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Secrets of Kundalini

(CAUTION: Please note that this chapter is uploaded only for those friends who had experiences of Kundalini. But, YOU the reader, if you have no experience of Kundalin awakening and if you read this chapter, it will not make much sense! On the contrary, it can create misunderstanding due to the words used... as intellect can grasp these words! So, be careful while reading this and don’t jump to conclusions! If you do not understand, please ask. I am available. Shivoham, Prem)

Now we will go into great details of types of Kundalini awakening experiences that one has. All of you had different experiences. In our chakra workshop Level II that is Chakra & Kundalini workshop, all of you learnt to see the chakras with naked eyes and with kirlan camera we captured the Kundalini awakening process of 45 people, 25 people in the first batch and 20 people in the second batch. It is no more unknown and is very much known and proved through camera. It is seen by everybody. But you must understand what Kundalini awakening is. What type of Kundalini awakening you had? What are the different types of Kundalini awakening experiences? All these things become important.

I never talked about these things because if you did not have experience and if I told you about these things you would start imagining about these things. That imagination will actually hinder your growth on the path. All these things are discussed after you have had the experience so that so that you understand the experience. Understanding of the experience has to happen afterwards. First you must have the experience and then you understand the experience because that understanding is experiential because you have already experienced. If we discuss these things without you having any such experiences at the most it will become a concept for you. Some of you may start imagining it, some may start visualizing it and all that will actually become hindrance on your path. That is why this is not to be discussed before. These things are to be discussed only after the major experience.

There are three types of Kundalini awakening experiences. The highest form is called Para Kundalini. The middle form is called Chid Kundalini and the lower form is called Prana Kundalini. Para Kundalini cannot be experienced in the physical body by the Yogi. Para Kundalini is the ultimate Kundalini that gives rise to the Universe. It is a Universal Phenomena, it is not a local phenomena. It is not a human phenomenon. Para Kundalini is what we call Kundalini of Shiva. It is Shiva. Kundalini and Shiva are one. That Kundalini gives rise to the Universe. In Kashmir Shaivism there is lot of importance given to Visarga. Visarga is the two dots. The upper dot is called Shiva and the lower dot is called as Shakti at the highest level of tattwas. If you come down one level lower, the upper bindu is Sadashiva, the lower bindu is Isahwara that is third and fourth element. Sadashiva has the power of revilement, that which reveals. Ishwara has the power of concealment that which conceals. Visarga also represents the power of revealing and the power of concealing. It is because of these powers at the Para Kundalini level that Shiva created the Universe and is lost into the Universe. So the Universe is created and revealed but Shiva is concealed, it is because of the Para Kundalini. When the dissolution of Universe happens the Universe is concealed but the Shiva is revealed. This game at the Universal level is happening because of Para Kundalini. More than this cannot be said about Para Kundalini. Yogi cannot experience Para Kundalini in the physical body at all. It’s too huge. If at all it is experienced, it is by highest kind of Yogi at the time of death where you are into that Universal self and leave the body. Only then Para Kundalini is experienced at the time of death, otherwise it is not.

You need to do the practice of Ajapa Gayatri properly, get into the awareness of sandhikal, the turning point, the threshold point; whatever word you use, all mean the same. You get into the sandhikal of your breath then you get into the sandhikal of your thoughts. When one thought ends and the second thought begins there is a sandhikal, the junction, the threshold. You have to become aware of that Gap. You can use the word gap for that sandhi. As you go on practicing Ajapa Gayatri, your breath becomes slower and slower and at one moment it will stop. You keep watching your thoughts, at one moment your thoughts will also stop, then you have only GAP throughout. When you become steady in the gap, suddenly the Kundalini Shakti gets into the Muladhara, you keep watching , it straight moves to third eye, you may just breath out and it moves to Sahasrara and opens your Brahmarandra and you start experiencing the Jagadananda, universal bliss. This experience is called as Chid Kundalini. This can be perfect description of enlightenment experience because when you get into the Jagadananda, the dissolution of ‘I’ is complete in this process. The mind gets dropped. You are steady in the no-mind state. But in this state, the no-mind state, there is no void.

There is a huge confusion going on with meditators. If you do Buddhist meditation you get into Shunyata. Shunyata is the state of non thinking. In English we can call it as Void. But in the state of Void you cannot experience Jagadananda, universal bliss. In the Void there is no bliss, it is just a void. This is where Kashmir Shaivism Practices are far more superior. Here enthusiastically you are refreshing your awareness every nanosecond and capturing your turning points. In the same way, you go on increasing your awareness; you go on refreshing your awareness every nanosecond and capture the Gap. Even when you become steady in the Gap, you go on refreshing your awareness every nanosecond. There is no thought but refreshing of awareness is there, in that refreshing of awareness you will stumble upon, at one point, where the awareness becomes aware of itself. There is absolutely no thought but awareness becomes aware of itself and there is a great vibrancy. That vibrancy brings about ecstasy. It is the effervescent silence not the dead void, that is the experience of Chid Kundalini.

These experiences happen only to those Yogis who are not having any attachment with the material world, they have already transcended materiality. Most of the grihasthis that I have seen so far, the record shows they get into the aspect of Chid Kundalini. The Grihasthi is already comfortable with the sex aspect as he is a married person, already comfortable with money aspect, then you have lost interest. This experience of Kundalini is thousand fold higher in ecstasy compared to the sexual orgasm and with this experience you are no more interested in small worldly pleasures because you have experienced such a high level thing that these minor things will not attract you. For a Grihasthi it is very easy. For a Sanyasi who has never experienced sex in a proper manner, in a right kind of relationship, it will be very difficult. For a person who has not enjoyed money it will be very difficult. That is why not many Sanyasis are successful on the path of spirituality. Their desires are there and those desires make them Swami Scandalananda. Now do you understand why I am promoting grihasthiyonka adhyatma? Grihasthi is far more solid on the path of spirituality. Those temptations are not there, you have enjoyed. You have enjoyed enough, you are finished with it. Then you can have the experience of Chid Kundalini. But those people who have spiritual experiences and are also materialistic they are on the way. Those people, if they do these practices they will get Prana Kundalini experience, the third category.

There are different types of Prana Kundalini experiences. How the Kundalini pierces all the chakras and gets to the third eye, from Muladhara to third eye, the kind of piercing that happens is called ‘Vedha’. Vedha means to pierce through. There are different types of Vedhas and that defines what kind of Kundalini awakening experience you had. People who are initiated systematically in the Kriya Yoga and Kashmir Shaivism, you go by mantra and at every level there is a different mantra. Aham aham idam,idam is one mantra. Idam aham is the second mantra. Aham is the third mantra, which means I am. If you go on contemplating on ‘I am’ and Kundalini rises as you go deep into meditation, from the Muladhara it rises and goes to the navel, pierces that and comes to the heart, pierces through the heart comes to the throat, piercing through comes to the third eye. This kind of Kundalini experience is known as Mantra Vedha because you are practicing and contemplating on the Mantra ‘I am’. Many people who are seriously following Ramana Maharshi’s path, contemplating upon who am I, they stumble upon this and suddenly Kundalini awakening happen. Your contemplation on who am I will result into I am that and that will lead to Mantra Veda and many people had this kind of experience.

In prana Kundalini it necessarily moves from different chakras, all the chakras open up and that is what is captured in the camera. The chakras can be seen by the camera, they can be seen by the naked eyes also. How much percentage of chakra is open on the scale of 0 to 100, the software gives the percentage also. Fully opened is 100%, half opened is 50%, it can be anything between 0 to 100%. There is software that defines all these levels, it defines energy levels, and everything can be measured now. Science itself has grown. I don’t say that it has grown to the ultimate extent but these subtle bodies experiences, chakra experiences are very much measurable, and they are quantifiable.

There is another type of Kundalini experience that happens called Nada Vedha. In Nada Veda you experience and listen from inside various sounds. The sounds are called Nada. Nada Yogis know in great detail how to create this experience of Kundalini awakening known as Nada Veda. Few of my friends including myself, all of us, we had this experience when few years back we went to Bihar School of Yoga. There was an American gentleman who was an expert in music, he was playing the basic notes on the harmonium and he went on playing for almost half an hour and we were meditating just listening to that Nada. Suddenly quite a few people in the group had this Kundalini awakening experience, known as Nada Vedha. You listen to the sound and it moves one after the other and when the chakra opened you listened to the sound of that chakra. It’s called chakra swara.

Swara means sound. Every chakra has its own sound and that can be heard from inside. When the Kundalini awakening happens and starts rising from the Muladhara you have the sound of the creature cricket. As it moves to the Swadisthan you get the sound of cricket but intermittently. When it comes to the Manipur you get the sound of thundering. When the Kundalini pierces and further comes to heart you get the sound of Dhol, (Drums) actually it is the sound of your heart, and you actually listen to the sound; that is what Nada Vedha is. You actually get the sound very clearly. When it moves to the throat chakra you get the sound of conch blowing. When it pierces the third eye you get the sound of the bell. You may wonder who is ringing the bell, it’s an inside sound. That’s chakra swara. When it pierces the third eye and your Sahasrara opens you get the sound of flute, basuri. They say that Krishna’s basuri is all the time available. It is a fact. It is all the time playing but you listen to that only when the Sahasrara is pierced through the Kundalini. You actually listen to the sound of flute, omkar nada, they are actually heard. Quite a few of us heard it, it just happened. Everything just happened in half an hour. Amazing! This is Nada Vedha and a Nada Yogi who knows how to play the musical notes perfectly well they can induce it through music.

The experiences all depend on what kind of desires, intentions you have while doing sadhana. If you have the intention to experience the universal reality you will get the first kind of experience by using the mantra aham or contemplating on who am I. that is the experience of mantra Vedha. Nada Veda experience will happen to those people who have the desire of uplifting humanity, those who have bodhisattva characteristics. Such people are real missionary people. Their only mission is to help people, teach, they are the great teachers. Their job is to teach to uplift humanity, to help other people; they get this experience of Nada Vedha. That desire will bring this experience. It will happen naturally. Whatever is your real intention accordingly you will get Kundalini awakening experience.

Those people who are attached to the comfort, joy, and who want peace of mind, normal grihasthi people want this. If you do the practices that we will be doing in Dwarahat, if you are very much keen on having peace of mind you get Bindu Vedha. What happens is you get into the thoughtless state and suddenly the energy seeps into your Muladhara and it starts moving upwards opening each and every chakra as if a fountain of semen is moving up, that kind of energy is there. Here the ecstasy is comparable to sexual energy but thousand fold more. It is not comparable but to put it into words that is how it is described. Bindu Vedha, the semen energy, the sexual energy moves like a fountain and you experience what is thousand fold more powerful experience then what one can get in sexual ecstasy. That is called as Bindu Vedha.

The fourth type of experience, the people who have this desire or intention of having healthy body so that they can work without fatigue, they can do their job and complete their job without, fatigue, more powerful, there the energy moves like energy and their experience is of energy only, you feel ecstasy all over the body, energetic experience is called Shakta Vedha, you experience Shakti. You feel ecstasy all over the body in the form of energy. That is called Shakta Vedha.

The fifth experience, most of the Indians who had many lifetimes in India and had walked the path of Kundalini Yoga, we have this perception of Kundalini as a serpent and we have this idea which is our traditional idea that Kundalini energy is sitting in the Muladhara as a serpent with three and a half turns coiled. Its potential is in the Muladhara. When you do the meditational practices that serpent moves up and the tail of the serpent remains in the Muladhara. It moves up opening every chakra, comes to the third eye and opens the Brahmarandra and moves up. That kind of Vedha is known Bhujang Vedha, the piercing by the cobra and many people have heard the hissing sound. When the Kundalini awakening happens cobra makes a hissing sound in the sushumana nadi and you have the feeling as if the cobra has awakened and has moved through all the chakras. That is called Bhujang Vedha.

Those who stay with the Master and somehow they desire to be the Master, it is like an induced desire, they start secretly contemplating on that, one day also become the Master. They also do this job of uplifting humanity. Intentions are good but they are not talking about it, secretly they have this intention in their being, it means they are destined to become a Master in the future. Those people also will have Kundalini awakening, they will also hear the sound of the black bee and the Kundalini awakening happens. That kind of sound is heard from insides and as the chakras are pierced through it is called Bhramar Vedha. So, in many different ways Kundalini awakening happens.

These are the basic six types of Kundalini awakening. Basic experience is same, perception varies depending on your desire or ambition or your intention, all mixed. On what kind of Kundalini experience you will have, you have no control. It is decided by your being depending on the kind of desires, ambition or intention. With this the basic discussion on the various types of Kundalini awakening ends.

Chid Kundalini experience can be labeled as enlightenment experience. But if you have prana Kundalini experience you don’t have to stop there. There is lot more ahead. Prana Kundalini experience cannot be labeled as enlightenment experience because the desire is there, the thought is still there. So, one has to walk. You can have the experience of prana Kundalini. As you go deeper you become free of desires. You will have Chid Kundalini experience. It is not that if you have one you cannot have the other. In fact I had the experience of Chid Kundalini first by being with Dadaji. Today 4th September is his birthday. His methodology will induce Chid Kundalini experience. Only when we went to Bihar school of Yoga because of the Nada Yogi, Nada yoga happened it was beyond my control. Not that I wanted it but it happened. That was the effect of music. But I experienced what Nada Vedha is, the sound of every chakra, known as chakra swara, everything was experienced and I was not alone, quite a few other people also experienced the same thing. So, it is not that you can’t have multiple experiences. In fact you can have different kinds of experiences at different times and that is what gives you the richness of experiences. So don’t stop at any particular experience.

Pass through Prana Kundalini experience, as a grihasthi you are more likely to pass, then when you came to age of retirement like me, you will have Chid Kundalini experience as then the basic desires are not there but that will be still labeled as self realization and enlightenment experience and the game does not end with that. That is the main point of the discussion today. There is a more detailed, unknown approach to the whole thing which is normally not given by the Masters. It is not that the Masters did not know but these things were never discussed in any circle because Masters did not get batches of enlightened students. Now that we have so many enlightened people we need to discuss the knowledge of what is beyond enlightenment. From Atma Vyapti to Shiv Vyapti is beyond enlightenment knowledge. It’s a very important aspect for further sadhana. Your sadhana does not stop with the experience of enlightenment. There is lot more.
Those of you who have read autobiography of Shri Dada Gavand ‘Intelligence beyond thoughts’, at the age of around 39 he left home and he went to Sajjangad. In a small hut he was meditation for few months, about 3 to 4 months and the awakening happened. According to our terminology what happened to him was Chid Kundalini experience, which is also enlightenment experience, awakening experience. He could have come back and enjoyed life happily in Thane. But he did not do that. He came down, met his mother at Thane and J. Krishnamurty at Madras and went to Mahabaleshwar and stayed there for 14 years. You may wonder once the enlightenment happened what he had been doing in the jungle of Mahabaleshwar for 14 long years. That is the journey from Atma Vyapti to Shiv Vyapti and all Masters do it. There is a long way to go. Many seekers have this understanding, which is false; they feel that enlightenment is an end. It’s not an end but beginning of one more journey, much longer journey, from Atma Vyapti to Shiv Vyapti. From enlightenment to Sadashiva state it’s a long journey and how to walk that path there is a proper, 15-step methodology to do that; that is what we are going to discuss in Dwarahat Shibir.

Those who do not have enlightenment experience they will really feel sleepy at Dwarahat because this knowledge will not make any sense to them. That is why we are very particular of who will join the Dwarahat Shibir. There is a beautiful methodology which is available. That is what we are going to discuss in Dwarahat. I wanted to create a background for Dwarahat Shibir so that you understand that there is lot more further things to learn. Second thing that we are going to focus upon in Dwarahat Shibir is this technology of enlightenment, all the enlightened Master, how you can help your students to get enlightened. That is the technology which I want to discuss there and with a special focus on change of vehicle.

In TAO circle enlightenment happens so easily to so many people! Just one or two programs and in ADP everybody catches this. The reason is very simple; the Mastery of the technology, the change of vehicle happens without you knowing it; that is what is producing the result. So if you want to spread enlightenment to your students which you have to do, that is the Guru-rina you have to pay, you will not get moksha without that. You will have to help your students to get enlightened. If your students get enlightened you are debt free. You have to pay this debt which is called Guru-rina and that is paid only when your students get enlightened. How to do that, that technology I want to discuss in Dwarahat Shibir. It is going to be quite a tough job and you need to prepare yourself psychologically and be ready with that.

For Dwarahat Shibir, Level - 1 is compulsory because you cannot learn kriya yoga without it. Swara Yoga is compulsory because minimum you need to have is the tattwa gyan. You must experience the five elements and must have experiential understanding of how this body is made up of panch mahabhuttas. You must be tattwa gyata, tattva gyani. It means you actually experience where earth element, water element, fire element, air element and space element is. Body is made up of Panch Mahabhuttas. You must experientially understand what the meaning of panch mahabhuttas is. There are five basic elements in Kashmir Shaivism beginning from the bottom earth, water, air, fire and space, if you don’t understand that in Dwarahat you are not eligible. We will be taking off at a much higher level. These experiences you will have in Swara Yoga workshop which almost everybody had and those who did not have and missed somehow they can attend Swara Yoga workshop.

You need to have the basic understanding of the practices of Kashmir Shaivism meditations, the right kind of meditations. These meditations will be given to you in ADP workshop, awareness development program. Those who have not done,it is compulsory because I will not be teaching all this in Dwarahat. Dwarahat will be much higher. Those who have missed must compulsorily do ADP workshop without which you will not be allowed to attend Dwarahat Shibir. I will be happy to do Dwarahat Shibir with five people but those five people have to be fit for that. If you are not fit for that then you are not allowed to attend that because then I will not be able to talk. If you are not ripe enough, what can I talk about these higher level things? So I want to prepare all of you who are honest and sincere, you must do it, it is compulsory so that I don’t have to start with the basic of what are the 36 elements. So you must be well versed with these basics and be ready for the Shibir so that we go to the greatest height that is possible and I don’t want to deprive the ripened student here who are ready for that just because of some newcomer. That will be sacrilegious. Why should I deprive those who are ready just because of the newcomers who are not sincere about learning? They should drop out for the benefit of others. That is why I have been so strict about Dwarahat Shibir.
The methodology that we are practicing is so perfected, everybody gets experience but the conditions are that you must learn systematically. Attitude of learning is a must. TAO as an institute and Prem Nirmal as an individual is not for masses. My mission is not mass mission. My mission is two-fold. The first mission given by Mahavatar Babaji to me is to initiate coupes into kriya yoga. That is to promote Grihasthiyonka Adhytma, householder’s spirituality. I have been given this task by the master that is why I am doing it. It’s my rina and I have to pay. Second is enlightenment and beyond enlightenment knowledge that is Atma Vyapti to Shiva Vyapti that is the major mission. Masses have no understanding and they are simply not interested in enlightenment. These things are not for masses; these are only for sincere, honest, spiritual seekers. Only those people can walk this path.

I welcome those who are sincerely, honestly interested in walking the path of spirituality by being a Grihasthi. I do not give any sanyas diksha. I promote only grihasthi dharma and I give diksha only to the grihasthis. That is the mission. 99% people in this world are grihasthis, somebody has to do this work. Those who are serious, sincere, honest I welcome you all with my open arms, open heart, come study systematically and attain to the ultimate that is possible in the human body.

Thank you very much.


  1. Thats really a great valuable informatiom!!
    No words to describe!!
    Most of the things mentioned above were all experianced by me(by the Grace of God). Including the sound of flute.
    Also I hear a beutiful "parayana" singing of bhagavat gita at the same time .
    In addition to that their is also a pleasent fragnance ( the fragnance of God)

    Yes!! Hearing melodious music is an easy way to awake kundalini and it needs no contribution from our side, so an easy way to follow.

    I donno the technical words of vedas or spirituality ,
    But that " Atma vyapti to Shiva Vyapti" yeah yes!! ( this is the first time Im hearing this)
    Im currently on that path!!

    My heartfull thanks to you for showing us the light!!!


  2. Hari Om Blessed Self Premji.
    Wonderful ! This self is also a student of BSY and doing my Kriya Yoga. Infact finished two years and all kriyas !
    It is wonderful practice.

  3. From the bottom of my Heart Thank you very Much:-)

  4. I have never come across anywhere such a precise description about Kundalini. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  5. Kundalini rising has been seen as a very rare experience and often people think of it as ultimate. But you explained it very beautifully how and what of kundalini.
    Thank you very much

  6. The complete understanding about all aspects of Kundalini is brought together here in one place. The focus on practical aspects will help us a lot while facing the situations.
    Thank you so much for this compilation.

  7. Thank you so much for giving such a precise and systematic description about this happening.

  8. Dear swamiji : thank for yr article about Kundalini and how to awake it. How long one has to medidate. Swamiji, kindly let me know, if there is RE-BIRTH (one more human Life after death) and in Hindus we believe this phenomeon. Kindly tell me exactgly, since nobody has given me exact answer on RIBIRTH, one more Human LIFE, rEINCARNATION ETC.,

  9. "the experience of enlightenment. There is lot more." Thank you for saying this. I've had most of the experiences and realization you have written here and in the 30 states of being. Even to the point that the question of enlightenment/God/"who am I?"/death all these went away completely and I was left with decision if I want to stay or not because there was no other reason for me to remain. At soul level out of love for existence I created self-inspiration and choose to return. I found this path of descending back is just yet another beginning. I often do a lot of work with deities and communicate with them as if talking to another human being and I am constantly discovering new things. It is my hobby, mysticism is my love, transforming myself is my art. I know that I'm capable of many things, but I realized from the depth of my being that I'm not interested in being healer, or teacher, I felt strongly for me it's about bringing very profound self transformation and through that my being in higher vibration makes possibility and inspiration for others. However, I discovered a lot in working with deities about the soul-body and it's evolution and connection with this physical plane and also going beyond into multidimensional existence which then opens us to interact with vast beings and worlds that humans have not been aware of so far. I feel the last 10,000 years of human history on enlightenment is very basic and there is so much more to go. The idea that I hear some teachers treat enlightenment as something you reach and that is it, nothing else, no more rebirth, nothing makes me feel like these souls are cowards and choose to move into non-existence planes rather than interact in the infinite existence and maintain that void/emptiness/non-existence as an aspect of their beingness... being non-being. All this began to open as I had memories of births going back over 10,000 humans years but going far behind, before I was human as a soul I existed in many other worlds/planes and I realized that since last 10,000 years there are new advanced souls that are taking human birth that come with very deep knowledge that has never been experienced by any human being. I feel that enlightenment and existence are changing and evolving, it is not a parking stop. It is truly infinite, I feel like my being, my soul is shouting this. A lot of these teachers that treat enlightenment like a parking lot... there is so much that I experienced that I don't want to speak in public because I feel it would upset so many people because human beings so easily idolize people and loose touch of reality. Namaste, and thank you.

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  12. Premji's Words Thougths and Actions are One...I Bow to your Lotus Feet...My first Guru was a Bhudist Monk was initiated by Paramahamsa Yogananda in Kriya Yoga he gaved me Kriya Mudra initiation he passed away at the age of 86 yrs old 1986.

    i will make this in a very short,story. One day in My life before Now I Meditate and prayed Deeply to Divine Himalayan Yogi He answered in my thougth he said Im not your Guru You will meet your Guru and he will bring you to INDIA i accepted it with all my Heart. After a week i Meditated sincerly in the Park closed to My Apartment Building, When i settled my Mind in Silence, i heard a sound knocking from my base of my spine together with hissing sound that comes to my spinal cord after a few seconds i saw a vision of Swami Walking on the street...I bow and go down to my meditation,get my gear and walk on yonge Street in Toronto wondering about the vision., in about 15 minutes of walking nowhere to go i saw in front of my Naked eyes a Swami walking in the Street There is no doubt i open my Arms and say it aloud "SwamiJi" i touched his feet., He just smiled at me i cannot explain what i felt at that time. We strolled around in the City with my Happy feeling, Afer 3 months he called me He said Im going to India You wanna come with me! there is no doubt in my mind to say Yes to him He brougth me to INDIA for a Pilgrimage from Haridwar,to Rishikesh, Vanarasi, Bihar,Allahabad,Pasupatinath temple in Nepal Katmandu to Nagarkot Himalayas i have a big smile and joy in My Heart I bow thee that Spiritual Journey is never ending. from 11 yrs. till Now still fresh in my Memory. Oh my Swamiji even though his far away from me for a years he lives within My Heart Soul "Swami Satya Bramananda Himalayan Yogi Mt.Kailash My Gurudeva I bow thee... The lord of the Mountain gave him To me..I Thank you from the bottom of my Heart I bow Premji Namaste_/\_ Iam fully aware and understood of what you are bravely saying in this Great Article. Thank You_/\_

  13. Dear Prem Nirmal ji,

    As we read your words - the abstract becomes absolutely insightful...

    ...and the casual reader becomes highly inspired, while the advanced seeker gets moving deeper experientially...

    the experience of kundalini - finally leaves the experiencer totally simple humble and yet strong and subtle...

    the expansion of consciousness is an infinite unfolding - while time and space dimensions become diluted for cosmic farsight...

    may your sharing and teachings reach all those who seek with love and humility

    may all of us be blessed with Almighty Grace, always...


  14. Is 49HB kriya sufficient to get the above experience?

  15. Dear Amruta, It is NOT just 49HB Kriya... It is much more! First of all you have to be HONEST about Learning and Practices and also be focused. Plus you have to be in touch with a teacher / Guru who can guide you. Playing with Kundalini is playing with Fire! It is dangerous.I do not reccomend anybody to try these things, unless otherwise you are guided properly. Love, Prem

  16. guruji i have little of oneness(i felt one with all the things n people around me)experiences. three times..n also feel some hotness around me when meditating...can u please put some more light on it....thanks

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