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Divya Drishti – Guruji interviewed by Rishi Bodhi Satva (RBS)

RBS: Congratulations Guruji for this wonderful gift of Divya Drishti to all. It’s amazing - how instantly every one could see Aura!

Guruji: Thank you Rishi…

RBS: Would you please share with us the secrets of Divya Drishti…

Guruji: Divya Drishti is an ancient art from Rishi Culture. Many Rishis in past knew this Vidya. Many such incidences have been recorded in scriptures. It is done by elevating the Soul to newer dimension.
RBS: Is it Shaktipat?

Guruji: It is Shaktipat plus Shivapat and much more! In this art of giving Divya Drishti the entire environment is influenced through the vibrations. That’s why everyone is able to see the unseen! There were people in the room who did not understand Hindi or English, the language spoken during meditation. Even those people got it! Because it is not the matter of language! It is vibrations that elevate the soul!!

RBS: But then why everyone got different results?

Guruji: The vibrations were emitted equally to all but everyone has different and unique capacity to receive! It’s like you go to ocean to fetch the water. Quantity of water you carry home will depend on the size of the vessel you have!! This unique capacity depends on purity of soul. That’s why we give so much importance to “Antahakaran Shuddhi” in our Sadhana. More the purity, more the capacity to receive these vibrations! Everyone present in the room could see aura. Many could see colors while few purest souls could even see Angels in the room! Purest of souls got elevated to Angelic dimension by receiving those vibrations hence they could see angels! It all depends on the purity of soul.

RSB: In this Divya Drishti Initiation, are there levels?

Guruji: Yes! It’s fully developed science of Rishi Culture. There are many levels of Initiations of Divya Drishti. First Level of Initiation is to see Aura / Energy Body. Second level of Initiation is to see Astral body or Emotional body, also known as color aura. Third level of Initiation is to see Astral entities with naked eyes. With fourth level of initiations you can see Chakras with naked eyes! With fifth level of Initiations you see causal body, karmas, past births etc.

RSB: Wow! Awesome!! Has it been done? I mean all these levels experiments you have done?

Guruji: Yes! 1452 Participants have got first level of Initiations so far and 55 participants so far have got fourth level initiations and they are able to see Chakras with naked eyes. We will conduct “Causal Lab” soon and fifth level of Initiations will be available to those who participate in this experiment.

RSB: Guruji, is this ability to see the unseen permanent or does it go away with passage of time?

Guruji: Divya Drishti initiations give you permanent ability to see the unseen. The chances of gathering dust on this ability are always there. So, it’s the responsibility of the recipient to remove the dust from one’s own mirror!

RSB: So how to do daily dusting?

Guruji: Participant has to keep his/her mirror clean by daily practice of 49 HB Nirmal Kriya followed by 6 step Nirmal Dhyan. Also, being humble and simple in once behaviors and interaction with others helps but the most important aspect of keeping the mirror clean is the practice of Attitude of Gratitude.

RSB: Guruji, how did you do it?

Guruji: There is no How! It’s Guru-Kripa! It’s Babaji’s Blessings!! It’s GRACE of Babaji that creates the magic! This body is “Nimit-matra” – Just a vehicle to emit His Grace.

RSB: Thank you very much Guruji.

Divya Drishti – Guruji’s interview: Part – 2

RBS: Guruji, Can “Divya Drishti” be given to anyone and everyone?

Guruji: So far I have not come across a person who does not have the capacity to receive these vibrations of “Divya Drishti” Initiations. In general person has to be in good health and sound mind to receive this capacity. There are no special pre-requisites for it.

RBS: Guruji, what is the spiritual significance of this ability to see aura multiple layers?

Guruji: Aura reading has tremendous significance on the path of Kriya Yoga. Each layer seen is more like confirmatory test of your progress in spiritual Sadhana. The very fact that you are able to see the unseen on your own, with your naked eyes, gives tremendous confidence to you to walk the path. Most modern educated people have lots of doubts about spiritual practices and the progress on the path. Not many Gurus have systematic approach and hence their disciples are not able to know their own progress on the path (the path of no path!). But with Aura reading, you know for sure about your progress.

During Aura Reading Sessions we have noted that few students are not able to see only certain color. It has got Karmic connections with past birth issues! So aura reading is not just the confirmatory test but it is also a diagnostic tool to know your past birth pending issues. Aura reading gives us so many insights into our own being!

RBS: What is the ultimate that is possible with this art and science of aura reading?

Guruji: The ultimate is to know the secrets of Sutratma! To know your past births and your journey so far and walk your own path to enlightenment – the ultimate adventure! Aura reading ability at the peak helps us to see the Akashic Records and we can also read the past births of a person and solve the relationship entanglement issues. There are so many incidences in our life which have no logical base! Our conscious mind always gets confused and hankers for the answers but those answers are not there in the arena of the conscious mind. The real answers to life’s existential questions are in understanding of Sutratma and knowledge of pending past birth issues.

RBS: Do you have systematic records of such specific issues?

Guruji: Yes, as a scientist I had been good at compiling the records for further analysis. In fact, now I am doing research in understanding Akashic records and connecting them to Patterns recognition technique through astrology. I am very happy with the insights we have got so far with this research.

RBS: What is the purpose of such research?

Guruji: This research has tremendous significance for humanity! With this research we can find out the “Root Cause” of any specific existential issue of life, - may it be a karmic relationship entanglement, financial crisis or detection of cancer. Not only that, we also get insights into how to heal those issues! In past few months we have hundreds of cases where we have seen such miracles happening.

RBS: Can you share some basic insights from your latest research associating Akashic Records Reading and Astrology in lay man’s language?

Guruji: Yes! Let me refer to some specific cases in front of me right now.

(1) Stubbornness and weight management are connected. More the stubbornness less are the chances of losing weight! Those who are highly stubborn in their thoughts and behavior cannot lose weight with any method. So Re-patterning needs to be done to move from Stubbornness to Flexibility! But, this is not easy at the level of conscious mind. Intellectual information does not create transformation! We need to look in to past lives pending issues and see from where that stubbornness is coming. We also need to work-out the methods for removing such effects from past lives. Only after that we get breakthrough!

(2) Most seekers are not able to sustain their enlightenment because they do not practice gratitude. It is a pattern of not practicing gratitude that needs to be changed!

(3) Resentment in relationships (may it be this life time or previous life times) causes cancer. Cancer also has few other associated issues such as irritations / Anger / Pride / Insulting behavior etc. Once we understand these patterns and do re-patterning, miraculous remission of cancer is possible.

Now, do you understand the importance such research?

RBS: Yes, Guruji. Thank you very much for sharing these most valuable insights with us. Thank you!

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