Tuesday, May 2, 2017

How to invite Grace?

Monday 1st May 2017
My dear Soulmates,
“Gurukripa hi kevalam” is maha-mantra of Kriya yoga and right understanding. But very few people know how to invite grace and what prevents grace… here are few pointers to ponder over for how to be a good recipient of GRACE.

(1) Meditate. Stay in thoughtless zone with full awareness. This is the way to receive GRACE directly.

(2) Practice GRATITUDE. Gratitude invites GRACE.

(3) While being with people, operate from heart with LOVE.

(4) Keep your awareness high throughout the day. GRACE is a happening. It can happen any moment! So be aware!

(5) Practice COMPASSION. Compassion in your heart develops gamma brain waves which is a must to receive grace.

(6) Be simple. Be humble. Be willing to learn in every situation through spiritual insights. 

(7) Be in the company of wise ones. Wise ones continuously radiate gamma waves! (Now proven scientifically)

(8) Read and contemplate on scriptural understanding to get deeper INSIGHTS.

(9) Continuously improve your ATTITUDES through higher AWARENESS and UNDERSTANDING.

(10) Continuously increase your awareness and stay in higher awareness without any expectations. GRACE happens.

Few pointers that prevent Grace….

(1) Deviating from one’s own Swadharma. Sanyasi must follow Sanyas Dharma. Householder must follow Grihastha Dharma. Your life philosophy and Belief system must be in line with your Swadharma. When your attitudes and life priorities are messed up, it hinders the grace!

(2)  Glamorization and glorification of Guru’s physical form will sooner or later lead to disillusionment. Guru is Tattva and not a physical form. Do not get attached to the form.

Love n light
Prem Nirmal

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