadi – Part 2

Q: How did Rishis write naadi (on palm leaves)?
A: Rishis meditated and attained a state of consciousness, which is beyond time. In that avastha or a state of consciousness, past-present-future are all seen as NOW! In this state it is possible to know with your intention. Also, there are time pockets which are not available; hence it is NOT possible to know everything. Yet, the compassionate Rishis have taken trouble of writing for those souls who will need it in future and they have made all those palm leaves available. What is written is hard copy of your partial Akashic Records! My head bows with respect and my heart is filled with gratitude for all the Rishis for their wonderful contribution to humanity.

Q: If I read various naadies, will my predictions be same?
A: No. All naadies concepts are slightly different and reading also can be different, even though few basic points will match. Every Rishi used different method to find soul’s karmic algorithms and hence minor variations in readings are very much possible. Also, we need to understand that beyond certain limits of spiritual evolution, our conscious choices play a vital role in deciding our destiny. So, even though your destiny is written in a certain manner, with your conscious choices, you can change it!

Q: What is Jeeva naadi?
A: Jeeva naadi is different in the sense that it is NOT written. It is live naadi. The interaction with Akashic records in such case is real and alive. The corrections happen as it is read and you can exercise your conscious choices to change it further. I prefer this type because it gives you the chance to understand and correct on your own. All other naadies need elaborate mechanism of changing your destiny which is very costly! Basically, in Jeeva Naadi, the soul’s karmic patterns are recognised and that forms the algorithm of the soul’s evolution. It follows the seven ray technology of evolution. Once the combinations of various rays with their positive and negative attributes are known, soul can change the patterns and adopt a new methodology for faster evolution. This way, it becomes possible to come out of karmic effects faster.

Q: Are karmic effects real or just the imagination of mind?
A: Ask those who are suffering… Is suffering real or imaginary? If you say, it is imaginary, you are an enlightened being and you do not need naadi reading! If you are suffering and you need to know, why you are suffering, naadi reading can be a great help in understanding. All those who are deeply unconscious or unaware of the awakening aspect, for them “Buddhi karmanu sharini” which means, your intellectual thinking is prompted by the effects of your karma! This is a great insight!! Your intellect is NOT an independent faculty, as you understand. Our shanchita karma sprouts and becomes prarabdha. Our thinking is governed by this prarabdha, hence we make certain decisions in line with prarabdha and we enjoy or suffer! This way, Law of Karma governs us in totality and however intelligent one may be, you still have to enjoy your good karmas and suffer your bad karmas! There is no simple solution to this suffering, other than the process of awakening.

Q: Is “Nirmal Naadi” similar to “Past Life Regression Therapy”?
A: In past life regression therapy, a person is taken into past lives memories through hypnosis or meditative methods. The results of knowing the past lives vary drastically depending on the success of regression. We have many people in our group who have gone through PLR therapy and some of them, at the best got few glimpses of one or two past lives. If you know your past lives, it becomes easier to know the root cause of the problem. In “Nirmal Naadi” we can understand past lives easily and can also understand the “Root Cause” without regression. Once the “Root Cause” is known, it becomes easier to solve the problem and come out of troubles!

Q: What is your approach to naadi reading?
A: My approach to reading “Nirmal Naadi” is different, in the sense that I am using it as a tool for counselling and problem solving. The entire process of “Nirmal Naadi Reading”, we can call it as “Happiness Therapy”! We focus first on knowing the problems, second, to know the root cause of it and third - on the solutions. To make it more clear, here are various steps of reading Nirmal Naadi:
Step-1: To know the problems and associated suffering in current situation.
Step-2: To know the root cause of suffering by patterns recognition.
Step-3: Focus on solutions to come out of suffering.
Step-4: Re-patterning for avoiding the same suffering in future.
Step-5: Increase the light of awareness and understanding to go beyond the effects of karmic entanglements to walk the path of liberation.

This way Nirmal Naadi reading can help you to understand your patterns and, re-patterning methods are made available instantly, so that you can come out of your self-sabotaging patterns. Once you heal your self-sabotaging patterns, your suffering ends!

Once you become aware of your patterns and have converted all your self-sabotaging patterns into self-evolutionary patterns, you have to strengthen your light of awareness and understanding to stay beyond the effects of your past karmas. The moment you lose your awareness, you are back in the field of karmic effects and the karmic game starts!

Through “Nirmal Naadi Reading”, you can understand this game better and can focus on the permanent solutions to drop out of the game of birth and death, once and for all. This is called “Jivan Mukti” or “Living Liberation”!

Om Swastir Bhavatu…

Prem Nirmal