Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to invite Grace?

Monday 1st May 2017
My dear Soulmates,
“Gurukripa hi kevalam” is maha-mantra of Kriya yoga and right understanding. But very few people know how to invite grace and what prevents grace… here are few pointers to ponder over for how to be a good recipient of GRACE.

(1) Meditate. Stay in thoughtless zone with full awareness. This is the way to receive GRACE directly.

(2) Practice GRATITUDE. Gratitude invites GRACE.

(3) While being with people, operate from heart with LOVE.

(4) Keep your awareness high throughout the day. GRACE is a happening. It can happen any moment! So be aware!

(5) Practice COMPASSION. Compassion in your heart develops gamma brain waves which is a must to receive grace.

(6) Be simple. Be humble. Be willing to learn in every situation through spiritual insights. 

(7) Be in the company of wise ones. Wise ones continuously radiate gamma waves! (Now proven scientifically)

(8) Read and contemplate on scriptural understanding to get deeper INSIGHTS.

(9) Continuously improve your ATTITUDES through higher AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING.

(10) Continuously increase your awareness and stay in higher awareness without any expectations. GRACE happens.

Few pointers that prevent Grace….

(1) Deviating from one’s own Swadharma. Sanyasi must follow Sanyas Dharma. Householder must follow Grihastha Dharma. Your life philosophy and Belief system must be in line with your Swadharma. When your attitudes and life priorities are messed up, it hinders the grace!

(2)  Glamorization and glorification of Guru’s physical form will sooner or later lead to disillusionment. Guru is Tattva and not a physical form. Do not get attached to the form.

Love n light
Prem Nirmal

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Naadi Shashtra

Q / A with Guruji on Naadi Shashtra – Part: 1

RGBS: Guruji, would you please share your experience and research about Naadi shashtra…

Guruji: I came to know about palm leaf naadi reading from a great Advaita master – Ramesh Balsekar when I attended his talks at Sindhula, Mumbai. In three talks, he fully convinced me that everybody around is psychologically programmed biological robot! Everything is as per destiny – and that destiny is written on a palm leaf. It is a hard copy of your destiny, written in old Tamil language, even if you can’t read it; you have to believe it… It was a great challenge to my scientific temperament. I found a naadi reader in Pune at that time and gave my right thumb impression on a paper. He told me that he will find out the right leaf for me and read out my destiny. I was thrilled and followed up with him but he could not get my palm leaf patti for next five years.

We happened to roam around in Himalayas extensively in 2003 and stayed in many ashrams there. In 2004 we went for 1st Kailash Mansarover Yatra with a small group of people from Tao. After we returned back, I got message from him that he had found my palm leaf patti and he gave me a date for reading it.

After few formalities of checking and cross-checking, the first sentence he made that, “You had been to a great Yatra of a Shiva-sthali with your family” and that’s why this yog of reading your naadi has come to you at this time.” The opening sentence was absolutely right! We had just completed Kailash Yatra and Kailash is the Shiva-sthali he talked about. After that he read out many incidences, names of people, situations etc. and many such things about future. Everything was recorded and transcribed for future readings. Many things have come true while few things had not been as per the reading. It is 80-20. 80% true, 20% false.

Overall, my scientific mind got tremendously attracted to this Vidya. How did he find my palm leaf patti from my Thumb print? How he could tell so accurately about names of my father, mother, wife and child?

We decided to do research on this and found another person Mr Oak from Pune who had retired from Govt. service and doing full fledge research on naadi. We invited him to give talks at Tao and we also visited him at Pune. Purchased his books on such research and discussed a lot about various Naadies. After this I visited various naadi-shashtries and came to know about various naadies such as Bhrigu Naadi, Agastya Naadi, Vashishta Naadi, Kashyap Naadi, Kakbhusundi Naadi, Saptarshi Naadi, Shiva Naadi etc. I got my reading from many of these naadies and there was great variation in all readings. The range of truthfulness was varying from 30% to 80%. During these days, we came across a great man, Kantilal Pandya at Mumbai who was a shadow reader (Chhaya-Shashtri). It is also a kind of Naadi reading. He was far more accurate compared to all others and his solutions to real life issues were very effective. While doing my post graduate learning in Counselling, I also recognized that he was a great counsellor too! I was highly impressed by this Vidya and wanted to learn it. (Read more details of this incidence in my blog on Nirmal Naadi.)

I took about 200 people to various Naadi shashtries to understand this Vidya in detail and to find the science behind it. I started asking people about the efficiency of various Poojas suggested by various Naadi Shashtries and how it helped to improve their life. I started noting down the effects and major changes people talked about. Over all it had been an exciting research that has changed my understanding of life in a big way! All this understanding and further research through direct downloading of knowledge, we have got this new naadi … now popularly known as “Nirmal Naadi”.

Read more about Nirmal Naadi here…

Om svastir bhavatu…

Q / A with Guruji on Naadi Shashtra – Part: 2

RGBS: Guruji, is there any danger of knowing destiny in advance? Would you like to share any precautionary measures?

Guruji: Rishis were/are highly compassionate human beings. All the help available from Naadi is always auspicious and for betterment of human beings.

But human errors are unavoidable. e.g. Misinterpretation of naadi can happen because of naadi reader not having experience and expertize in decoding the old Tamil script or disability to connect to this knowledge to modern situations and the person concerned. A naadi reader also has to be a good counsellor. I have seen people taking naadi reading too seriously and have damaged themselves because of various reasons. Let us look into all such reasons, so that we can avoid any such danger in future…

1)     Negative strokes: Your naadi reading will have positive as well as negative aspects of your life, which is unavoidable. Some people are very sensitive to negative and focus on negative and take it so seriously that they program their mind with those negative sentences only and actually suffer with low self-esteem and poor self-confidence. I know a case, where a very intelligent boy got negatively programed because of naadi reading and actually stopped working for his betterment. To avoid such things, (A) Naadi reader should be mature enough not to give negative strokes while naadi reading and (B) the person concerned should not take it so seriously that one gets negatively programed by such sentences.

2)     Positive strokes: At times naadi reader may make some very good predictions about your future and as you understand that whatever has been predicted about past, has come true; so whatever is predicted about future will also come true! This understanding can lead to complacency. With all such things, belief in destiny becomes so strong that people stop learning and using their common sense. Read this case study: A very intelligent man went for naadi reading when he was not having any child and wanted child desperately. As per naadi prediction he was to get four children… and as predicted the first child arrived! Now there was a choice with couple to go ahead with it further or stop with one or two children. The gentleman believed too much in destiny and did not bother to listen to his wife and went ahead with further children… this kind of stubbornness about naadi reading can create rift in a relationship or trouble the health of lady.

3)     Immaturity and ego: There are many cases of damages when an immature person goes for naadi reading and not able to handle it. Here is a case study: A serious seeker went for naadi reading and there was a prediction that he will become a great master. He stopped doing Sadhana and meeting his master who was guiding him and actually went down because of his egoistic behaviour and misunderstanding of naadi reading. Actually because of his non-learning attitude and inaction he only stopped his progress on the path!

4)     Diagnosis and remedy are different: Naadi reading is a process that can tell you a lot about you, your future, your patterns and corrections you need to do in your thinking and behaviour. So, this is the diagnosis part. After this, comes the remedy which can be as simple as visit to a temple or it can be an elaborate pooja. Many people do not take these remedial measures seriously and blame naadi reading for not improving their life. It is like you go to a doctor. He sends you for few tests and interprets the report to tell you the disease. This is diagnosis which in itself cannot cure your disease. You need to take medicine prescribed by doctor to heal yourself! Similarly, you need to implement the remedial measure for proper benefits of naadi reading.

5)     Non learning attitude: The last but not the least is non-learning attitude after naadi reading. Many people I have seen are so happy after knowing their destiny that they feel there is no need to learn anything or to do anything. They believe everything is taken care by destiny! This attitude has troubled maximum people after naadi reading and they are only responsible for such foolish behaviour and suffer in their life when they see that naadi reading is no more coming true as predicted. It cannot! You still need to put efforts to make your life and relationships work! The interesting part is no naadi reader ever tells you “not to learn” or “not to put efforts to make your life and relationships work”, but even intelligent people misinterpret naadi readings and behave like a mudha (non-learner).

Om svastir bhavatu…

Friday, May 23, 2014


Q: What is “Nirmal Naadi”?

A: “Nirmal Naadi” is the latest addition in Naadi Shashtra. In past, there were many Rishis who knew this shashtra. Bhrigu, Agastya, Vashishta, Kashyap… and many more… all of them knew this secret. Rishis who reached certain level of spiritual evolution through meditation, such secrets were revealed to them! Once known, they wrote it on palm leaves, and those palm leaves are available even today! Also there are many other naadies such as Brahmarshi naadi, Jeeva naadi, Saptarshi naadi, Kakbhusundi naadi etc. All these naadies have slightly different concepts. Those enlightened Rishis created their own methods of knowing the “Soul Algorithm”. I had been doing “Akashic Records Reading” for many years and found this new method which is now known as “Nirmal Naadi”. The process helps us in knowing past-present-future of a person through knowing the “Soul Algorithm”. It is done by logging into “Causal Body” where all the records of the Soul are available. It takes some time, about 20 minutes, to login to causal body to “SEE” these records. So I prefer the method of counselling in quiet environment with plain white wall as background to see and understand the Causal energy field of the person in front of me. As the process progresses, “Soul’s Karmic Algorithm” is revealed and many births’ Karmic patterns are known. Which “Sanchit Karma” has come into “Prarabdha” is known and hence “Root Cause” of Karmic issues is revealed.

The real effectiveness of “Nirmal Naadi” is not in just knowing the “Root Cause” but the remedial measures which follow instantly. There are many issues which just disappear in the “Process of revelation”! Many simple and easy to use tips are given to come out of karmic issues, instantly! It’s like changing the software!!

Q: Most naadi shashtries recommend elaborate and costly poojas as remedial measures. Do you also recommend such costly poojas?

A: I do not recommend elaborate and costly poojas done by someone else, as this is the point where most educated people start doubting the Naddi Shastra, even though they are amazed at the accuracy of prediction by such methods. Apart from doubt, “Cost factor” is another stumbling block for those who find it difficult to perform such poojas. In “Nirmal Naadi Shashtra” remedial measures are through your own efforts through recognition of patterns and Re-patterning is done instantly through “Awareness” and “Understanding”. At times, I take help of Shaktipat and Shivapat methods for instant eradication of certain troublesome patterns of the soul. The long term approach is through awakening of “Inner Guru” of the counselee, through “Shivapat” that helps a person to become “Jivan Mukta” to come out of all karmic troubles over a period of time.

Q: Traditionally all naadi shashtries use “Thumb Impression” for finding the palm leaf, where records are written. Do you use the same method?

A: No. Palm leaf method was used by compassionate Rishis for the souls to be born in future needing this help! My method is different. It is similar to “Jeeva Naadi” where there are no written records but only “Live” records! Ours is a method that uses “Live Reading” and hence the beauty of live interactions! This way, through “Interactions” we are actually able to delete certain karmic effects and can do a kind of “Reprogramming of destiny”!

Q: Is your method proven scientifically?
A: As on today we do not have cameras which can photograph “Causal Body” hence direct proofs are not possible at this time. May be, in future, as Kirlian photography methods develop to photograph “Causal Body” we will be able to prove it instantly! But, as on now, we have used statistical method, which is very much scientific and accepted research tool by scientific community. More than scientific proof, the effects are seen instantly while being in the process, so most people do not care for scientific proof, as they are happy with solutions which start working for them instantly! In fact “Nirmal naadi” is a kind of “Karma Delete Therapy” that also works as “Re-patterning Tool” as it is done. The very process creates extraordinary clarity in counselee to tackle life as it comes!

Q: I have also heard that you know “Chhaya Shashtra” – The shadow reading?
A: Yes, I had been in touch with a great Chhaya Shashtri Master at Mumbai. I also told him my desire to learn Chhaya Shashtra (Shadow reading). He said, I can teach you this shashtra only if it is confirmed by your palm leaf. So, I told him to take out my palm leaf patti and he read out… This soul in front will have desire to learn Chhaya Shashtra because of his past birth Sadhana but it is not necessary to teach him as it will be revealed to him with his Guru’s Grace after three years. With this reading, I kept quiet for three years - and yes, as it was read, it did get revealed as a matter of Guru-Kripa while studying Shiva-swarodaya Shashtra and doing Chhayopasana.

Q: Can you teach us these methods?
A: Yes, I have taught Shiv-swarodaya Shashtra to many in four day residential retreats. Few of them have also learnt “Chhayopasana”. Those who learn chhayopasana and practice it regularly, such advanced Sadhakas can do shadow reading. Nirmal Naadi method of “Akashic Records Reading” is difficult to teach hence so far I have not taught it to anyone. But, I am doing research in this subject along with Astrology, and soon we will have a different method of “Nirmal Naadi” which I will be able to teach to those who understand astrology in detail along with Swara Shashtra. Also, to learn “Nirmal Naadi Reading” you must have few basic abilities such as clairvoyance capacity to SEE Aura, Chakras and Causal body, well developed sense of Intuition, capacity to know “Elements” in real-time, clairsentience ability to feel the energy, clairaudience capacity to listen to the whispers of the beyond, and awareness of the astral realms to receive the help from astral masters. Also, you need to do Havan (fire ceremony) on regular basis to clear your causal body of dark patches and for its illumination. All these things can be learnt by enlightened beings with systematic long term approach to learning. The “Blue Print” of such learning will be revealed in land of Sri Ramana Maharshi when we visit Virupaksha caves for meditation in June 2014 at Thiruvannamalai and Karmakshalan Retreat at Rameswaram and Courtallam in South India.

Om Swastir Bhavatu…

Nirmal Naadi – Part 2

Q: How did Rishis write naadi (on palm leaves)?
A: Rishis meditated and attained a state of consciousness, which is beyond time. In that avastha or a state of consciousness, past-present-future are all seen as NOW! In this state it is possible to know with your intention. Also, there are time pockets which are not available; hence it is NOT possible to know everything. Yet, the compassionate Rishis have taken trouble of writing for those souls who will need it in future and they have made all those palm leaves available. What is written is hard copy of your partial Akashic Records! My head bows with respect and my heart is filled with gratitude for all the Rishis for their wonderful contribution to humanity.

Q: If I read various naadies, will my predictions be same?
A: No. All naadies concepts are slightly different and reading also can be different, even though few basic points will match. Every Rishi used different method to find soul’s karmic algorithms and hence minor variations in readings are very much possible. Also, we need to understand that beyond certain limits of spiritual evolution, our conscious choices play a vital role in deciding our destiny. So, even though your destiny is written in a certain manner, with your conscious choices, you can change it!

Q: What is Jeeva naadi?
A: Jeeva naadi is different in the sense that it is NOT written. It is live naadi. The interaction with Akashic records in such case is real and alive. The corrections happen as it is read and you can exercise your conscious choices to change it further. I prefer this type because it gives you the chance to understand and correct on your own. All other naadies need elaborate mechanism of changing your destiny which is very costly! Basically, in Jeeva Naadi, the soul’s karmic patterns are recognised and that forms the algorithm of the soul’s evolution. It follows the seven ray technology of evolution. Once the combinations of various rays with their positive and negative attributes are known, soul can change the patterns and adopt a new methodology for faster evolution. This way, it becomes possible to come out of karmic effects faster.

Q: Are karmic effects real or just the imagination of mind?
A: Ask those who are suffering… Is suffering real or imaginary? If you say, it is imaginary, you are an enlightened being and you do not need naadi reading! If you are suffering and you need to know, why you are suffering, naadi reading can be a great help in understanding. All those who are deeply unconscious or unaware of the awakening aspect, for them “Buddhi karmanu sharini” which means, your intellectual thinking is prompted by the effects of your karma! This is a great insight!! Your intellect is NOT an independent faculty, as you understand. Our shanchita karma sprouts and becomes prarabdha. Our thinking is governed by this prarabdha, hence we make certain decisions in line with prarabdha and we enjoy or suffer! This way, Law of Karma governs us in totality and however intelligent one may be, you still have to enjoy your good karmas and suffer your bad karmas! There is no simple solution to this suffering, other than the process of awakening.

Q: Is “Nirmal Naadi” similar to “Past Life Regression Therapy”?
A: In past life regression therapy, a person is taken into past lives memories through hypnosis or meditative methods. The results of knowing the past lives vary drastically depending on the success of regression. We have many people in our group who have gone through PLR therapy and some of them, at the best got few glimpses of one or two past lives. If you know your past lives, it becomes easier to know the root cause of the problem. In “Nirmal Naadi” we can understand past lives easily and can also understand the “Root Cause” without regression. Once the “Root Cause” is known, it becomes easier to solve the problem and come out of troubles!

Q: What is your approach to naadi reading?
A: My approach to reading “Nirmal Naadi” is different, in the sense that I am using it as a tool for counselling and problem solving. The entire process of “Nirmal Naadi Reading”, we can call it as “Happiness Therapy”! We focus first on knowing the problems, second, to know the root cause of it and third - on the solutions. To make it more clear, here are various steps of reading Nirmal Naadi:
Step-1: To know the problems and associated suffering in current situation.
Step-2: To know the root cause of suffering by patterns recognition.
Step-3: Focus on solutions to come out of suffering.
Step-4: Re-patterning for avoiding the same suffering in future.
Step-5: Increase the light of awareness and understanding to go beyond the effects of karmic entanglements to walk the path of liberation.

This way Nirmal Naadi reading can help you to understand your patterns and, re-patterning methods are made available instantly, so that you can come out of your self-sabotaging patterns. Once you heal your self-sabotaging patterns, your suffering ends!

Once you become aware of your patterns and have converted all your self-sabotaging patterns into self-evolutionary patterns, you have to strengthen your light of awareness and understanding to stay beyond the effects of your past karmas. The moment you lose your awareness, you are back in the field of karmic effects and the karmic game starts!

Through “Nirmal Naadi Reading”, you can understand this game better and can focus on the permanent solutions to drop out of the game of birth and death, once and for all. This is called “Jivan Mukti” or “Living Liberation”!

Om Swastir Bhavatu…

Prem Nirmal

Friday, June 7, 2013


Divya Drishti – Guruji interviewed by Rishi Bodhi Satva (RBS)

RBS: Congratulations Guruji for this wonderful gift of Divya Drishti to all. It’s amazing - how instantly every one could see Aura!

Guruji: Thank you Rishi…

RBS: Would you please share with us the secrets of Divya Drishti…

Guruji: Divya Drishti is an ancient art from Rishi Culture. Many Rishis in past knew this Vidya. Many such incidences have been recorded in scriptures. It is done by elevating the Soul to newer dimension.
RBS: Is it Shaktipat?

Guruji: It is Shaktipat plus Shivapat and much more! In this art of giving Divya Drishti the entire environment is influenced through the vibrations. That’s why everyone is able to see the unseen! There were people in the room who did not understand Hindi or English, the language spoken during meditation. Even those people got it! Because it is not the matter of language! It is vibrations that elevate the soul!!

RBS: But then why everyone got different results?

Guruji: The vibrations were emitted equally to all but everyone has different and unique capacity to receive! It’s like you go to ocean to fetch the water. Quantity of water you carry home will depend on the size of the vessel you have!! This unique capacity depends on purity of soul. That’s why we give so much importance to “Antahakaran Shuddhi” in our Sadhana. More the purity, more the capacity to receive these vibrations! Everyone present in the room could see aura. Many could see colors while few purest souls could even see Angels in the room! Purest of souls got elevated to Angelic dimension by receiving those vibrations hence they could see angels! It all depends on the purity of soul.

RSB: In this Divya Drishti Initiation, are there levels?

Guruji: Yes! It’s fully developed science of Rishi Culture. There are many levels of Initiations of Divya Drishti. First Level of Initiation is to see Aura / Energy Body. Second level of Initiation is to see Astral body or Emotional body, also known as color aura. Third level of Initiation is to see Astral entities with naked eyes. With fourth level of initiations you can see Chakras with naked eyes! With fifth level of Initiations you see causal body, karmas, past births etc.

RSB: Wow! Awesome!! Has it been done? I mean all these levels experiments you have done?

Guruji: Yes! 1452 Participants have got first level of Initiations so far and 55 participants so far have got fourth level initiations and they are able to see Chakras with naked eyes. We will conduct “Causal Lab” soon and fifth level of Initiations will be available to those who participate in this experiment.

RSB: Guruji, is this ability to see the unseen permanent or does it go away with passage of time?

Guruji: Divya Drishti initiations give you permanent ability to see the unseen. The chances of gathering dust on this ability are always there. So, it’s the responsibility of the recipient to remove the dust from one’s own mirror!

RSB: So how to do daily dusting?

Guruji: Participant has to keep his/her mirror clean by daily practice of 49 HB Nirmal Kriya followed by 6 step Nirmal Dhyan. Also, being humble and simple in once behaviors and interaction with others helps but the most important aspect of keeping the mirror clean is the practice of Attitude of Gratitude.

RSB: Guruji, how did you do it?

Guruji: There is no How! It’s Guru-Kripa! It’s Babaji’s Blessings!! It’s GRACE of Babaji that creates the magic! This body is “Nimit-matra” – Just a vehicle to emit His Grace.

RSB: Thank you very much Guruji.

Divya Drishti – Guruji’s interview: Part – 2

RBS: Guruji, Can “Divya Drishti” be given to anyone and everyone?

Guruji: So far I have not come across a person who does not have the capacity to receive these vibrations of “Divya Drishti” Initiations. In general person has to be in good health and sound mind to receive this capacity. There are no special pre-requisites for it.

RBS: Guruji, what is the spiritual significance of this ability to see aura multiple layers?

Guruji: Aura reading has tremendous significance on the path of Kriya Yoga. Each layer seen is more like confirmatory test of your progress in spiritual Sadhana. The very fact that you are able to see the unseen on your own, with your naked eyes, gives tremendous confidence to you to walk the path. Most modern educated people have lots of doubts about spiritual practices and the progress on the path. Not many Gurus have systematic approach and hence their disciples are not able to know their own progress on the path (the path of no path!). But with Aura reading, you know for sure about your progress.

During Aura Reading Sessions we have noted that few students are not able to see only certain color. It has got Karmic connections with past birth issues! So aura reading is not just the confirmatory test but it is also a diagnostic tool to know your past birth pending issues. Aura reading gives us so many insights into our own being!

RBS: What is the ultimate that is possible with this art and science of aura reading?

Guruji: The ultimate is to know the secrets of Sutratma! To know your past births and your journey so far and walk your own path to enlightenment – the ultimate adventure! Aura reading ability at the peak helps us to see the Akashic Records and we can also read the past births of a person and solve the relationship entanglement issues. There are so many incidences in our life which have no logical base! Our conscious mind always gets confused and hankers for the answers but those answers are not there in the arena of the conscious mind. The real answers to life’s existential questions are in understanding of Sutratma and knowledge of pending past birth issues.

RBS: Do you have systematic records of such specific issues?

Guruji: Yes, as a scientist I had been good at compiling the records for further analysis. In fact, now I am doing research in understanding Akashic records and connecting them to Patterns recognition technique through astrology. I am very happy with the insights we have got so far with this research.

RBS: What is the purpose of such research?

Guruji: This research has tremendous significance for humanity! With this research we can find out the “Root Cause” of any specific existential issue of life, - may it be a karmic relationship entanglement, financial crisis or detection of cancer. Not only that, we also get insights into how to heal those issues! In past few months we have hundreds of cases where we have seen such miracles happening.

RBS: Can you share some basic insights from your latest research associating Akashic Records Reading and Astrology in lay man’s language?

Guruji: Yes! Let me refer to some specific cases in front of me right now.

(1) Stubbornness and weight management are connected. More the stubbornness less are the chances of losing weight! Those who are highly stubborn in their thoughts and behavior cannot lose weight with any method. So Re-patterning needs to be done to move from Stubbornness to Flexibility! But, this is not easy at the level of conscious mind. Intellectual information does not create transformation! We need to look in to past lives pending issues and see from where that stubbornness is coming. We also need to work-out the methods for removing such effects from past lives. Only after that we get breakthrough!

(2) Most seekers are not able to sustain their enlightenment because they do not practice gratitude. It is a pattern of not practicing gratitude that needs to be changed!

(3) Resentment in relationships (may it be this life time or previous life times) causes cancer. Cancer also has few other associated issues such as irritations / Anger / Pride / Insulting behavior etc. Once we understand these patterns and do re-patterning, miraculous remission of cancer is possible.

Now, do you understand the importance such research?

RBS: Yes, Guruji. Thank you very much for sharing these most valuable insights with us. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Guruji Interviewed by Rishi

Guruji Interviewed by Rishi

Rishi: Congratulations Guruji for completion of the first phase of your mission!

Guruji: It’s not my mission… It’s His mission! It’s Babaji’s mission, I am just an instrument in His hands.

Rishi: So what had been the achievements of first phase?

Guruji: It’s not the matter of achievement! It’s all Babaji’s blessings. Thousands of people worldwide are practicing Kriya Yoga and Meditation regularly. So many of them have become Clairvoyants! They can now see Aura with naked eyes! Many of them have developed the ability to see astral beings, and can even see Chakras with naked eyes!! Some of them are even able to see causal bodies and Akashic records!!! These abilities are more like confirmatory tests and give the participants’ lots of confidence and empowerment to progress further. All of them have become more kind, loving and compassionate human beings, which is more important than their clairvoyant abilities. It’s all the blessings of Babaji! Anybody practicing Kriya and Meditation on regular basis will become a better human being; there is no doubt about that.

Rishi: Are you happy with the progress of your people?

Guruji: Yes, with blessings of Babaji, ours is the group which is practicing Kriya and Meditation in highly scientific manner with documentation and results are proven repeatedly by scientists. The growth of people who practiced Kriya and Meditation on day to day basis had been amazing. Hundreds of practitioners got enlightened and are very happy! They are slowly getting rooted in to Shiv-vyapti and preparing to spread the light!

Rishi: What is the road-map to future?

Guruji: One thing we must continue is “Systematic approach to learning”. All the results produced in such a short time are because of this systematic approach and the universal breath based training methodology which has produced amazing results. Anyone who progresses on the path with systematic approach will get the results. Attitude of learning is must! Also, on the path of spirituality, one should not be “alpa-sukhi” (satisfied with little). Keep learning and keep progressing. Divine discontent is a virtue! We are really blessed to have amazing tools and techniques and great knowledge from scriptures from Kashmir Shaivism, Ashtavakra Gita and Tripura Rahasya.

Our next phase is to get more focused on making of Masters. Masters who can teach Kriya Yoga, Meditation, Do Shaktipat and Shivapat and help spread enlightenment education. We will be doing lots of “Train the Trainer” programs in near future and prepare hundreds of Masters to carry on with His mission. We also need to systematize the certification procedure so that non-competent and untrained people do not get in to unauthorized teaching which can be harmful to people. All those senior seekers who are interested in getting training in how to initiate others in Kriya Yoga, will be given systematic training and prepared in a right manner to carry on with Guru-karya.

It gives me immense pleasure to share this information with you that so many people have responded to my e-mail and SMS about doing Guru-karya, and the inflow of confirmation continues… Now I have no doubt that we will be progressing at a very fast pace and with blessings of Babaji, thousands of more people will be walking the path of liberation through Kriya Yoga.

Liberation is easy this way because of so many confirmed milestones and ways of quantum jump! This was kept hidden for such a long time! Babaji is helping us to open up the knowledge to those who care for it and practice GRATITUDE. It’s a great journey! Very thrilling and also satisfying!! 20 Years back, I had never thought that the Path to Enlightenment can be systematized to such an extent, that anyone who has attitude of learning can understand it so completely, in such a short duration!!

His GRACE is immense! All those who practice GRATITUDE will make themselves eligible to receive His GRACE. Awareness and Understanding needs to be constantly upgraded to grow as human being. Love and compassion are the virtuous outcome of the enlightened state.

Guruji’s Interview: Part-2

Rishi: Guruji, would you please elaborate on phase 2 of the mission?

Guruji: We have been chosen by Babaji for spreading Grihasthionka Adhyatma - Householders’ Spirituality. With unflinching support from Guruma in every activity of Guru-Karya we have come so far. In 1860 Sri Lahiri Mahashaya had been chosen for the same reason. We are continuing on the same lines of House-holders’ Kriya Yoga. On this path Sanyas is NOT necessary to evolve spiritually. You can continue to do what you are doing, it may be a Job or Business, be with your family and as a normal householder you practice Kriya and Meditation on regular basis to walk the path of liberation. This kind of Spirituality is not at all against your Grihastha Dharma which also includes your married life and your material well-being. 99.9% people on planet earth are house-holders but 90% spirituality is promoted and dominated by Sanyasis and Avadhootas and Aghoras and like…making householders feel helpless at times! Every householder seeker gets this thought once in a while – A Sanyasi has all the time and has no responsibility of household so he can walk the path of spirituality but how can I - as a householder with a family and all the associated responsibilities and very little time for spiritual practices - can evolve spiritually?   

So, we have started working hand in hand with our householder friends. Thousands of couples have been initiated in to Kriya Yoga. They are walking the path of “Seven dimensional Prosperity” through Kriya Yoga and many of them have evolved in wonderful ways. They are able to manage their responsibilities very well and also find time to do their spiritual practices. We have also introduced “Prosperity Yoga” recently for those who are worried about their material well-being and “work-life balance” which is very important for a householder.

In Phase 2 of His mission we have been directed by Him to work with couples and families and initiate them in to Mokshadayini Kriya. This is one of the higher Kriya (Ucha-kriya) and ideally suitable for householders with little time for their spiritual practices on day to day basis. This path brings about harmony in the family and helps everyone in the family to evolve materially as well as spiritually. It is a very balanced path! Also, lots of messages have come from Babaji for Karmakshalan Kriyas. Those of you who have attended Bali International camp have experienced the power of Water and Fire Kriyas as karmakshlan process. Kriya Yoga has made “Living Enlightenment” possible for thousands of couples! The major role was played by SHIVAPAT experiences and the CLARITY of UNDERSTANDING given by Babaji. Once that AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING settles in your being, Living Enlightenment is easy!

Rishi: Please tell us something about the scientific research work and its importance in phase 2 of the mission.

Guruji: Since childhood, I had been associated with many spiritual organisations such as Chinmaya Mission, Ramakrishna Mission, Brahma Kumaries and many such organisations. I had also been influenced by members of Andha-Shraddha Nirmoolan Samity. The reason being, most of spiritual practices I saw in India, I noticed that most of it was based on BLIND FAITH (Andha-Shraddha) and very little TRUTH. Many hotchpotch Babas talking mumbo-jumbo spirituality wanted their “followers” to have faith in them and their words while it never made any sense to a scientific mind. I also saw lots of exploitation of ignorant people going on in name of spirituality. An “Avadhoot” tantric Baba was circulating Chappaties with tea leaves spread on it that would double in few days! (It was nothing more than a case of fungus, scientifically speaking!!) When I started travelling out of India, I saw similar things in Gulf countries as well. One of my students showed me those chappaties with great reverence for a baba and she described how it doubles in every home and she was to continue the chain of this non-sense!! I had mixed feelings by being with her. She was well educated and working in corporate world and yet so gullible and absolutely no scientific understanding. Seeing all such incidences, I decided that we, as a group, must strive for scientific spirituality.

Great Masters are very compassionate and had been giving us wonderful knowledge. For us there is no need to doubt it or to prove it… But, the modern world does not believe in mere words. Modern youth – not only in India, but everywhere in world – have started asking questions, seeking scientific proofs. Hence I decided to cooperate with all those scientist friends who were keen on doing research work. The first one was a Russian lady, Dr. Ludmila from Healthholistic.com Dubai during my first visit in 2008. She had most modern Bio-Feedback machine that worked on auric field sensors and represented the functioning of various organs through graphs. When my scanning was going on, she called all her scientist friends and all were surprized to see the amazing coherence represented by graphs. Dr. Ludmila wanted to know how exactly it is possible and I taught Kriya Yoga and Holistic Health Exercises to their entire family. This was the beginning of our scientific work. After this during my visit to Muscat, our friends from Sultan Qaboos University wanted to see functioning of my heart and brain. The serious experimentation and documentation started but that was not enough. So, we started a scientific wing with a team of scientists to do systematic documentation of effects of Nirmal Kriya and Nirmal Dhyan on human heart and brain. Our team is doing amazing work and soon we are going to have a Mega Event to share the results with every one of you and also publish it in medical journals so that future generations can do the further research work on Kriya Yoga.

In India, we have amazing knowledge in various traditions but because we do not have scientific temperaments and habit of documenting the results of experiments we cannot tell the world about Yoga with great confidence. With scientific proofs published in reputed magazines and medical journals, it will give good background support to our ancient wisdom and our future generation will do further research with great confidence!

This is all as per the divine game plan. Long back it all was read by a naadi-shashtri (palm leaf reader). It was mentioned in that palm-leaf that to prove the effects of Kriya Yoga in scientific manner to the whole world was a part of mission!

Babaji’s mission is amazing! He takes care of everything. We simply have to put our efforts without any doer-ship.

That’s all! 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Many Questions Answered!

Many questions answered – Part: 1

Q-1: I am practicing 49HB Kriya which I learn in L-1 two years back. I feel bored while practicing it and I don’t think I am progressing further on the path. Please help.

A-1: This is normal and experienced by thousands of people practicing Kriya. Any one Kriya you do, will give you good results max up to 48days because your body gets saturated with prana with a specific technique and it DOES NOT add value to your Kriya practice. “Incremental Add-on” is the essence of Kriya Yoga. It is a live tradition. You need to learn higher kriyas and move further. Getting stuck with any one practice is no good. It is bound to bring boredom! For you, next step is to learn “Nadi-samhar Kriya”. You will bounce back to zest of life with it. You will also learn to recognize your attitudes and blind spots with it. To come out of “Blind-Spots” you need to practice “Shakti-Chalini Kriya” for 48 days. Continue learning and practicing, you will soon grow in the dimension of Light of Awareness. Slow and steady wins the race! Kriya yoga is a very systematic way to increase Awareness. Delta change (small incremental change) every 48 days is the essence of growing through Kriya practices. Please study “Panch-Pakoda Principle” from 21 Points Teaching book and find your own chart of combinations of various aspects – such as – Dhyan, Gyan and Bhakti which needs to be added to your Kriya practice.

Q-2: I practice Kriya daily but feel more growth happening with Gyan-Yoga. Should I continue Kriya practice or shift to Gyan Yoga completely?

A-2: Practice of Kriya throws you in to meditation where Gyan happens! For intellectual people, it is good to give ATTENTION to few basic qualities of a MASTER and keep growing in to that dimension through contemplation. Gyan – Yoga is an idea whose time has come! With the dawn of new frequency, more and more intelligent people will get attracted to this way. I recommend you to read Ashtavakra Geeta and Tripura Rahasya. With this new knowledge, you will grow very rapidly on the path. Practice of Kriya is necessary to keep vitality high, without which understanding the scriptures is not possible. Also, continue to meditate as without meditation the intellectual knowledge can get converted in to intellectual arrogance! Also, add Bhakti and be simple and humble and practice GRATITUDE to sustain “Enlightened Living”.

Q-3: I am practicing Kriya and Meditation for last six months religiously. I did experience growth but my clarity of thinking is not very high. What should I do to increase the clarity?

A-3: As you have learnt in L-1 & L-2; the Panch-MahaBhuta- Shuddhikaran-Process is an important learning. Every seeker has to take care of food and nutrition to take care of EARTH element. Drink Alkaline Charged water to balance WATER element. Do Homa-Havan (Fire ceremonies) to increase clarity of FIRE element. Do Kriya daily to balance AIR element and Meditation on daily basis balances SPACE element. Now if you see, in our modern lifestyle, FIRE is the deficit factor. Because of lake of fire element, clarity of thought is missing. Hence I recommend that you add “Havan therapy” to your practice on regular basis. Fire has fantastic advantages as far as the clarity of thought is concerned. It also adds to Light of Awareness! In the new frequency, FIRE has a big role to play. Rishi Culture always knew this secret and hence on every occasion, Rishis do Havan to get clarity. The appropriate action is possible only if you have clarity of thought, without which it is not possible to grow in awareness. So, I highly recommend that you add “Agnihotra” practice on working days and do full-fledge Havan on weekends when time permits. Once the deficit factor is taken care, you will start enjoying balanced lifestyle! God Bless You!

Q-4: I am feeling very restless and do not feel like doing anything. I am not even able to sleep at times and restlessness keeps growing. Pl help at earliest. Life is becoming hell…

A-4: This is because of new heart-beat frequency. It is experienced by many but degree is varying. Being an artist and sensitive person, you are experiencing it more. The answer to your question is already there in my Diwali Greetings mail. Pl read it. If you need any further clarity, pl write to me.

Q-5: I attended L-1 last month and practicing Kriya regularly. I am experiencing high levels of sexual excitement. Is it because of Kriya? How do I handle it?

A-5: Once you start practicing “Panch-Mahabhuta- Shuddhikaran Process” you gain positive health and start enjoying life in all dimensions. For a young man like you, it is normal. Focus more on doing your day to day activities with higher awareness and practice meditation daily. Also read good books and be with people in healthy environment. Watching – witnessing you transcend the urge! Try it!!

Q-6: I have started enjoying Kriya and meditation since last month L-1 course, but my spouse is dead against spiritual practices and creating troubles for me whenever I seat in meditation. How do I handle this challenging situation?
A-6: This is the most difficult question to answer! J I recommend that you come as rejoicer with your spouse to next L-1 course. House-holder’s spirituality is to be practiced together for harmonious living. When husband and wife – both walk the same spiritual path, the conflicts are lesser. Also, learn to respect uniqueness of your spouse as much as your own uniqueness. Continue to practice “Detached Involvement” especially while at home. Be more loving and caring! Give enough attention and I hope, your spouse will not have objections to your meditations! If you have right attitude, every disturbance helps you to get in to expanding awareness! Don’t worry. In any case, you will get used it in three years of married life!!!

Om Prem

Many questions answered Part-2

Q-1: I had been doing Kriya and Meditation for last six months regularly. I have become aware of my emotionality but I am not able to control my emotions 100%. Please bless me to come out of negative emotions such as fear, anger, jealousy and guilt.

A-1: Practice “Attention” of all that is happening. The moment you are attentive to an emotion, it rises to the peak and then withers away! Get in to such attentive mode all the time. This is the beginning of “Emotional Awareness”. With this you will be able to recognize your “Trigger Points” (What triggers your emotionality?) You will also become aware of your “Emotionality Patterns’. Once you have the awareness of these things, you only need to practice “Emotional Awareness” and “Emotional Regulation” to reduce it and come out of it completely. You can also do re-patterning to substitute a positive pattern once you know your negative pattern.

It all starts with “Attitudinal Corrections” to look in to our own “Blind Spots”. Most people do not grow because they do not have right set of attitudes. This world needs attitudinal training in a big way! Training in emotional intelligence is the next thing. Learning is growing. Learning and practicing is the solution. You are asking – “Please bless me to come out of negative emotions…” My blessings are always with you but only blessings will not help you. You have to learn and implement what is being said. It is said, “Blessings of Mahavatar Babaji is showering all the time!” We need to raise ourselves to get it. We raise ourselves to such heights by learning to increase our Awareness and Understanding.

Q-2: What is Kundalini awakening? During meditation I am experiencing sensations in my spine. Is it the beginning of Kundalini awakening?

A-2: About Kundalini everything is discussed in detail. Please read the entire chapter on Kundalini by clicking on this link…

Q-3: What is the difference between Attention and Awareness? Are they same and interchangeable or have different meaning? Also, what is the difference between Sakshi and Drishta? What is consciousness? Is it same as Atma? It’s all very confusing. Pl clarify…

A-3: Yes! For a beginner it is all very confusing! If you read more books of many Masters, it will be even more confusing as all Masters have used these words in their own ways.

So let us have clarity. Attention is a “Quality of higher-Self” capable of throwing Light and illuminating the field. Say, for example, your leg is moving unconsciously. The moment you give attention to it, its field is illuminated and as a result it becomes known to you. Awareness is real YOU, you can call it awakened atman. (Un-awakened Atman is Badhaatma – bonded soul - normally called Jivatma). When awareness becomes aware of itself, it is known as awakening – Buddhahood – Enlightenment.

Sakshi mean Sa-Akshi meaning one with eyes or the one who is seeing! Seer in you is Sakshi! It’s active awareness of thought. Active Drishta is Sakshi. When you start watching the watcher, Sakshi gets converted in to Drishta. Drishta is passive awareness. When awareness becomes aware of itself, trio of “Drishta – Drishya – Darshan” disappears! This is enlightenment.

Consciousness is the substratum on which the game is played. You can consider the game of illusion as movie, various Jivatmas as actors acting in the movie. The consciousness is the curtain on which the movie is projected. Hence everything else is changing except the curtain of consciousness!

Word “Atma” is used in common language in Indian culture. It is to be understood as Jivatma when it is shrouded by various belief systems and hence bonded and not free. Here, it is called as Jivatma or Baddha-atma. When it gets released from its karma, it merges in to higher-self known as Paramatma. This is a good landmark but not the end of the journey. From here onwards one needs to walk the path to Monad by tracing Sutratma and through Antahkaran shuddhi.

Q-4: I had been to many Gurus and had blessings of them as many Gurus visit Dubai. Even after receiving all their blessings, most of the time I am confused and I don’t seem to be growing on spiritual path. Why is it so?

A-4: Meeting various Gurus and getting their blessings is good. Masters blessings are always good. But they do not work equally well for all as your Karma will define your life journey. Masters blessings are like ocean! Everyone will receive according to the size of your pot. How much can you carry in your pot? Even if your pot is bigger, it will not last forever. So, you may feel good for some time, but it will remain temporary. Hence only Master’s blessings cannot create the change or transformation you are looking forward to.

You need to walk your path. It’s your own journey! It’s better to be in touch with a Master with whom you click well and the one who is available to you for personal guidance. Today, most popular Gurus have become so big, they do not meet anybody! They are not even available to their disciples who are also their teachers! And this is not for criticism of anybody. Because of the size of the organizations, it is practically impossible for them to meet their own people!
Be wise. Know for sure that “Everything that glitters is not gold!” Take your own decisions. Don’t get trapped in to “Cooked up - promoted Stories” by such groups.

One of the real ways to know the Master is through Science. Today modern science is developed to the extent that even “Enlightenment” can be proved in a laboratory! Pseudo teachers will start trembling the moment you talk to them about taking them to laboratory. And those who are smart to protect their hypocrisy - will say, “I have nothing to prove!” (Really they have “nothing” to prove!) Scientific spirituality is always a better option.

Another way to know a pseudo teacher is they ask for faith in them at the beginning! A real Guru will say, experiment! A real Master does not ask for faith. The true faith will happen as a by-product of your experimentation with meditation through your own experiences. If the methodology is right, you will grow in AWARENESS. If you are not growing in awareness, it’s time to look within.

Kashmir Shaivism, Tripura Rahasya, Sri Vidya, Ashtavakra Geeta and all such scriptures talk about spiritual practices which are for developing Awareness and Understanding. Many teachers who are Mystics (But not the Master) – They have their own experience, and some capable Mystics can also transfer their experience through Pranapat / Shaktipat but as they do not have the way to help you to increase your AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING hence you cannot get benefited much by following them! In “Masters Training” this is the first topic. Read notes of Masters Training posted earlier on this group. Here is the link…  http://in.groups.yahoo.com/group/eesworld/message/1242  

The higher Schumann frequency (Heart-beat of Gaia) prevalent on earth now, needs intense learning and awareness development meditations for ascension.  And so we have decided to have only “High Intensity Learning Retreats” from now onwards. Kriya – Dhyan – Satsang programs will focus more on Gyana Yoga now onwards.

We are soon going to announce weeklong retreats on Ashtavakra Geeta, Tripura Rahasya, Kashmir Shaivism and Sri Vidya. Pyramid Ashram at Kalyan is now ready for this type of intense learning. High intensity learning is NOT for masses. It is only for those who are sincere seekers and want to learn and grow. Those who do not expect to grow only with blessings are ready for such learning experiences. If you believe that only Master’s blessings will do it for you, you are mistaken.

The real meaning of the “Blessings of the Master” is when you are with a Master you start learning and growing in Awareness and Understanding and that is the way you absorb the blessings. It has more to do with YOU and the situation of “Intense Learning”. A real Master will create an environment and motivate disciples to walk the path. The way there are no free meals in the same way there is no ready-made enlightenment! Enlightenment is guaranteed if you walk the path of Awareness and Understanding. All the scriptures are talking about this only. Because you do not read scriptures, you do not understand this. Weekend teachers themselves do not have time for scriptures hence they are not capable of giving such clarity.

As a student in my Sadhana years, I have asked this question of “Blessings” to many great Masters personally. (J. Krishnamurti, Swami Chinmayananda, Swami Dayananda Saraswati, Osho Rajneesh, Kiran Swami, Sant Amitabh, Vimala Thakkar, Dada Gavand, Ramesh Balsekar, Ranjit Maharaj, Pilot Baba, Gorakh Baba to name a few) because the most popular sayings of Kriya Yoga is “Guru Kripa hie Kevalam”. Now, if only Guru-kripa is going to do the job, why should I do Kriya and Meditation and learn the scriptures? All the Masters said, “You need to do your bit to prepare yourself!” And that’s the point!!

Q-5: What is the difference between Shaktipat and Shivapat?

A-5: Shaktipat is “Energy Transfer” from Master to Disciple. At lower level it is Pranapat. It elevates your Prana-Shakti and you gain health. At times, few Shaktipat Masters open the chakras with Shaktipat but the real Shaktipat awakens the Kundalini and it is rare! Masters who can handle Kundalini awakening of individuals are rare and those who can do such experiments at mass level are rarest!!

Shivapat is NOT “Energy Transfer”. Shivapat is all about Master sharing his own Enlightenment with the disciples by instantly raising them to newer dimension of awakening. Shivapat experience will take you to higher levels of Awareness and will help you walk your own path in true sense. Through Shivapat experiences when Master shares his Enlightenment, disciple gets it as Satori experience! Satory experience is a glimpse of enlightenment. It becomes permanent when you listen to words of the Master and remain in the higher understanding which is your own! All of you who have attended Aura Workshop have seen the magical effects of Shivapat. How instantly it elevates your awareness and the effect is you actually start “seeing” with two eyes! In genuine spirituality there is no component of imagination. All those who focus on “Third Eye” they are not seeing, they are hallucinating! When Kundalini rises up to third eye; one starts hallucinating. It’s only when the wisdom eye opens, hallucinations stop! This is proven scientifically and also statistically. And the most important point here is - unless your awareness grows, you will never be able to differentiate between what is real and what is hallucination. Most seekers today are caught-up in “Mind Games” because they do not have right methodology of “Awareness Development”. Path to liberation is not through the hallucinations of third eye; it is through awareness development with understanding.

All those who are running after “Experiences” let us have right understanding of this very experience. The very nature of “Experience” is such that it cannot last forever! Hence do not hang on to your old experiences. What you are hanging on is only the “memory” of that experience and not the real experience! In fact, hanging on to the memory of an experience becomes hurdle to have further experiences! Consider all experiences as passing phase! All experiences belong to the “Experiencer”! And who is the experiencer? Ego is the experiencer! When you have no more experiences, that is the real experience (Anubhuti)! No experience is sustainable. Only Understanding is sustainable. Learning the scriptures is necessary to develop the understanding. Only those who have systematic learning approach and do appropriate Sadhana grow on the spiritual path. This way you develop your “Experiential Understanding”.

Master’s presence is a blessing of life. In the presence of the Master the growth is fastest. First thirteen chapters of “Tripura Rahasya” consistently convey this message! Gurudev Dattatreya helps the disciple Parshuram on the path to enlightenment in his own presence! Parshuram is considered as Vishnu’s Avatar. If a Vishnu’s avatar needs a live Guru, what about you and me? Other Vishnu’s avatars Rama had his Guru in Vashishta Rishi. Krishna had Sandipani Rishi as his Guru.

I have tremendous Gratitude for my Master Sri Dada Gavand in whose presence the light of awareness – Enlightenment - happened. Sri Ranjit Maharaj who taught me to fly in “Vihangam Marga’ (The Way of a Bird). At present I am learning the secrets of “Pashupat Shaivism” at the lotus feet of an Immortal Yogi and you all know him very well. Learning in the presence of a live Guru – what a blessing of life!!!

All my friends who are seriously interested in learning - here are few insightful landmarks from my own life.
1)    The first level of understanding happened to me by learning Bhagvad Geeta and Vedanta (various Upanishads) from Swami Chinmayananda. This is the understanding of 25 elements. This phase helped me to become a sincere seeker – a mumukshu.
2)    Next level of understanding happened by being with a very unorthodox Master Sri Dada Gavand. He helped me to be more attentive and the light of awareness grew leading to enlightenment.
3)    Third level of Understanding happened by being with Sri Ranjit Maharaj. He taught to fly in Vihangam Marg – A way of a bird.
4)    Next level of Understanding happened through Shivapat experience given by Sri Lakshamanjoo Maharaj in astral dimension and 36 elements of Kashmir Shaivism were revealed and further higher Understanding happened that completed the jigsaw puzzle of my understanding!
5)    Now the next level of higher learning of secrets of immortality is happening by learning Pashupat Shaivism with 46 elements. The journey continues…

Now, here is the warning bell for those who entertain the myth that there is no way to enlightenment… Well, there is a way and this way is guaranteed! The way is through higher understanding of various elements! So, next time you invite me to Dubai, let us have intense learning camp of Kashmir Shaivism. You will learn, experience and understand 36 elements and 32 states of Being – a path to liberation!


Om Prem

Many questions answered: part-3

Q-1: Recently I came across a miracle. I saw lot of ash flowing down from a photograph of a spiritual Master. Being a scientific minded person, I keep thinking about it as I know that to every miracle there is an underlying structure. The moment we know the science, it is no more a miracle. But in this case, I am not able to understand the science and the person at whose residence it is happening is an honest man. He has nothing to do with money and name and fame. I am confused. Please help.

A-1: As a scientific minded person I have seen and recorded hundreds of such cases in past few decades. Initially I was surprised, but as the science is now known, it is no more surprising.

There is a science called “Teleportation” where an article travels through the “Sub-Space” and hence its movement is not seen by naked eyes. Scientists have already succeeded in proving teleportation in laboratory. Yogis and Rishis knew it through spiritual science. “Brahmastra” used during Maha Bharat war traveled through sub-space!

In the modern times, Swami Vishuddhananad Dev knew it and he used to demonstrate such things and many other miracles through “Surya Vigyan”. It is a science of molecular modification through use of sun rays and subtle elemental control. Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj has described it in details in biography of Paramhamsa Swami Vishuddhanand Dev and the famous traveler Paul Brinton has also described such incidences in his book “In Secret search of India”.

Let me narrate this incidence which happened in front of 100+ scientists from world over in a conference at Bangalore, two years back. A spiritual master called a person from audience and made him sit on a chair facing audience. Then master went behind him and rubbed hands on his head to take out a crystal ball. I was in the front raw and photographed this event. The Master was none other than Rev. Alex Orbito, a Philippines based popular Psychic surgeon and the person on whose head he created the crystal ball was none other than Ex. CBI Director Dr. D. R. Karthikeyan, the one who investigated the Rajiv Gandhi case and he is now a legal advisor to Indian government.

There are Tantriks who have demonstrated it too. They use “Pishach Siddhi” for such purpose. They have a team of “Pishach” (ghosts) under their control and they help to do such tasks. It is possible to see the movement of such subtle bodies by clairvoyants and also by modern Kirlian cameras. This method seems to be the most popular these days as most cases are of this type. A tantric can order his “Team” to carry the ash from one place and put it at another place. It can be a photograph or it can be on your head too! A friend from Dubai recently narrated one such his experience in which ash started flowing from his crown chakra when he was with a Tantrik master in south India! Somehow my friend saved himself but most gullible audience gets influenced by such Tantriks and they get exploited. At times, those who get exploited don’t even know! Few consider such experience as “Spiritual experiences” and start promoting such experiences on their blogs and groups to impress the novice spiritual seekers through glamorizing them as something special!

Wait and watch. With development of modern science, everything is becoming clear! Modern Kirlian cameras and “Aura videos” are helping us to segregate genuine from fake! Another point to note: Genuine Masters demonstrate in front of scientists while fake ones hide the name of their tantric masters! Think… and you will become clear on this point.

Q-2: What is the difference between spiritism and spirituality?

A-2: Spiritism deals with spirit world Рsubtle entities, s̩ances, mediums, plainchant and Ouija boards, using chilies for havan (Fire Ceremony), Mirchi Pooja and all such things! Many immature people get entangled in such things with Tantrik masters in the name of spirituality while real spirituality has nothing to do with it.

Spirituality is all about “Spirit” which means Atman. Adhyatma means “Adi - Atma” means “about the Atma”!

With meditation - as your mind becomes subtler, you can get special powers called “Siddhies” and get tempted towards spirit world. A genuine seeker – mumukshu - knows about it and never gets interested in Siddhies. It is good to walk the spiritual path heading towards enlightenment without getting in to by-lanes of spiritism. If you are an intellectual or scientific minded person, better focus on Vihangam Marg (The way of a Bird) by reading books of Vihangam Marga Masters such as Nissargadatta Maharaj, Ranjit Maharaj or read scriptures such as Ashtavakra Geeta, Tripura Rahasya etc. and walk the path to enlightenment.

Many youngsters these days are getting into spiritism because of inquisitiveness or at times – unknowingly; and getting into troubles at later date. There are people who get into spiritism for short term material benefits and pay very heavily for it at a later date!

Q-3: What is enlightenment in scientific terms? How is it proven in laboratory?

A-3: With modern scientific equipment, it is possible to look into the activity of mind through MRI scanning of brain. There are many methods. In sleep labs too it is possible to know the activity of certain points in brain. So, it is possible to prove the state of non-thinking in laboratory by monitoring the brain wave activity. Scientists say, “If one can stay in a state of non-thinking for about 40 minutes at a stretch, God spot situated in brain gets activated and person gets special experiences” Scientists are working to know the activities of certain points in brain (associated with pituitary and pineal glands) and trying to correlate the brain mapping with it.

Beta waves, Alpha waves, Theta waves and Delta waves are known to scientist working in sleep labs. These brain waves are localized at certain points in brain and seen in certain conditions. E.g. Theta waves are seen during dreaming state which is also associated with REM (Rapid Eye Movements) sleep. These are normally seen in everyone. In certain cases scientists have seen C40 and C200 waves. These are not localized at certain points in the brain but they are coherent oscillations of 40Hz or 200Hz seen across the brain. These non-localized gamma waves are indicative of extraordinary state of meditator when thoughts are not there but awareness is highest.

In a recently concluded experiment at USA, thousands of Lamas doing “Mindfulness Meditation” appeared for a test in laboratory. Scientists are keen to know short term and long term effects of meditation on brain. It will be really interesting to note the findings and conclusions of scientist when the sample size is so high.

As a group we are engaged in a land-mark study of effects of Kriya and Meditation on brain. Our team of scientists and doctors will keep you updated on new research findings.

Om Prem